Are Golf Shoes Necessary? Do You Really Need Them?

Are Golf Shoes Necessary

Are golf shoes necessary? Do you need golf shoes to play golf? The short answer is no, golf shoes are not necessary and you can play golf without them, but there are some benefits to wearing golf shoes that you should be aware of. In this article we will cover all the benefits of wearing your golf shoes to the course and why they may be more beneficial than wearing regular shoes!… Read more

Golfing In Jeans: Can You Wear Them To Play Golf?

Golfing In Jeans

Can you wear jeans to the golf course? In this article we will discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for the course, and hopefully make it easy for you to be able to be comfortable while still wearing the proper attire!… Read more

Golf Skirt vs Tennis Skirt: What’s The Difference?

Golf Skirt vs Tennis Skirt

You’re wondering what the difference is between tennis and golf skirts. In this article we will highlight the differences in golf and tennis skirts and explain why one skirt might be a better choice over the other based on what you are looking for and which sport your playing!… Read more

What To Wear Golfing For The First Time Ladies

Woman Golfer Wearing A Golf Shirt

The game of golf was founded on proper etiquette, beginning with an appropriate dress code while on the golf course. This ultimate guide dives into all things ladies golf apparel, ranging from public course golf attire to what to wear as a spectator for your first golf tournament… Read more