Golf Shot Shapes: How To Hit Draws, Fades, High, Low, Stingers

Golf Shot Shapes

Perhaps the most majestic and captivating thing about golf – both for the player and for spectators – is watching the ball fly through the air with different golf shot shapes. There’s something to this day that still dazzles the human brain about the sound and the visual of a projectile being rocketed across the … Read more

Correct Tee Height For Driver: Distance and Accuracy

Correct Tee Height For Driver

Tee it high and let it fly! Right? But how high? What is the correct tee height for driver? And how come when we watch TV we see so many professional players that don’t seem to tee it very high at all, and still hit it super high and super far?Like many things in golf, … Read more

Do Golf Balls Make A Difference? Does It Matter For Your Game?

Do Golf Balls Make A Difference

The golf ball is one of the most talked-about pieces of equipment in golf. In a sport where literally everything possible seemingly changes from one shot to the next, the golf ball is the one constant. It is also the place where perhaps the most has evolved and the most advances have been made from … Read more

Golf Slice vs Hook: Causes And How To Fix Them

Golf Slice vs Hook

Neither a slice nor a hook has ever led to a smiling golfer (unless you’re their opponent). And it is little consolation that it’s usually one or the other that seems to be always lurking, haunting the golfer’s psyche and showing up when there’s water or OB on that side of the course! So let’s … Read more

How To Stop Hooking The Golf Ball

How To Stop Hooking The Golf Ball

Most golfers struggle with a hook at some point in their careers. This guide will give you all the information you need about how to stop hooking the golf ball.Golf has a lot of age-old lingo, and once you start playing, some of the terms that might seem strange suddenly take on a very clear … Read more

What Is A Chicken Wing Golf Swing (Causes And How To Fix It)

What Is A Chicken Wing Golf Swing

The chicken wing golf swing … it’s almost difficult to say the phrase without hearing the echoes of the phrase “the dreaded chicken wing” around it, as it is so commonly referenced. The chicken wing is a common cause of topping the ball, hitting a slice, and many other misses.Why is this so common, why … Read more

The Complete Guide To Chipping vs Pitching: What’s The Difference

Chipping vs Pitching

Let’s take a look at what constitutes chipping vs pitching, what the difference is between chipping and pitching, and the basic fundamentals of executing each shot.Learning to chip and pitch the golf ball effectively is one of the best ways to improve your game without taking lessons. You can easily take multiple stroke off your game … Read more

Best Putting Drills To Make You A Better Putter

Best Putting Drills

Even the best players in the world are constantly working on their putting, and they are constantly working on the fundamentals by using putting drills. For many this is how they got good in the first place and how they remain sharp, or how they straighten out a flaw when they pinpoint a particular aspect … Read more

How To Putt Better In Golf

How To Putt Better

Putting is theoretically the easiest part of the game of golf. The simplest stroke, the shortest shot, yet it produces the most maddening results. Every golfer who has ever played the game has wondered how to putt better in golf, and it is one aspect of the game where any level of golfer can see … Read more