How To Clean Golf Clubs

Using a brush to clean golf clubs is one of the easiest ways to keep them clean

Some golfers like to joke that a club is only new for one shot. This may be true, but you can keep your clubs looking and performing like new for many many seasons by learning how to clean golf clubs.This helps not only aesthetics, but the performance of the clubs. Also, properly cleaning your golf … Read more

Do Golf Irons Wear Out? How Long Do They Last?

How Long Do Irons Last

Many of you have surely seen pictures of Tiger’s irons with wear spots in the sweet spot. But what about for the average player? Do golf irons wear out from normal weekend play?Besides the putter, golf irons are going to be the longest lasting clubs in the bag. If properly cared for, the actual iron … Read more

Numbers On Golf Clubs: When To Use Which Club In Golf

Numbers On Golf Clubs

One of the first things you’ll hear in any conversation about golf or see when looking at golf equipment is that most of the clubs are referred to along with a number. “7” iron, “3” wood, etc. This can be confusing at first, and while there are no hard-and-fast rules (other than the golden rule: … Read more

Forged vs Cast Irons – Which Is Better And Why?

Forged vs Cast Irons

In modern golf club construction, there are basically two methods employed by clubmakers when creating clubheads: forged and cast. These processes are not special to golf clubs, but are general metalworking techniques used in many industries. In order to answer the question of “Forged vs cast irons: Which is better for you?” we have to … Read more

Best Golf Club Brands In 2023

PXG Golf Clubs

In 2023 the best golf club brands are harder than ever to tell apart. There is not only the dominance of the “big 5” brands (Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra, and PING) but we also have some monster “JDM” brands (Japanese Domestic Market meaning Mizuno, Srixon, and others) competing on a global scale. Finally, the availability … Read more

What Are Game Improvement Irons?

What Are Game Improvement Irons

Game improvement irons are, technically, any clubhead that has a feature that deviates from a pure blade design to improve performance on mis-hits. This almost always includes some degree of cavity back / perimeter weighting, some degree of offset, a wider sole, and some degree of oversized clubhead.In modern times this has expanded to include … Read more

How To Choose Golf Irons

How To Choose Golf Irons

Many golfers when they first pick up a golf club have no idea what they are looking at or what to compare it to. They can vaguely recognize its similarity to other clubs but a lot of the nuances of the different variables that a golfer or club fitter have at their disposal are as … Read more

Men’s vs Women’s Golf Clubs – The Difference Between Them

Men's vs Women's Golf Clubs

No matter the level of golfer you are or aspire to be, everyone needs the proper equipment. As a female golfer, the question of “men’s vs women’s golf clubs” has frequently come up.It’s not always the case that women’s clubs only for women and men’s clubs only for men. There are several factors that can … Read more

How Much Do Caddies Make(PGA Pro-Masters-Country Clubs)

How Much Do Caddies make

The world of caddying has a very broad pay range that could be anywhere from a few dollars an hour for a beginner caddie at a public course in Asia to several hundred thousand dollars per year for the top professional caddies in the world. In recent years with elevated purses on both the PGA … Read more