Best Golf Hat For Big Heads In 2024 – With Reviews

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 

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Did you even know there are different hats that are considered the best golf hat for big heads?

You know what they say about golfers with big heads.

Big hats. That’s right!

It’s really not rocket science. What scientists haven’t figured out, however, is how many shots it might cost you if your headwear is cutting off all circulation to the brain by the third hole. Not to mention the cost of our last few precious hair follicles getting the life choked out of them!

All jokes aside, when we feel the most comfortable, we play our best. And while most sportsmen would say they’d rather play good than look good doing it - let’s not sell ourselves short when we can go ahead and take care of both. At the very least we don’t have to endure that “red ring of death” on our foreheads while cooling off in the clubhouse after every round. In this article we’ll show you the best golf hats that will loosen up that squeeze on your head without loosening up your wallet too much.

Best Golf Hat For Big Heads At A Glance

What Is The Best Golf Hat For Big Heads?

As with most pieces of golf equipment, there are lots of different options that you can choose from. From styles and colors to different features, we know there is a hat out there that your big head will love. Here are some of our favorites:

Under Armour Men's Blitzing 3.0 Golf Hat

The Under Armour Men’s Blitzing 3.0 is a great option for any golfer. It’s a completely normal, classic hat that just so happens to be offered in sizes up to 3XL. Under Armour is known for delivering top-notch gear that performs in all conditions, and this hat is no exception. You’re going to get durability, breathability, and moisture wicking from the top-notch fabric engineering that UA is known for, all for one of the best prices that can be had for a lid today.

What We Like

  • FORTY ONE color combinations
  • Top quality materials
  • So cheap, you can buy two!

What We Don't Like

  • You might get mistaken for Jordan Spieth

Really the only reason to not get this hat is if you don’t want a baseball cap or you don’t want to represent the Under Armour brand out on the course. It’s an all-around winner unless it just doesn’t fit your personal style.

Armycrew Flexfit Golf Hat

If you’re not a fan of golfers who look more and more like NASCAR drivers every time we turn around, then this hat is the play. You’re going to get all of the features of a top-quality baseball cap, like high end fabric and knitting, flex-fit, and pre-curved bill, without the price tag that comes along with the logo from a major equipment manufacturer. The fact that it goes into not just 3XL but all the way to 4XL makes it the best golf hat for a big headed golfer who wants to maintain that neutral and understated vibe out on the course, especially since it only comes in very plain colors (charcoal, navy, and black).

What We Like

  • The quality construction felt great on our heads
  • Sizes all the way to 4XL
  • Stretch fit makes the hat fit our heads perfectly

What We Don't Like

  • Limited color options

If you want a hat that is going to make a classy edition to your country club look, choose the Armycrew Flexfit. With subdued tones and size options all the way to 4XL, it is easily one of the best golf hats for big heads. 

Best Traditional Style - Titleist Tour Sports Mesh Hat XXL

Titleist Tour Sports Mesh Golf Hat

This hat is pure class. It’s probably the most-seen hat out on Tour. The script Titleist logo is the epitome of style and quality on the course. This version of the classic Titleist hat comes as the Titleist Tour Sports Mesh with a lot of modernized features, including a micro-mesh backing to keep airflow and water flow as efficient as possible during all conditions.

Despite that, you still have a crisp, clean, solid-color front-panel. All in all you’re getting top-quality-everything with this hat The one drawback is that you’re going to pay top-dollar. You’ll get a hat with a timeless style, modern features, and can last you several seasons if you want to keep wearing it!

What We Like

  • Signature style fits all types of dress codes
  • Durable materials and contrustion
  • Breathable and flex-fit, feels great on your head all day

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive than competitors
  • Limited color options

If you want to be the next “One Hat Wonder” in your group, and invest in something that will fit almost every occasion or hold onto it like a family heirloom, then this Titleist hat is a great choice. It’s THE logo and style that scream “I’m a golfer” more than anything else on the market. It’s built so well that you’re more likely to lose it in a bet than you are to wear it out.

The combination of look, the reputation of Titleist, and comfort are why the Tour Sports Mesh Hat is one of our top picks for best golf hat for big heads.

Best Cooling Golf Hat - Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer

Henchel Hats Aussie Breezer Cotton Mesh Hat

What makes a hat an Aussie hat? Much less an Aussie Breezer from Henschel Hats? Well if you’ve never been to Australia, the first thing to note is that this hat comes with MAJOR sun protection, which is one of the reasons why golfers wear hats. Big heads have to soak up more rays, so it’s basic math that they need more shade, right? Not only is this big hat available in up to 3XL sizes, but it has the biggest brim that we’ve reviewed and a UPF 50+ rating. And if there’s really that much sun out, it compliments that all with a fully cotton mesh design for pure breathability and cooling all day long.

What We Like

  • We felt completely protected from the sun under the big brim
  • Super breathable cotton mesh
  • Foldable for easy packing and storage
  • Chin cord with clasp keeps it on your head, even in the wind

What We Don't Like

  • Very expensive - up to $50 for the biggest sizes
  • Dry-clean only

You don’t have to be in the Outback to get the most out of this hat. Not only does the style frame a larger-than-life noggin well, but all that extra material serves a purpose too, keeping us shaded and cool even in the heat of summer.

The Aussie Breezer is easily one of the best golf hats for big heads that need protection from the sun!

Dorfman Pacific Co. Men's Soaker Hat

This hat is going to give a lot of the same features as our other “Aussie” hat but with a slightly different style. The Men’s Soaker Hat from Dorfman Pacific Co. is advertised as their “Outback Hat” for much the same reasons as other “Aussie” hats - massive sun protection and breathability. This hat has breathable sides but a fully-enclosed top for the golfer worried about any direct exposure. It’s not foldable/packable but features a sturdy construction up top with a raised profile that will accent larger and rounder head shapes well.

What We Like

  • Great price for an Aussie style hat
  • Incredible sun protection
  • Stretchable for greater comfort

What We Don't Like

  • Hand wash only
  • Only comes in one color
  • Not easy to store in a golf bag

The Men's Soaker is going to give you the most authoritative look on the course, while also providing functionality when it comes to UV protection and airflow. Of the hats we’ve reviewed it has the best shape for accenting an extra large head.

The moisture wicking mesh interior will pair with that great airflow to keep you cool on even the hottest days. You want to get your Men's Soaker as soon as possible for one of the best experiences in golf hats!

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Best Sun Protection Golf Hat - Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat XXL

Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat

This is the hat for somebody who wants a full 360 degree brim, but wants to stay as far away from the “Texas Ranger” look as possible. The Coolibar Matchplay Golf Hat comes in sizes up to XXL and represents a cool and classy, yet casual look for both male and female golfers. The hat has a really clean design and features an internal sweatband. The option for a white hat is also a great way to beat the heat during a long round.

With the number of people that love and trust the Matchplay Golf Hat, it has a rightful place among the best golf hats for big heads. Who knows, it may end up your new favorite!

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What We Like

  • Subtle style for a full-brimmed hat
  • Internal sweatband keeps sweat out of your eyes
  • Adjustable drawstring makes sure the hat stays on your head

What We Don't Like

  • Limited breathability

The Matchplay Golf Hat by Coolibar is one of those sun hats that you will see frequently on golf courses in sunny climates. Although it is not the most breathable hat, the wide 360 degree brim makes sure no sun gets to your head, neck, and ears. We especially love the internal sweatband that kept sweat out of our eyes all day long.

Oh, and if you go with the white, we recommend you learn how to wash your golf hats. It's easier than you would think to keep it looking fresh!

Trendy Apparel Shop Oversize Short Brim Bucket Hat

This hat is as “stock” as you can get as far as bucket hat options go. It is our option if you want to skip the branding and still get all the bucket hat you can get. Trendy has designed a simply classic bucket hat that is completely no-frills and no-logo. That said, you can still get it in 8 different color options including multiple camo patterns if you really want to try to hide your gigantic dome completely.

This hat comes in sizes up to 3XL, features full cotton fabric which means it's packable, foldable, breathable, and machine-washable. And all for a bottom-barrel price that means you don't have to worry at all about whether you’re going to get your money’s worth out of it.

What We Like

  • Budget level price
  • Machine-washable
  • Foldable for easy packing and storage
  • Breathability kept us cool in the heat of summer

What We Don't Like

  • Not stretchable
  • Smaller brim offers less sun protection

Here is your perfect combination of function, style, and price. Trendy Apparel Shop brings you a comfortable, cooling bucket hat that comes in 8 different colors and won't break the bank. 

If you want the best golf hat for big heads that you can find without spending an arm and a leg, check out Trendy Apparel Shop first!

Frequently Asked Questions

What hats look good on people with big heads?

There are a lot of hat styles that look good on people with big heads. Again, the most important factor here is … one that is big enough. It sounds simple, but immediately all styles will look bad if they aren’t proportionate to your head. Second to that, styles that not only come in a large size but can also stretch are helpful. 

Immediately disregard all snapback hats where the closure stretched to the very last setting, making a “V” shape in the back of the head. This also eliminates a lot of “ball cap” style hats, and many with big heads prefer to go with something that also has a big brim to keep proportions, like a bucket or panama style hat. In this case there’s no possibility of shrinking behind a hat that’s too small, you’ll be better off owning it and going with a hat to match.

What size head is considered big?

For men, this is a fairly standard answer. Your head is considered big if you pick up a hat that says “one size fits most” and it doesn’t fit you!

Really though, you will notice most golf hats start running out of options in the size 7.5 range or 23.5” circumference, give or take. Those sizes and above are usually an “XL” for most manufacturers, and are considered big, but don’t fret. Many manufacturers go into the 8+ hat size range or 25” or more, ranging into the 3XL size.

Do bucket hats fit big heads?

In short, yes, bucket hats fit big heads. There’s nothing about a bucket hat that inherently makes it fit a big head better. Both bucket hats and baseball caps come in a variety of sizes, with and without stretch fabric.

One thing bucket hats will have occasionally is the option to adjust the fit via a drawstring. It's this extra adjustability that makes bucket hats some of the best golf hats for big heads. Other than that it is mostly a matter of the brim being larger that makes it appear bigger and might look more proportional.

What hat looks good on a rounder face?

The rule of thumb here is to go in the other direction - stylists recommend that people with round faces go for accessories that have straight lines and sharp angles. This would make you want to avoid a traditional curved-bill baseball cap, especially one with a circular logo. If a baseball hat is a must, a flat-brimmed option could be worth taking a look at.

Otherwise look for something with some more structure to the lid, rather than curved and floppy. Also look for something with a slightly higher crown.

How do I size myself for a hat?

Sizing yourself for a hat is easy. What you want to do is measure with a tape-measure the circumference of your head exactly where you would wear the band of your hat, whatever that preference is. Take this measurement and use the following chart to determine your hat size. If a manufacturer doesn’t use standard hat sizing but instead uses L/XL/XXL etc. denominations then they will almost always provide a chart that tells you what hat sizes those designations correspond to.

What is the best hat for golf sweat?

The best golf hat for sweat is the Titleist Tour Sports Mesh Golf Hat. It is lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking. It also the most worn hat on the PGA Tour, thanks to its good looks and comfortable fit.

Final Thoughts

While golf is a game that humbles every man eventually, there’s no way to change the kind of big-headedness that you are dealing with when shopping for a hat.

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For sure your options are going to be reduced, but there are a lot of quality offerings still available, especially online. 

Don’t think twice, go ahead and make sure you order a hat that is big enough, or more than big enough, and you’ll thank yourself later. 

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