What To Wear Golfing For The First Time Ladies

Written by Hannah VanDerLaan 

“But, what do I wear?” the most common question ladies ask when golfing for the first time. The game of golf was founded on proper etiquette, beginning with an appropriate dress code while on the golf course. This ultimate guide dives into all things ladies golf apparel, ranging from public course golf attire to what to wear as a spectator for your first golf tournament. 

Golf apparel extends from skirts and dresses to hats and shoes! This article will help guide you to feeling prepared and dressed appropriately with confidence when teeing it up on the golf course. 

The Women Golfers Dress Code

When in doubt, following the mantra of “look good, play good” typically insures that you are dressed properly allowing you to solely focus on having fun and being confident while playing your best golf.

The rule of thumb when it comes to the women’s golf dress code, includes collared shirts with length-appropriate non-denim skirts, shorts, pants, or dresses and is commonly accompanied by a comfortable closed-toed shoe.

It’s important to remember that every golf course has different dress codes and some are more strict than others. 

What To Wear Golfing For Women

Golf Shirts

Woman Golfer Wearing A Golf Shirt

There are a variety of golf shirt choices for women, such as a short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and sleeveless polos.

Additional choices for golf shirts range from collared shirts to present-day collarless to golf shirts with a blade collar. 

Most golf courses today have a rule that if your shirt has no sleeves, it must have a collar. If it has sleeves, it can be no collar.

When deciding what type of golf shirt to wear on the course, popular materials include dri-fit, performance, and light cotton.  

A popular type of material for women when golfing is a thinner material with moisture wicking aspects. Being able to move without restraint starts with your attire, so having an appropriate golf shirt makes all the difference. 

Golf Pants & Shorts

Woman Golfer Wearing Pants

When it comes to deciding on bottoms, golf pants and shorts are always a great choice. Golf pants in the form of capris are among the most popular golf bottoms. More specifically, athletic trouser capris or ankle-length pants.

These types of pants give you the functionality to play golf while adhering to most golf course dress code requirements.

Depending on the weather, women also wear shorts.Shorts are also among popular bottoms on the golf course.

When wearing shorts to golf, Club’s typically have restrictions on the appropriate length. A good way to know whether or not your shorts are length-appropriate is the “longer than my fingertips” rule. If your shorts aren’t as long as your fingertips, then they are probably too short. 

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Golf Skorts

Woman Golfer Wearing A Skort

Golf skorts are also very common bottoms for women. The built in shorts make for comfortable activity and allow you to move freely without restriction. The appropriate length of your golf skort is similar to that of shorts, your fingertips shouldn’t be longer. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Greg Norman are great companies to shop for golf skirts to wear on the course.

More recently, athleisure companies have been creating and producing more style choices for women’s golf skorts that are comfortable and stylish. 

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Golf Dresses

Woman Golfer Wearing A Dress

Dresses are acceptable when golfing and typically require a collar. This is a popular choice for women because it allows them to add some style to their golf game but also being able to have comfort and allows for easy movement.

When wearing a golf dress, the length is crucial because you want to make sure it is appropriate to be active and is meeting most golf course dress code requirements. 

Most athletic golf dresses have great material for being active, which is why women prefer this type of attire on a hot day of golfing. 

Golf Shoes

Woman Golfer Wearing Golf Shoes

Footwear is an essential piece of attire to consider when playing golf. Whether you’re walking 6 miles on the golf course or you’re taking a cart and just walking up to the tee and green, you want to make sure you have comfortable shoes on.

Golf shoes that have non-metal spikes and have soft soles are the preferred type of shoe when golfing. They offer support when walking and grip when swinging, allowing you to play your best game.

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There are a variety of brands to consider when deciding which golf shoe is the best for you. Golf apparel companies such as FootJoy, Nike, Adidas, and more all offer a number of different golf shoes for women and aren’t as expensive as most would expect. 

If you do not have golf shoes, any athletic shoe can be used for golf, but you will give up some traction and may slip when making an athletic swing.

Golf Hats

Women Golfers Wearing A Hat and A Visor

There are many reasons that golfers wear hats, including keeping the sun out their eyes and helping them to see the ball in the air, but for women, hats are also a fashion statement.

Due to the growing popularity of hats among women, golf companies have created apparel lines for just women’s golf hats. 

Some of these companies include Titleist, Callaway, PXG, and TaylorMade but can also range to non-golf companies such as Vineyard Vines, Lululemon, and others.

Another well-liked type of golf hat that a number of women wear on the golf course are visors. Visors are also made by a number of different golf apparel companies and provide a variety of options for styling. 

One of the challenges with golf hats is keeping them clean. Lucky for you, we have published the Ultimate Guide To Washing Golf Hats.

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Belts and Socks

There are a variety of ladies belts and socks available when wanting to golf. Golf apparel companies have created women’s sock lines that are fashionable all while being comfortable.

FootJoy has even created dri-fit technology for women’s socks to wear on the golf course.

Ladies' belts are worn with pants and shorts on the golf course and are the perfect accessory for expressing your personality with a sometimes strict dress code.

It’s important to feel comfortable when being active and apparel companies have made it so that women have a plethora of options to choose from. 

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves aren’t necessary but some women find a golf glove to be helpful. They assist you with gripping the club correctly, especially if it is hot and your hands are sweating. 

When playing golf, you will only be wearing one glove. You will wear a glove on your left hand, if you are a right handed player and a right hand glove, if you are a left handed player.

It’s important to ensure that your glove doesn’t fit too tight or too loose. Ultimately, you want to find a golf glove that feels comfortable and has flexibility so you can swing confidently.

Golf brands that offer stylish and supporting gloves include companies such as FootJoy, Callaway, Mizuno, and TaylorMade.

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Keeping accessories to a minimum on the golf course is always best. Light jewelry, such as a dainty necklace, small earrings, and small watches are often seen being worn by women on the golf course. But, accessories such as bulky bracelets, dangling earrings, and long heavy necklaces are not recommended.

When golfing, you want to be comfortable when being active and swinging, by keeping your accessories to a minimum you will be able to maximize your movement and play your best game.

What to Wear Golfing at Public Courses

Some public courses can be lenient when it comes to apparel. Generally, collared shirts and appropriate golf shorts/pants are recommended but athletic or casual apparel can be allowed depending on their dress code. When determining what to wear golfing at a public course, a good measure on whether they have a strict attire is the price to play. The higher the cost to play the more likely the course has an apparel policy and should be followed when golfing. Additionally, for reference it is best to check the Club’s website because most public courses have dress codes listed online. 

What to Wear Golfing at a Country Club

Country Club’s will likely require a more formal golf dress code in the form of a collared top and appropriate bottoms, including golf slacks or shorts. Materials such as performance and cotton are among the most popular appropriate bottoms for when deciding what to wear when golfing at a country club.

Golf etiquette can be different for all country club’s but typically align with requiring a proper apparel to be worn and dress code to be followed. If the Club’s dress code is not upheld, you will more than likely not be allowed to golf and will be asked to change or leave. 

What Women Should Never Wear Golfing

Woman At A Golf Course Wearing Denim Shorts

Photo Credit USA Today

It’s important to remember that most golf courses have strict dress code requirements and a long standing unspoken etiquette that should be upheld when golfing. While golfing, women should never wear the following:

  • Denim
  • Sweatpants
  • Gym Shorts
  • T-shirts 
  • High Heels
  • Tank Tops 

If you’re still unsure whether you can wear a specific item to go golfing, it’s always best to check the Club’s dress code requirements online or by calling to find out. When in doubt, dressing in a collared shirt with an appropriate skirt with closed toed shoes is always a great choice. 

What to Wear Golfing When It Is Cold Out

Woman Golfer Playing In Cold Weather

Weather plays a pivotal role in your golf apparel choice. When the temperature drops and you no longer have the beautiful sunshine keeping you warm, it’s important to know what type of apparel to wear in order to play your best golf.

A great example of appropriate attire for golfing in the cold is athleisure pants with a collared pullover sweater.

Additional options for what to wear golfing when it is cold out include: golf slacks, long-sleeve turtle necks, and wind blocking materials like Gore-Tex.

Thermal layers that trap heat are also considered ideal. Golf companies such as Titelist, Puma, Callaway, etc. have a plethora of options when it comes to golfing in the cold. 

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What Do Pro Women Golfers Wear?

Lexi Thompson Professional Woman Golfer

Photo Credit USA Today

Pro women golfers are typically dressed with their sponsors logos. Golf clothing companies will either pay or give women’s professional golfers their clothes to wear and bring exposure to their brand name.

Women on Tour are always dressed in appropriate golf attire, partly due to the Tour’s rules and represent brands such as Nike, Puma, Callaway, and Adidas.

Typically you will find most Professional women wearing comfortable pants or shorts with either long-sleeve or short-sleeve collared shirts. Researching what pro women golfers wear while playing is a great way to gain insight into what attire amatuer women golfers should wear while on the course. 

What Should Women Wear To The Driving Range?

Woman Golfer At The Driving Range

When on the driving range, women typically wear somewhat more of a casual golf outfit. Consisting of a type of comfortable shirt with a collar and appropriate bottoms such as khakis.

Private country clubs will commonly require a collared shirt with appropriate bottoms, but it is often found that most public courses can be lenient when hitting balls on the driving range.

When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to dress as though you are going to play golf.  

The exception to this is if you are going to a driving range like TopGolf, which does not have a dress code and you can wear whatever you are comfortable in.

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What To Wear As A Spectator

Golf Spectators At A Golf Tournament

As a spectator on the golf course, attire is typically more relaxed and not as restricted. You can see spectators wearing a variety of clothing styles, such as sun dresses, athleisure apparel, and skorts or shorts.

Although you may see spectator apparel being more lackadaisical, it is still recommended to follow the appropriate golf course dress code requirements.

Spectators should remember to wear comfortable walking shoes such as tennis shoes or golf shoes.

Final Thoughts

With the game of golf rapidly growing for women, apparel has become more available and accessible. Following the appropriate golf etiquette attire will not only have you looking your best but will also allow you to focus on playing your best golf.

Always remember that it’s best to dress conservatively when playing golf and to follow the dress code requirements of each course you play.

A good way to know whether there is a dress code is the price of the course you plan to play, the higher the price to play the more likely it will have dress requirements.

Your apparel should be comfortable, stylish, and appropriate while on the golf course, that way you can feel your best while playing your best! 

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Can Women Wear Leggings Golfing?

Wearing leggings while golfing is not recommended at more exclusive, private country clubs that have required dress codes. They are sometimes seen being worn at local public courses where the dress requirements aren’t restricted. If unsure what the dress code requirement is of the course you will be golfing at, it’s a safe bet to leave the leggings at home and opt for golf pants or slacks. 

Can I wear a tennis skirt for golf?

Tennis skirts are different from golf skirts but are still acceptable to wear for golf. They are very versatile in that they offer flexibility for high intensity activity, whereas golf is more leisurely, so it may not be necessary to wear a golf skirt, but it won’t hurt your golf game. As long as your tennis skirt follows the same length rules as golf skirts, then you are able to wear them for golf. 

What do I wear to golf if I don't have golf clothes?

When you don’t have golf clothes, it’s always best and recommended to wear business casual. When in doubt, just think of what you would wear to the office, but with more comfortable closed-toed shoes. 

Can you wear Lululemon pants golfing?

Athleisure clothing companies have started to create a variety of business casual pants for women that can also be worn on the golf course, including Lululemon. The popular athletic apparel company designs golf pants for women that incorporate style, comfort, and performance. Lululemon 

Are tennis shoes OK for golf?

If you don’t have golf shoes, the next best thing to wear for golfing are tennis shoes. Any type of tennis shoes or running shoes can be worn at the golf course. They allow for comfort and the ability to be active, which is what you want when playing golf. 

Can you wear joggers to golf?

Joggers are among a common form of athletic apparel that can also be considered as business casual that women wear to golf. It is recommended that when wearing joggers, refrain from drawstrings. If you’re still unsure, it’s a good rule of thumb that if you are able to wear your joggers to work then they are most likely allowed to golf. 

Can you wear a hoodie on a golf course?

As the game progresses to be more reliant on comfort and mobility, hoodies can be seen as an acceptable top to be worn on the golf course. Similar to pull-overs and zip-ups, you want to wear a hoodie that will be lightweight and allows for movement. Although some courses allow hoodies it’s always best to confirm dress code requirements of the course playing to make sure they allow them. 

How short can a golf skirt be?

Golf skirts in length are typically just short of or below the knee. As mentioned, conservative dressing is always best when unsure of how short your golf skirt can be. You want to be comfortable and remember that you are going to be very active, so having an appropriate-length skirt is best. In cases where you are unsure, it’s always best to use the fingertip rule. 

Do you wear a sports bra for golf?

Golf requires a lot of movement and activity, for comfort women typically wear a sports bra. Popular sports bras brands include Nike, Athleta, and LuLuLemon, etc. Comfort is key on the golf course and most women prefer sports bras while golfing to ensure that they will have support when being active on the golf course. 

Do golf skirts have shorts underneath?

There are a variety of golf skirts for women. If you are wanting to wear a golf skirt with shorts underneath, a skort is for you. Golf skorts have built-in shorts, which provide great functionality and movement when swinging. It is very popular to wear golf skirts with shorts underneath due to golf being a physically demanding sport. Skorts provide the best of both worlds, built-in shorts for comfort all while looking as if it’s a stylish skirt.  

Can you wear a dress to golf?

Golf dresses have become more popular and are allowed while golfing. Golf dresses typically have built-in shorts that make it easy for activity. The recommended length of a dress when golfing is the same as skirts and shorts, no shorter than the length of your fingertips. Dresses with collars are the recommended golf dress when playing. Most golf courses require a form of collar on the top so wearing a dress with a collar will more than likely meet dress code requirements and allows you to put your own style into your attire. 

How should golf skirts fit?

Golf skirts should fit appropriately. It is recommended to have your skirt longer than your fingertips, which allows for more comfort and meets some of the more exclusive club’s dress code requirements. Wearing an appropriate fitting golf skirt allows you to have free range of motion, which is exactly what you want while playing golf. Being comfortable and feeling confident in the way you look is a priority when it comes to how a golf skirt should fit. 

Can I wear skort golf?

Golf skorts are allowed when golfing. Some women may find that skorts are more comfortable than skirts due to the built-in shorts. The shorts provide extra support and allow for more movement when being active on the golf course. Skorts are typically seen to be the recommended choice for women when golfing due to the comfortableness and support because it allows for ease of movement and play but all the while being stylish. 

Can you wear athletic shorts to golf?

Athletic shorts that have an upscale look are considered acceptable to wear to golf. Materials that have a comfortable stretch are preferable on a hotter day, but it’s important to note that most private clubs do not allow athletic shorts while golfing. It’s always best to refrain from athletic shorts and opt for a more appropriate bottom, such as khakis or a skirt. 

Do women have to wear a collared shirt for golf?

Collared shirts should always be worn when golfing at most golf courses. The exception typically applies to some public courses that do not require a dress code, but it’s a good rule of thumb to wear a collared shirt. More recently, golf clothing brands have introduced a variety of popular collared shirt styles to wear while golfing that fit the needs of women wanting options for golf tops. 

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