The Best Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers In 2024 – With Reviews

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 


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Every golfer has unique preferences, superstitions, and tendencies that they feel help them play better golf. I start every round with exactly 3 tees in my pocket. Some golfers always put their shoes on in the same order. For some, playing with no glove gives them confidence. If you are one of those players, it would be helpful to know what the best grips for no glove golfers are, and how to choose the best one for you. We tested them to bring you all the information you need. 

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Grip Master The Roo Kangaroo Leather Golf Grips

Gripmaster The Roo

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Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips

winn dri-tac

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SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip

superstroke cross comfort

Best Golf Grips For No Glove At A Glance

Reviews Of The Best Golf Grips For Golfers Without A Glove

One of the main reason some players choose not to wear a glove is for the added feel. Using both the interlock and overlap grip with less material in between the club and you fingertips, it stands to reason that you may be able to feel some of the more subtle motions and vibrations throughout the swing. 

Some of the downsides of not using a glove include less traction, and more shock to your hands on the mishits. With that in mind, a good grip to use without a glove will be a somewhat softer and tackier material, usually with enough texture to make up for the lack of a golf glove. We tested every grip we could find, and compiled a list of the 10 best grips for for golfers that don't wear gloves, including the things we liked and disliked most. Here is what we found. 

Grip Master The Roo Kangaroo Leather Golf Grips

The most important characteristics of a golf grip that will be good for a no glove golfer are comfort, tack, and traction. Grip Master brings the Roo to the table. Made from Kangaroo leather, the Roo is soft to the touch and provides incredible shock absorption on the mishits. It is by far the tackiest grip we have ever tried. You will love the way the Roo maintains its tack and feel in conditions from cold and windy to hot and humid. 

Have you ever tried to hit a golf shot without a glove and felt like you had to squeeze the club to hold on? Us, too. With the Roo, that is not the case. The unmatched tack of the Kangaroo leather is paired with subtle yet effective texture to make up for any loss of grip connection that comes with taking your glove off. 

Sounds like a pretty amazing grip, right? What if we added the fact that the Roo is made of a material that is naturally durable and wears down significantly more slowly that a traditional rubber grip? It sounds amazing, and it's true. While the Roo is sold at a higher price point than other grips, you will get almost twice as many rounds out of it than you will with a rubber grip. 

And there's still more! The Roo features a hand-crafted stitch down the back that doubles as an alignment aid. The combination of craftsmanship and utility make the Roo an easy choice as the best grip for golfers without a glove. 

What We Like

  • We love how soft and shock absorbent they are
  • The grip feels incredibly tacky in our hands
  • Our hands feel secure on the club on every shot
  • The most durable grip we have ever tried

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive than other grips

The Roo is the best. You will feel an immediate difference with the leather in your hands, and notice the long term durability of the grip.  Our warning is to make sure you understand how to clean a leather golf grip, as the traditional method of soap and water will dry out and ruin the Roo. That said, if you are a golfer who prefers not to wear a glove, we highly encourage you to give the Roo a go. It is one of our favorite grips!

Editor’s Choice: Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips  

Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips

Go to your local public golf course on any given day and there is a good chance that you'll spot more than one set of Winn Dri Tac grips. It shouldn't come as a shock that one of them softest, most textured grips in golf is also one of the most popular. 

Here's a funny truth for you; a lot of amateur golfers use worn out gloves that actually make it harder to hold on to the club than if they would go without. And those players still rave about the Winn Dri-Tac. The Dri-Tac is made from a multilayer polymer material that provides exceptional shock absorption without feeling thick and clunky in your hands. The outer layer is gives you a tacky and well textured connection to the club while the inner layer reduces the vibrations that come up through the shaft. 

We love the tack of the Winn Dri Tac grips as well. While some grips can start to feel more sticky than tacky, Winn brings you grips that breed confidence and a truly enjoyable touch. That means the club will never slip, and you'll love the way it feel in your hands. Every single time. 

Golfers with big hands, small hands, dry or sweaty hands will love the Winn Dri-Tac. The variety of textures on the tacky material will keep the club quiet in your hands while the softness will protect your hands from excessive shock. 

What We Like

  • The soft outer layer of the Dri-Tac is so comfortable
  • We can feel the inner layer dampening the shock on mishits
  • Easily the most well-textured golf grip
  • Lots of color and size options

What We Don't Like

  • They wear out quicker than other grips
  • Require a different cleaning process than most grips

The Winn Dri-Tac is, in our minds, among the absolute best golf grips for the everyday golfer and weekend warrior alike. You will love how soft and comfortable the feel is without sacrificing function. The variable textures of the grip, tackiness of the material, and alignment aids down the front of the grip will all help you take shots off your game. So put on the Winn Dri Tac grips, take off your glove, and feel the difference!

JumboMax JMX Grip

You may have heard the name JumboMax during Bryson Dechambeau's rapid rise to success on the PGA Tour. They are a new name in golf grips that specializes in oversize grips. Oversize grips have a variety of uses, including optimal performance for golfers with bigger hands and added comfort for those with arthritis. 

Oversized grips have also been shown to help golfers who struggle with tight grip pressure. Golfers who don't wear a glove tend to grip the club too tightly due to the lack of traction. If this is something you have experienced, the JMX Ultralite might be for you.

JumboMax has created an amazing product with the JMX Ultralite. The thicker construction gives is a soft feel that we absolutely love, and the texture of the grip makes it easy to grip with confidence. The JMX features alignment aid patterns down the front side to help you line the club face up properly every time.

The main problem with most oversized grips is the weight. With all the extra material, bigger grips tend to be heavier and change the swing weight of your clubs. When it comes to the JumboMax, it says right in the name that this is not the case. The JMX truly is Ultralite, and you will love using it from the very first time you put it on. If you're not careful and choose too big of a grip, it can also cause you to hit a slice. Choose a grip size that still allows your hands and wrists to move freely.

What We Like

  • We love how soft and lightweight this grip is
  • Well-textured for added traction
  • Best-in-class shock absorption

What We Don't Like

  • Larger grips will change the way you release the club
  • Not good for small hands

If you have a hard time managing your grip pressure, or your hands hurt when you play golf, then the JumboMax JMX Ultralite might be for you. It is one of the best grips because of its incredible shock absorption, how well it is textured, and how well it helps to monitor grip pressure. We truly believe you will have more fun using the JMX.

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip

SuperStroke made a splash with their reverse-tapered putting grips designed to remove the hands from the putting stroke. Those grips became a favorite of many tour pros and amateurs alike, and drew attention to the grip we are talking about here; the Cross Comfort.

What makes the Cross Comfort so great for golfers who don't wear a glove is the 2 layer construction. SuperStroke built in a firm rubber inner layer that absorbs shock without sacrificing feel, and then added a soft polyurethane outer layer that is both tacky and has great texture. We loved how easy it was to hold the Cross Comfort even after a long day on the golf course. Our hands never slipped and we has little to no irritation.

Our main problem with the Cross Comfort was how slick it became when the grip was dirty. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. Make sure you are cleaning your golf grips on a regular basis to prevent slipping. 

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What We Like

  • The 2 layer construction was comfortable and gives great feedback
  • We love the feel of the outer layer
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and styles

What We Don't Like

  • Requires more frequent cleaning than other grips
  • Outer layer wears down quickly

If you are looking for the best value golf grip for golfers without a glove, the SuperStroke Cross Comfort is for you. It is comfortable, provides a great connection, and absorbs shock very well. You also receive the reputation of one of the most well recognized brands in golf grips, all at an amazing price point! Give the Cross Comfort a try next time you are ready for a new and better golf grip. 

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Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip

The CP2 Wrap grip brings a great combination of feel, security, and quality that you will love.

To begin, the wrapping of the CP2 feels amazing in your hands. Wrapped grips tend to have a softer feel as the rubber is built up to form the ridges of the wrap. This construction provides 2 benefits: the CP2 absorbs shock very well, and keeps your hands comfortable all day. 

They use a high quality, tacky material for all of their grips. The CP2 wrap grip has a great amount of tack that helps you to feel secure with your grip from address to the follow through. You will also notice the crosshatched pattern of the texture as soon as you hold the grip. This scored look and feel is both subtle and effective in helping the club stay in your hands.

What We Like

  • This grip is simple and effective
  • We really like the combination of soft and tacky 
  • Absorbs shock exceptionally well

What We Don't Like

  • Some golfers don't like the feel of a wrapped grip
  • Lacks any sort of alignment aid

If you are looking for a reliable grip that will produce the same results time and time again, the CP2 Wrap grip is a great place to start.

Best Tour Wrap: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G  

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

The Tour Wrap 2G is a tour quality variation of the CP2 that we discussed earlier. It's feel and functionality are fundamentally the same as other wrapped grips. The high quality rubber lends the 2G high tier tack. You will love the subtle stippling that provides the traction you need to maintain a secure grip. Beyond the feel and quality of the grip, using the Tour Wrap grip will mean that you are using the same equipment the pros use!

The 2G features a classic rendition of the modern wrapped grip appearance. We are a bit traditional, and the look of the 2G is so appealing to our eyes. It gives our clubs a classy touch and helps us to feel that we are preserving the integrity of the game. 

The big difference between the Tour Wrap 2G and other wrap grips on the market is going to be the firmness of the grip. Tour quality grips are meant for finer touch and a higher level of sensitivity. This means the shock absorption of the 2G won't be quite as comprehensive as with other grips. That said, the 2G is far and away the best tour wrap. 

The Tour Wrap 2G is a great grip, but it isn't great for wet weather. If you are the kind of golfer who likes to play in the rain, we suggest trying another grip first. For anyone else, however, the 2G is a solid choice!

What We Like

  • We love how well you can feel the golf club
  • The grip stays tacky all day long
  • Easy to clean
  • Same grip the pros play

What We Don't Like

  • Gets slick in wet weather
  • Firmer than most other grips

Tour pros aim to maximize control over the golf ball, even at the sacrifice of a bit of comfort. That is why the Tour Wrap 2G is firmer than most of its competitors. If you are ok with a firmer grip that is still comfortable in your hands, provides a secure connection to the golf club, and gives you more control over the ball, this might be the grip for you. If it's good enough for the pros, it is good enough for you!

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Best Cheap Golf Grips for No Glove Golfers: CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips 

CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips

We get it, golf is expensive. Spending $200 to re-grip your clubs is something that just isn't always possible. With that in mind, we tested the CHAMPKEY Traction-X to bring you an in depth review of a grip that will only cost a fraction of its high-end counterparts.

So what can the Traction-X possibly bring to the table at such a low price point? Believe it or not, quite a bit. CHAMPKEY uses the same high quality materials as the more well known brands, but doesn't charge you for their branding. The Traction-X features noticeable texture that provides incredible traction, while remaining soft and comfortable on your hands. While it is not the tackiest grip that we tested, it has enough tack to secure your grip. 

Since CHAMPKEY uses high quality materials in their production, the Traction-X has the same soft feel as other reputable grips. This was our biggest skepticism, and we were pleasantly surprised when we tested this grip!

What We Like

  • We love the high quality feel
  • Amazing texture for all weather traction
  • Lots of alignment aids
  • Incredibly affordable

What We Don't Like

  • They wear out quickly
  • Difficult to replace

CHAMPKEY is the obvious choice for any golfer who is looking for a new, reliable set of grips on a tight budget. You will get a grip that feels every bit as good as a more mainstream brand at a fraction of the price, and we truly believe you will continue to use the Traction-X once you try it once. 

Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound Golf Grip

Multi-compound grips are a bit different than any other golf grip. As the name suggests, they are made up of multiple different materials which each have a directed purpose for the part of a proper golf grip they touch. The corded upper half of the grip is meant to give more traction to the lead hand, which is responsible for keeping the club as a whole under control. The softer textured lower half gives you finer control and more feel with the lower hand that controls the club face - and by extension, finesse. 

There is one multi-compound grip that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The New Decade with give golfers without a glove one of the best experiences of any multi-compound grip.

But what makes a multi-compound one of the best grips for no glove golfers? We believe the answer lies in the cord of the upper half compound. Many golfers don't like full cords because it can be rough on the hands. However, golfers that don't wear golf gloves sometimes find it difficult to hold onto the golf club without the raised texture of cord. By putting cord only on the part of the grip that contact the lead hand, the grip gives you more traction without increasing hand irritation like full corded grips.

What We Like

  • We love how much control we have with the mulit-compound
  • Incredibly durable
  • Good shock absorption without sacrificing feel

What We Don't Like

  • A slightly firmer grip
  • Gets slick if you don't clean it

Multi-compounds, like other tour grips, are a bit firmer than some golfers prefer. We love how much control the New Decade gives us on every shot, especially with the traction of the cord on our lead hand and the increased feel in the lower hand. After a long testing period, we truly feel that the positive impact this grip has on our games in well worth a little bit less cushion. 

What To Look For When Choosing Golf Grips For No Glove Golfers

No glove golfer in a bunker

No glove golfer and Golf Gear Advisor Founder, John VanDerLaan

As we have been discussing, there are a few important aspects to choosing the best golf grips. Comfort comes mainly from the material of the grip, while the security of your grip will be influenced by texture and tackiness. Here is a basic overview of what we look for when we test grips:

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Whether you decide to go with leather grips or the rubber grips, choosing a high quality material is a must. You will know a low quality grip right away. Good materials will come out of the packaging feeling cool and supple. A bad material will feel brittle, slippery, and sometimes even start to shed right in your hands.

All of the grips we have brought to you are made of high quality materials that will feel good and last. We believe that leather grips are the best overall feel, however some golfers are not invested enough to keep up with the maintenance of leather. If that sounds like you, a high end rubber grip will serve you just fine!

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Since a golf glove is meant to add traction, taking the glove out of the equation will reduce traction. A grip with noticeable texture brings some of that traction back to you. Whether that is in the form of a crosshatch, deep dimple, wrap, cord, or some other combination, texture will help secure your grip and make sure the club doesn't slip in your hand, even in the rain.

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For those who might not be aware, tack is that sort of clingy feeling that a new or clean golf grip has. We hesitate to use the word "sticky" because tack doesn't leave your hands feeling like they need a wash. It simply helps the grip stay connected to your hands. 

Because we think tack is the more important aspect of a good grip for the golfer who doesn't wear a glove, our preferences tend to skew towards tackier grips. The Roo, for example, is easily the tackiest grip we have ever tried. Although it doesn't have the same texture profile as some of our other favorites, it is our best overall grip because of how tacky it is!

Grip Size

When a grip starts to get slick - such as in wet weather or sweaty hands - the worst thing you can do is squeeze the club. You will only be helping the club to slip out easier. With this in mind, choosing a grip that helps control your grip pressure is a major part of finding the best grip for the majority of golfers. 

If you are someone who struggles with squeezing to try to control the club, try a larger grip size. Oversized grips have been shown to loosen grip pressure for golfers of all sizes and skill levels. 

It is important to remember that there is such a thing as "too big" when it comes to golf grips. We recommend going up to  midsize grips first, until you find a grip that helps you loosen your grip pressure without making it feel like you can't freely rotate your hands and wrists. 

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Firm or Soft

Firm vs. soft is going to be a preference. If your hands tend to hurt at the end of a round of golf, you might enjoy the extra cushion and shock absorption of a softer grip. The downside of a softer grip is that it will put more material between your hands and the shaft, which makes it harder to feel exactly what is happening with the club.

A firmer grip might not dampen the vibrations on some of your mishits as well, but you will be able to feel more of what the club is doing. By extension, you will have more control on the finesse shots. 


We know that money plays an important role in your decisions around your golf equipment. We took this into consideration when we tested all of the different grips we could find, and brought you some affordable options that we truly believe you will enjoy. 

Our one piece of advice is this: don't go with the cheaper option just to save a few dollars. If you can afford to spend a little more on grips, your hands will thank you for the higher quality material and more refined feel. 

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Final Thoughts

Playing golf without a glove is a preference that has a big impact on equipment choices. We set out to find and test the best grips for golfers that do not wear golf gloves, and present them to you in a way that will help you make a decision you can be confident in. Remember that the 3 most important factors to finding the right grip for you are comfort, tack, and texture. There are a number of grips that combine those three attributes in different ways, and it may take some testing to find the right one for you.

Don't be afraid to re-grip your clubs one at a time. Test a grip you're curious about on one club, and if you like it you can commit to the set. If not, then go ahead and try another one until you find the right fit for you!

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