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Best overall

FootJoy DryJoys Tour Black Rain Bucket Hat

FootJoy Tour Golf Rain Hat

Editor's choice

The Weather Co. Golf Rain Hat

The Weather Co golf Rain Hat

Best With chin straps

Outdoor Research Seattle Golf Rain Hat

outdoor research rain hat

Whether you’re playing a bucket-list round at one of the most famous courses on the planet such as St. Andrews or Bandon Dunes Golf Links or trying to finish one more hole during the best round of your life, weather is an integral part of the game of golf.

The best thing you can do is be prepared and have exactly the right gear to keep yourself versatile and comfortable during ever-changing conditions out on the golf course. This all starts from the top down - by addressing the piece of equipment that is closest to the sky! Here’s a review of the best golf rain hats on the market, and what to expect when you add one to your collection.

Best Rain Hat For Golf At A Glance

Best Golf Rain Hats For Men

Best Overall: FootJoy DryJoys Tour Black Rain Bucket Hat 

FootJoy DryJoys Tour Black Rain Bucket Hat

FootJoy is often the standard-bearer when it comes to golf apparel, and hats are no exception. There are certainly other great hats on the market, but FootJoy often represents the price-and-quality point against which all other products are measured. The DryJoys Tour Bucket style hat lives up to that reputation.

We spend a lot of time in south Florida, where the rainstorms can come out of nowhere and soak you to the bone. With the DryJoys Tour Bucket, we were able to stay on the course longer and keep drier. While there is no way to stay completely dry when the skies open up, this waterproof hat will help you keep your head and neck dry.

What We Like

  • We trust the FootJoy Brand
  • Stretchable and adjustable for unmatched comfort
  • Stylish

What We Don't Like

  • Very small brim
  • No chin strap
  • Very limited color options

Ultimately you can’t go wrong with the FootJoy DryJoys Tour Bucket Hat for a classic look and moderate rain protection. If you want a style that stands out or protection in more severe rain, you might want to branch out another offering.

Editor’s Choice: The Weather Co. Golf Bucket Hat 

The Weather Co. Golf Bucket Hat

The Golf Bucket Hat from The Weather Company represents a great selection for anyone who is brand-agnostic and would rather pay less and forego the logo. It is one-size-fits-all, drawstring adjustable, and comes in a variety of colors for a few bucks less than its branded competitors.

One thing we love about this hat is a brim that slopes longer down the back of the neck than it does in the front. This provides extra coverage without interfering with your vision, and keeps the rain off your neck.

What We Like

  • Lots of color choices for any style preference
  • Great brim coverage
  • Adjustable size ensure everyone can have the perfect fit

What We Don't Like

  • No chin strap for windy days

This hat features everything you’d want in a hat - good material, good design, and tapered seams - all without paying extra for a famous logo.

Our concern with the Golf Bucket Hat from The Weather Co. is the lack of chin strap to keep the hat in place on a windy day. 

If you want one of the best waterproof hats without breaking the bank, this hat is an awesome choice. 

Outdoor Research Seattle Rain Hat

The Outdoor Research Wide Brim Hat With Chin Strap is basically the Cadillac of all-weather golf hats. It has every feature the industry can offer, but all of that is also factored into the final bill.

Among these features, the most notable is the use of Gore-Tex fabric, which is a huge step up from the polyester designs of most of the hats available. It is also a step up in price. This represents the apex of breathability + waterproofing that the fabrics industry has to offer. 

If price is not a factor in your decision, this hat rises straight to the top of the list of best waterproof hats. The most expensive hat on our list, there is literally nothing it leaves you lacking except for maybe a little cash for your next green’s fee!

What We Like

  • Gore-Tex is our favorite waterproof material
  • Huge brim for maximum protection
  • 4 sized cover a wide range of heads
  • Chin strap keeps the hat secure in all weather conditions

What We Don't Like

  • The most expensive hat on the market

With this offering from Outdoor Research you will literally always be covered on the course. Gore-Tex is much more waterproof and can withstand heavy downpours without soaking through or “failing” like other materials are prone to even if they advertise “100% waterproof.” This is the full-feature option on the market.

Best Bucket Style Hat: TaylorMade Golf Storm Bucket Hat 

TaylorMade Golf Storm Bucket Hat

This hat is basically a copy of the FootJoy DryJoy series hat in many respects, but for those who might want to match the rest of their gear or just prefer TaylorMade. The TaylorMade Golf Storm Bucket Hat also is going to typically run a few dollars cheaper than the FootJoy model.

The features include the same narrow brim style as the FootJoy DryJoy hat, which is a more subtle look but might not keep as much rain off of you as the other styles.

And while it is stretchable to fit snugly, it also comes in two different sizes, unlike the FootJoy model.

What We Like

  • Classic look keeps you dry and still stylish
  • Great value for the money
  • Comes in 2 size options - S/M and L/XL

What We Don't Like

  • Limited color options
  • Limited adjustability within sizes means the fit isn't always perfect

This hat offers the tried-and-true “standard” features and is a good middle-of-the-road option, especially if you want to rock the TaylorMade brand when you’re on the course.

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Bucket Hat

The Frogg Toggs brand has long been coveted by lightweight outdoors enthusiasts as the go-to option for packable all-weather gear. Their products are packable and easy to transport.

Always recommended by long-distance hikers, the application is the same for golfers, especially the walking golfer. The Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Bucket Hat is by far the cheapest option on the list, but don’t let that fool you.

This hat is going to be lauded for its ability to be “crushable, foldable, and packable” and still offer massive waterproofing ability. Frogg Togg's hat takes up almost zero space, weighs very little, and will put the smallest dent in your wallet. They don’t skimp on features either with great adjustability, chin strap, and full brim to protect you in all conditions.

What We Like

  • Crushable, foldable, and packable for easy storage
  • Best budget option on the market
  • We used ours everywhere - not just the golf course!

What We Don't Like

  • Not as durable as other options

Ultimately, the Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Bucket Hat is the perfect hat if you want to throw something in your bag “just in case,” but don’t want to spend a fortune on something you might only use once or twice a year. You won’t even notice it’s there and you’ll be darn glad to have it when you do need it. It won't be your every day or heavy use option, but it's perfect in a pinch!

Best Traditional Style: Outdoor Research Seattle Rain Cap  

Outdoor Research Seattle Rain Cap

You may have noticed all the hats up until now have one thing in common: bucket hats. Despite winning on the PGA Tour in 2021, Joel Dahmen has not yet replaced Bill Murray as the iconic “bucket hat golfer.” Because of this, bucket hats remain a fringe element on the golf course - unthinkable to many, and the ultimate carefree fashion statement to others. Unless, of course, there is a storm blowing in. And that’s for good reason - when it’s really raining, a bucket hat performs its function to keep the rain off far better than any other style.

That said, we understand that some people just cannot stand the style and prefer the look of a baseball cap. The firm brim may also benefit golfers with glasses who really need that coverage in the front to keep their vision clear during a tough weather day on the course. For them we recommend the Outdoor Research Seattle Rain Cap.

What We Like

  • We prefer the baseball hat style for looks
  • Gore-Tex waterproof material
  • High quality brand in Outdoor Research

What We Don't Like

  • Baseball hat style (yes, it's on both lists!) doesn't protect as well from the rain
  • Higher price point

If you’re a “baseball cap guy” then you’re going to want to invest in the Gore-Tex offered by Outdoor Research. The superior materials and construction of the Seattle Rain Cap will maximize your benefit from a baseball style cap without killing your style!

Best Golf Rain Hats For Women

Let's face it - when it comes to headwear, and style in general, men and women have very different priorities. We want to make sure that every golfer is able to find an option they can be happy with.

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VINRELLA Women's Rain Hat

The VINRELLA waterproof Hat for Women probably represents the “best in class” as far as style alone is concerned.  The floppy-brim look gives a touch of that “Southern Belle” appearance that is perfect for any country club. That is accented by a buckle-strap that is not only functional but stylish as well. The main drawback is this hat is 65% cotton which makes it helpful only for a short time in light rain.

What We Like

  • We like that it doesn't carry the appearance of a rain hat
  • Excellent sun protection
  • Navy and khaki colors to match any outfit

What We Don't Like

  • Not the most waterproof option on the market

This is a great hat if you already know that you’re not going to be out there trying to prove anything in the rain. It’s got everything you’d want, but don’t count on it holding up in a monsoon. The VINRELLA would be ideal for somebody who wants some protection in a light rain but knows that if the heavy stuff shows up she just needs to stay dry for long enough to get back to the clubhouse so she can enjoy the rest of her day.

Best Budget Option For Women: G Giepht Rain Hat For Women 

G Giepht Women's Rain Hat

The G Giepht Hat is a budget option for women. There are a few unique things about this hat. The material is woven so there is no stretch to it, but it features a drawstring for an exact fit.

The other interesting characteristic is a detachable chinstrap that lets you choose between form and function depending on how windy the forecast is. Lastly, it is reversible, so each hat can be turned inside out for a second color!

What We Like

  • Very affordable option
  • Reversible for a extra option
  • Detachable chin strap

What We Don't Like

  • Only 2 available colors
  • Hand wash only

This hat is a great budget option if you are not sure whether a rain hat is for you! At such an affordable price, you can grab one to try, and if you like it you can get another. 

Toutacoo Wide Brimmed women's rain hat

The Toutacoo Wide-Brimmed Vinyl Hat For Women checks all the boxes for both style and functionality. It just offers a little bit different look than most others you’ll see on the market.

The French company Toutacoo offers this hat in 14 (fourteen!) different colors options! And at this price you can afford to get a couple. The vinyl finish offers great weatherproofing but the tradeoff with that less breathability than other options.

What We Like

  • They have an incredible number of color options
  • Foldable and packable for easy storage
  • Amazing weatherproofing

What We Don't Like

  • No chinstrap
  • Not adjustable
  • Less breathable than other options

The vinyl finish of this great waterproof hat from Toutacoo is a “love it or hate it” for most shoppers. If you want to keep from getting splashed while adding a splash of color to your golf wardrobe, then this vibrant Euro style hat is the way to go. Just be prepared to sacrifice some ventilation.

FROGG TOGGS Waterproof Breathable Boonie Hat

Our second offering from Frogg Toggs, we are going to see a lot of the same features in this “Boonie” hat as we did in the “Bucket” hat reviewed earlier for men.

That includes Frogg Toggs always being one of the highest performing brands for the price. The “Boonie” style features a slightly modified brim design from the straight bucket hat, providing a more stylish look and more sun protection.

As with other Frogg Toggs products, you will receive a product that is easy to store, is incredible lightweight, and will perform for you time and time again. Learning how to clean your hats will help you extend the life of your rain hat, too!

What We Like

  • Foldable, crushable, and packable for easy storage and transport
  • Lightweight
  • Great deal for the money

What We Don't Like

  • Susceptible to wear and tear

Once again we see Frogg Toggs delivering full functionality and a fully waterproof design for a fraction of the cost of other brands.

The downside is that their products - while not due to poor manufacturing, but just because they are meant to be lighter and more packable than other models - is that it will need to be replaced more often. This is the perfect hat if you want to keep a hat stashed in your bag in case of an unexpected downpour.

Things To Consider When Buying A Rain Hat For Golf

Bucket Style Hat or Baseball Cap?

The first choice to consider when buying a rain hat for golf is the style of hat.

While most don’t wear bucket hats day-to-day on the golf course, you can see that they take up the predominant space in the market when it comes to foul weather. Ultimately this is because they flat-out out-perform baseball caps when it comes to keeping you dry. However there are options if the bucket hat look is simply not for you.


The main question when it comes to materials - and it is a big one - is “to Gore-Tex or not to Gore-tex?” Gore-tex fabric (as opposed to the more standard-duty polyester offerings) represents basically the pinnacle of what the outdoors all-weather garment manufacturers have to offer.

With almost every fabric, there is a trade-off between waterproofing and breathability. Think: cotton - completely breathable, zero waterproofing. Versus: a rain poncho, 100% waterproof even if you dumped a bucket on your head, but literally 0 breathability.

Enter: Gore-Tex. The main advantage of this fabric is that it provides extreme waterproofing while still allowing you to not get soaking wet from sweat from the inside like you would with a rain poncho. The two downsides are Gore-Tex fabric costs top-dollar, and it also requires special maintenance over time to properly maintain it. That said many Gore-Tex products also come with lifetime warranties, so they are definitely a good investment.

The main factor is: if you are going to be playing in a consistent, steady rainfall for more than a few minutes or an hour, you absolutely are going to want to invest in Gore-Tex. If you are just trying to survive a passing sprinkle here and there, then choose any material you like.

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Chin Strap?

One of the worst things that can happen is you get a brand new hat, and then the moment the first storm blows in on the course, you find your hat rolling down the fairway faster than your golf ball.

It’s for this reason that many rain hats also have wind in mind and provide an option with a chin strap. There are very few places where a breeze doesn’t come along with the rainfall, and if you’re planning on going out to golf in any kind of weather, getting a hat with a chin strap can be worth it’s weight in gold.

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Do You Even Need A Rain Hat For Golf?

Ask yourself - am I actually going to play golf in the rain? For most golfers who are not playing in golf tournaments, or aren’t playing golf in areas like the Pacific Northwest USA, it is very likely that you won’t actually play in the rain that often.

Almost always you are going to choose a different day to play, or come off the course before it gets too uncomfortable anyway. It’s always easy to get a cheaper hat, and see how often you use it in a season or two, and then upgrade or invest in a pricier model once you decide whether or not you actually need it.

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Final Thoughts

Until somebody figures out how to build an astroturf golf course inside of the world’s-biggest-dome(it wouldn't surprise me if Golf Gear Advisor staff is working on this), golf is a game that is going to be fully intertwined with the elements. Most golfers are hard pressed to give up on their precious time on the course very easily. Due to that, a massive industry has been born catering to protecting golfers from the unexpected.

The reality is most golfers can get by with a backup option to throw in their bag in order to survive a few holes playing golf in the rain, but those dedicated to tournament rounds or going on that big golf trip where the weather is part of the experience, investing in a proper hat (along with other rain gear) can make the entire difference between enjoying your time on the course and suffering through what should have been a dream vacation.

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