The Best Tacky Golf Grips in 2024 Tested And Reviewed

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 


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We at Golf Gear Advisor know how frustrating it can be to feel the club move in your hands during your golf swing. We have tested and tried all of the best tacky golf grips on the market. In this article we will discuss our favorites, and help you make the best decision for your game. 

Best overall

Grip Master The Roo Kangaroo Leather Golf Grips

Gripmaster The Roo

Editor's choice

Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips

winn dri-tac

Best value

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip

superstroke cross comfort

List Of The Best Tacky Golf Grips 

Reviews Of The Tackiest Golf Grips Available

Some of the factors that may help influence your decision around grips include comfort and preferences in feel. You might also consider a grip that feels best when you employ the proper golf grip

The size of your hands can influence the size grip that you find works best for you. Keep in mind, if a grip doesn't feel like the perfect size you can make small adjustments by changing the number of layers of grip tape during installment.

Golfers with hands that have special requirements might find a softer grip helps them limit pain and discomfort during a long day of golf. Most importantly, a grip should be tacky to help you maintain control all the way through your swing. So, let us help you find the best tacky golf grip for your game.

Grip Master The Roo Kangaroo Leather Golf Grips

Grip Master's premium golf grip! Kangaroo leather has unique qualities that make this grip unrivaled in softness and strength. The Roo is incredibly durable and tacky, outperforming and outlasting any rubber or synthetic grip in the market today.

Grip Master has created a grip so soft and tacky, there is no need to even wear a glove when using the Roo. We have tried so many grips that claim to feel great without a glove. This is the first one we felt lived up to the hype. The feel was both comfortable and stable all the way through the swing!

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The Roo's ultra lightweight and very strong authentic Kangaroo leather has been a hit on tour since it was introduced. Kangaroo leather is known for being highly durable, making this grip a longer term solution and providing a higher level of grip retention for both the weekend warrior and the serious practicer.

One of our favorite aspects of The Roo is the hand-stitched seam running down the back of the grip. It increased both consistency in the way you hold the club as well as feel, and even gives it the higher quality feel that we love in a golf grip. 

What We Like

  • Handmade for unrivaled quality and feel
  • Infused Protack System for long lasting tackiness
  • Ultra-comfortable hand sewn seam
  • Lightweight and durable

What We Don't Like

  • Higher cost per grip than other options

Here is a video of Padraig Harrington explaining why he uses these grips and how sticky they are.

In short - we love The Roo! Between its crazy durability and superior tackiness, this is by far the best tacky grip we have ever tried. Give them a try for yourself, and find out what all the hype around Kangaroo leather is about!

Editor’s Choice: Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips  

Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grips

Winn is a well recognized name in the golf grip game. You may recognize their commercials with Butch Harmon and Natalie Gulbis. Beyond being endorsed by well known golf personalities, they produce on of the best golf grips out there. 

The material and pattern of the Dri-Tac gives it a great feel and plenty of traction, even in the rain. Golfers of all levels will enjoy the softness of this grip, and for the beginners, the defined pattern will help maintain a consistent hold on the golf club.

The softness of the Dri-Tac comes from the polymer material used in production. You can't get a softer feeling grip, and golfers with arthritis or hand pain of any kind will appreciate the extra cushion. We found that the material also helps with shock absorption, making the experience with the Dri-Tac even more enjoyable.

This grip is a great choice for both men and women, coming in sizes to match golfers of all kinds. Keep in mind, the size of your grip will have an impact on your grip pressure, so you want to choose one that matches your needs!

These golf grips are great for most golfers, whether you prefer the interlock or overlap grip. They are versatile, soft, and come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet personal preferences. 

What We Like

  • We love how slip-resistant and tacky they are.
  • Excellent performance in wet weather
  • Exceptional shock absorption
  • Soft feel
  • High value for the price

What We Don't Like

  • They wear out quicker than other grips

Here is a video showing you the features of the Winn Dri Tac golf grips.

The Winn Dri-Tac grip is a great combination of style and value. You will love the soft feel and texturized pattern. It stays tacky on those rainy and humid days, and will give you a reliable hold on the club. All of the upside that comes with this grip makes it a clear editor's choice for us!

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Staff Favorite: IOMIC STICKY 2.3 Golf Grip  

IOMIC STICKY 2.3 Golf Grip

The Iomic Sticky 2.3 has a great feel right out of the package. Iomic first became known for their putter grips, which they offered in a variety of bold colors. This trend has expanded to their traditional golf club grips. The 2.3 is incredibly tacky. You will always feel like you have a solid grip on the club, but it doesn't have the sticky feel that comes with some tacky grips. 

We love the textured feel of the 2.3. It reminds us of a multi-compound that you may have experiences with Golf Pride, but is not nearly as rough on your hands. This grip started to show signs of wear more quickly than some of the other grips we tested. That said, the way that the 2.3 wears down actually gives it more of a "broken in" feel than worn out. 

The Sticky 2.3 was one of the firmer grips we tested. Golfers looking for a superior connection to the golf club might appreciate this. The downside is the relatively nonexistent shock absorption that could lead to sore hands by the end of the round. 

What We Like

  • Superior tackiness
  • Visually appealing
  • Comfortable texture

What We Don't Like

  • Firmness can hurt sensitive hands
  • Faster to wear 

Here is a great video comparing the Iomic Golf Grips to the other top golf grips in the industry.

We really love both the feel and the look of the Iomic Sticky 2.3. It provides a great connection to the golf club and does not sacrifice feel for softness. The colors give golfers with unique styles a chance to personalize their clubs and stand out from the crowd. The 2.3 is definitely one of the best sticky golf grips you can get your hands on. 

Tackiest Golf Pride Grips: Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip  

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip

If you have spent any time researching golf grips, you have definitely come across the Golf Pride brand. Golf Pride Tour Velvet is commonly recognized as the preferred grip of most tour players. The CP2 Wrap is no disappointment, and earns its place among the best golf grips purely on tackiness itself.

The CP2 Wrap provides a different feel than the traditional Golf Pride grip. It is much softer, providing more cushion for your hands and creating a comfortable experience from the first tee to the 18th green. Beyond the comfort, we were amazed with how solid our connection was to the club with this grip. Between the texture and the wrap, as well as the tackiness of the rubber, there was no chance the club was going to move during our swings.

What We Like

  • Amazingly tacky
  • Reliable quality
  • Slow to wear
  • Made by Golf Pride

What We Don't Like

  • Some golfers find the CP2 Wrap to be too soft

The Golf Pride CP2 Wrap holds up to the reputation Golf Pride has built. We love how easy it is to maintain a good hold on the golf club all day, and how comfortable the grip is. It is the tackiest grip that we tested, and one that we come back to time and time again. 

Tackiest Tour Wrap: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

The next time you're watching a professional golf tournament - whether that's the PGA Tour, LPGA, DP World Tour, or another - take a close look at the players' grips. We bet you'll see a few sets of the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G. 

The classic appearance of the Tour Wrap is a huge appeal for golfers who appreciate a traditional look. Similar to the way old school golfers would actually wrap rubber around the shaft to create a grip, the Tour Wrap looks like it coils around the club. However, being one solid piece of rubber means the Tour Wrap is way more durable than those old wraps!

We really like the feel of the light texturing created by the dimpling on the raised ridges of the Tour Wrap. Not only does this add to the tackiness of the grip, it also creates a wonderfully contrasting feel in our hands when we hold the golf club. 

Our only issue with the Tour Wrap 2G is the way it holds up to wet weather conditions. If you play golf in particularly humid areas, or are a warrior who doesn't quit when the rain comes, this grip might get a little too slippery for you. We attribute that to the texturing which, although we love the feel, is a little too spread out to help you hold on to the club when the conditions are less favorable. 

What We Like

  • Classic look
  • Variety of color and size options
  • Very tacky in normal weather conditions

What We Don't Like

  • Gets slippery when wet
  • Some golfers don't like the feel of the wrap in their hands

When the tour pros use a piece of equipment, it's safe to say that you can rely on it. The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G may not be the best grip for you if you are an all weather golfer, but if you are only getting out there on good days you can play what the pros play! The Tour Wrap 2G earns its place among the top tacky golf grips for the tour quality feel and consistency.

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Tackiest Lamkin Golf Grips: Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Golf Grips  

Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Golf Grips

The Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap is another fantastic rendition of the traditional wrapped style golf grip. Unlike its Golf Pride counterpart, the Sonar+ features a texture known as FINGERPRINT technology that lends an extra layer of feel to the grip.

The Sonar+ brings a softer feel the the wrapped grip style, making it very comfortable for golfers with sensitive hands

Like the original Sonar, the Sonar+ Wrap has a noticeable amount of tack. We loved the way the tack helped us maintain a solid grip without feeling sticky or uncomfortable. Combine the feel with the durability and versatility of the Sonar+, and it is easy to see why the Sonar+ is one of the best grips on the market. The durability is thanks to Lamkin’s GENESIS material. Where some rubber grips get firm and slick, the Sonar Wrap stays soft and tacky through time and weather conditions.

One more unique feature of Lamkin grips is the reduced taper profile. This means the grip doesn't narrow as it goes down the shaft as much as other brands. Reduced tapering is a great feature for those who struggle with consistent grip pressure, and is very comfortable on the hands.

What We Like

  • Retains tack in all weather conditions
  • Soft and comfortable on the hands
  • Defined texture for enhanced feel

What We Don't Like

  • Lack of color options
  • Some golfers don't like the feel of the wrap in their hands

Here's a great video that shows you the features and benefits of the Lamkin Sonar Wrap Grip.

Lamkin flies under the radar sometimes in the golf grip conversation. After testing the Sonar+ Wrap, we can say for certain that their product holds up to their competitors. The traditional appearance combined with superior feel and tack make the Sonar+ Wrap a great choice for golfers of all styles.

Best Value Tacky Golf Grips: SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip  

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip

You probably recognize the SuperStroke brand for their distinct putting grips that have come to be trusted by players like Jordan Speith and Tommy Fleetwood. What you may no realize is they are now producing a swing grip that provides a soft, tacky feel at a great price point - the Cross Comfort!

The Cross Comfort has a firm inner rubber layer under the soft and textured outer layer that provides a great combination of comfort, feel, and feedback on every shot. The soft polyurethane outer layer creates a tacky feel and plenty of traction for your daily practice and playing. The one problem we found was in the way the grip lost its tack when it got dirty. Make sure to clean them with a wet towel regularly!

As with most grips, the Cross Comfort comes in a variety of sizes and color options. Pay attention to your color option when ordering your grips, because not all of the color combinations are available with all of the sizes. 

What We Like

  • Provides a soft feel with great club control
  • Comfortable and enjoyable texturing
  • Best price point on the market

What We Don't Like

  • Loses tack when dirty
  • Wear down quickly

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort is one of the best tacky grips on the market for its combination of quality and price. We loved the feel of the grip and how tacky it was on a variety of shots and conditions. As long as you keep these grips clean, there is no doubt you will love them too!

Best Cheap Tacky Golf Grips: CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips  

CHAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips

We know that it can be hard to commit to trying a new set of grips because of the cost. What if we told you that you can try a comfortable, tacky, durable golf grip on your whole set for under $50? That's what you'll get with the CHAMPKEY Traction-X. The solid rubber construction makes it durable while also staying tacky in wet weather.

We have found in our testing that a noticeable texture is a big component of utility in less than ideal conditions. The Traction-X has a diamond texture that uses three types of micro-textures, maximizing your control over the golf club. The rubber is soft and easy on the hands, and the traditional taper profile is great for golfers who like a familiar feel.

Our major complaint with this grip is the difficulty in replacing the set when the time comes. the way the inside of the grip sticks to the tape makes is a more intensive process than we would have liked. Granted, we know most people are not replacing their own grips. In the grand scheme, this is a very easy issue to overlook.

What We Like

  • Soft and comfortable on the hands
  • Single layer rubber construction creates solid feel
  • Diamond texture creates great control in all weather conditions

What We Don't Like

  • Not as tacky as our other top picks
  • Labor intensive replacement process
  • Wears down quickly

The CHAMPKEY Traction-X is a tacky golf grip at the price point that anyone can afford. You will receive a well constructed grip that provides a tacky feel and consistent performance. If you're looking for an inexpensive alternative to a reliable, tacky golf grip, this is the one for you!

Another Affordable Option: Tacki-mac Itomic IT2 Golf Grips  

Tacki-mac Itomic IT2 Golf Grips

Tacki-mac is not your mainstream golf grip developer. While you may have never even heard of them, they have found a niche in the golf grip space and created a solid product for a very affordable price. The Itomic IT2 is a well textured, soft rubber grip that is tacky right out of the package and gives you a solid feel for the golf club from the very first swing.

The IT2 is made from a revolutionary blend of thermoforming materials that creates a grip that is both very durable and high performing in all weather conditions. Their proprietary ultra-lightweight material provides an enjoyable and unique experience for golfers of all skill levels

What We Like

  • Affordable price point
  • Tacky feel with good texture
  • Classic appearance
  • Holds up well in wet conditions

What We Don't Like

  • Less reputable brand
  • Firm feel is not good for sensitive hands

The Tacki-mac Itomic IT2 is a really good, affordable alternative to some of the higher price point grips on the market. After surfing the forums and trying them for ourselves, we can say with confidence that this is a grip golfers of all skill levels can enjoy.

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip

You might be wondering - what does it matter if my putter grip is tacky? If you think about it, even a fraction of a degree of unwanted face movement could be the difference between making or missing a putt. A tacky putter grip will help you eliminate that unwanted movement! 

The Traxion Tour is the grip that comes to mind when you first mention SuperStroke to most golfers. It is the grip that is commonly seen on tour. Beyond Jordan Spieth, it has also been used by Rory McIlroy, Patrick Cantlay, and many others.

On the back of the grip, you’ll see a silver ridge running from top to bottom – that’s Spyne Technology.  The feel of the Spyne is smoother than the rest of the grip, and it’s raised slightly, but the rib is less dramatic than in other grips. Spyne Technology is meant to give you a benchmark to ensure you are setting your hands the same every time. 

The Traxion Tour has an incredibly soft and smooth feel, matching its appearance and providing all kinds of golfers with an incredible putting experience. It is amazing that a grip can feel both smooth and tacky, but SuperStroke accomplished this with the Traxion Tour. 

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What We Like

  • Tacky and soft
  • No-taper design feels great during stroke
  • Trusted by tour players
  • Soft feel
  • High value for the price

What We Don't Like

  • Wears out faster than other putting grips

On a scale of 1-10, we give the Traxion Tour a perfect 10. You don't become the putting grip most trusted by tour players without being high quality and reliable. The reverse taper design helps golfers to create a more consistent stroke, and the interchangeable weights allow you to refine the feel to fit your game.

If you want to make more putts, regardless of which putting grip style you use, the SuperStroke Traxion Tour is for you.

Wrapping Up The Reviews

It's a great feeling knowing you never have to worry about the golf club slipping out of your hands when you swing. That security breeds confidence, and confidence only makes the game more fun. 

We at Golf Gear Advisor tested all of the best tacky golf grips on the market so that we could bring you the most comprehensive guide to your next golf grip. From the high end, reliable brands to more affordable options that hold up to scrutiny, there are plenty of options to help you get the most out of your game.

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Keep in mind when choosing your grip that there is not a single best option. Personal preference will play a major role which grip will work best for you. Don't be afraid to put different grips on different clubs to experiment before you make your final decision. 

One thing we can promise you - when you get a grip on your game, you will have more fun and shoot lower scores!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Keep My Golf Grips Tacky?

Keeping your grips tacky is so much easier than you might think. All it takes is a little soap and water once every couple of weeks. First, wipe your grips down with a dry towel to get any loose dirt and dust off. Then take a towel soaked in soapy water and give your grips a good scrub. Dry each one after you've scrubbed it down, and let them air dry for a little while. Once the grips dry, they should feel like they are fresh out of the packaging!

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How Do I Get My Golf Grips To Be More Tacky?

There are three different ways to get you golf grips to be more tacky. They may sound a little odd, but we're here to tell you they work.

  1. Use a fine grain sandpaper to increase the texture of your grips. Texture plays a larger role in tack than many people realize, especially in wet weather. You never want to use a coarse grain sandpaper for this method. The goal is to lightly score the grips, not tear them up. We have found that Brillo pads also work well for this.
  2. Wash with soap and water. Even if your grips don't look dirty, they collect dirt and dust that takes away from the tack. Keeping them clean will give you a consistently tacky feel.
  3. Try Golf Tac Grip Enhancer Spray. This spray will give your grips the extra tack you need to ensure the club never starts to shift in your hands.

How Often Should I Replace Tacky Golf Grips?

If you are diligent about keeping your grips clean, a tacky golf grip should be replace after about 50 rounds. For most avid golfers, that is about once a year. More serious players who spend lots of time on the range and play multiple times per week should replace their grips every 4-6 months. 

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