How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons

How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons

In the world of golf, you won’t find many players who aren’t trying to get better. The journey takes almost every avenue, and there are actually a lot of answers to the question, how to get better at golf without lessons.The value of a lesson cannot be overstated but ultimately an instructor is only going … Read more

Are Golf Lessons Worth It? – Are They Worth The Money?

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

Golf lessons are one of the most valuable assets a golfer can have, provided they know how to use them. The sheer difficulty of the game and its individual nature lends itself to intensive one-on-one instruction. Given that, the teacher-student relationship is often highlighted throughout the history of the game’s most successful players, as well … Read more

Should You Take A Divot In Golf?

Should You Take A Divot In Golf

The short answer to the question “should you take a divot in golf”, if there has to be one, is “yes, with exceptions.” There is a reason why this near-universal advice exists, as virtually every good ball striker in the modern game of golf takes a divot with their normal iron shot, even if it … Read more

Golf Essentials For Beginners – What You Will Need To Get Started

Golf Essentials For Beginners

Golf has often been considered a less accessible sport, in part because of the number of things necessary to play the game. That begs the question, what are pieces of equipment are golf essentials for beginners?We are going to take you through the absolute necessities for playing the game when yo’u are first starting. We’ll … Read more

Standing Too Close to Golf Ball – Causes and How to Fix It

Standing Too Close To Golf Ball

Standing too close to the golf ball can be a big mistake for the average golfer. It can be caused by many things, including an equipment mismatch, not changing your setup when you change clubs, an inconsistent setup from shot-to-shot, or even an altogether bad setup for your swing identity and body type.Luckily a lot … Read more

Are Driving Ranges Open In The Rain?

Are Driving Ranges Open In The Rain?

In general, YES. Driving ranges are open in the rain. Going to the driving range if the weather looks bad is a great way to work in some time golfing without risking being stuck out on the course in the rain or having to take a rain check on your round.The only exception to this … Read more

Top 10 Best Driving Range Tips For Beginners

Driving Range Tips For Beginners

The driving range is the place where most people get introduced to the game of golf and begin their golf journey. The freedom of being able to hit ball after ball without consequences is a huge advantage when trying to learn the game for the first time. It can also be detrimental to your game … Read more

Can You Golf In The Rain? – Tips For Playing When It is Wet

Can You Golf In The Rain

Can You Golf In The Rain?Playing golf in the rain is inevitable if you spend any time at all in the game. Whether it’s on purpose, because you got caught in a sudden downpour, or you just can’t walk away from the best round of your life. The key is to “be prepared” as they … Read more

Golf Grip Pressure – The Secret Key to Better Golf

Golf Grip Pressure

Finding the proper golf grip pressure can be daunting. Everyone tells you that grip pressure can be the difference between playing great golf and not being able to keep the ball on the planet. Are you squeezing too hard? Are you not holding the club firmly enough? Where are the proper pressure points in your … Read more

Putting Grip Styles – How to Grip a Putter

Putting Grip Styles

The way that you grip a putter can be the difference between making and missing putts. In this article we are going to discuss the various putting grip styles that are commonly used at every level, and why each one is useful.When talking about putting, the goal is to activate the big muscles in the … Read more