SQAIRZ Golf Shoes Review – My Experience Wearing Them

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 

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First hitting the market a few years ago, SQAIRZ Golf Shoes are rising in popularity for golfers of all skill levels. Between extreme comfort and claims of distance gains and increased stability, SQAIRZ has developed a massive fan base throughout the game of golf.

We are here to test and review SQAIRZ Shoes so that you will know exactly what to expect when you open the box for the first time. 

I put these on for the first time specifically for this review, and hang on for the ride because there is a lot to talk about. 

First Impressions

Squairz Golf Shoes with Box

When I first got my hands on a pair of SQAIRZ Speed Golf Shoes, I had two thoughts: they’re a little heavy and a little funny looking. Truth be told, I was skeptical from the very beginning. But in an effort to be impartial, I laced them up and went to play 18 holes of golf. 

Putting on these shoes for the first time is a truly game changing experience. The width of the toe box had me thinking briefly that the shoes were too big for me. In reality, I’ve become so accustomed to cramming my feet into shoes that were too tight for me that I didn’t know what a good-fitting shoe really felt like. All this to say, don’t let the looks fool you. These shoes feel GOOD.

SQAIRZ Product Details

You may have seen these shoes touted by major champion Sir Nick Faldo on one of the TV or online commercials. Sir Nick is also a member of the Performance Golf Team.

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In a lot of ways, they are a normal golf shoe. The sole of the shoe looks the same as any other, with interchangeable spikes in between a variety of traction aiding patterns. There are a few features worth mentioning that make these shoes stand out in the crowd.

First and foremost, the shoes are easily identifiable by the square shape of the toe of the shoe. This is designed for added stability in the follow through. As you pivot up onto your trail toe, the flat platform of the shoe provides a base for you to pose on, giving you the Tour balance finish every time. This design also ensures that the toe box of the shoe is incredibly wide. If you have never worn a shoe that lets your toes spread out and have room, this feeling will change your entire outlook on golf shoes.

They also include a heel stabilizer in all of their golf shoes as a way of increasing your range of motion through the swing. More range of motion equals more speed, plain and simple!

The EVA foam midsole is designed with comfort in mind, providing extra cushioning in all the right places. Combine that with a two year waterproof guarantee, and SQAIRZ gives you a lot to love about their shoes. 

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Important Features Of SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

Squairz Golf Shoes Sole

It is important to know the value that any product adds to your golf game, and shoes are more important than many people may realize. Let’s discuss some of the most important features of a golf shoe, and how these shoes measure up.


We prioritize comfort when it comes to shoes because without comfort, none of the rest matters.

From a comfort standpoint, these  are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. My previous favorite shoes were the FootJoy ProSL, but SQAIRZ blew them out of the water. Between the cushioning of the midsole and the wide toe box, this is a shoe that I felt like I could wear all day long. My feet almost always get sore after 18 holes, but these shoes had me ready for an emergency 9!


When it comes to stability, these are the most stable golf shoes that I have tested. The heel stabilizer, wide sole, and square toe design all add to this shoe’s ability to help you hold your finish the way every golf coach dreams you would. 

Stability is an important factor in hitting the ball farther, too. Stability leads to control, which means the more stability allows you to have more control at a faster swing speed. If you want to hit the ball longer without sacrificing control, this might just be the shoe for you.

The ability to maintain your footing on a number of different surfaces is an underrated aspect of any golf shoe. In fact, traction is so important that Ben Hogan used to add an extra spike near the ball of his foot to all of his golf shoes to ensure that he wouldn’t slip during the highest torque parts of his golf swing.

I tested my SQAIRZ shoes on dried out, crusty Bermuda grass. If you have ever played on this type of surface, you know there is not a whole lot for spikes to grab onto. Slipping is almost inevitable. So when I tell you that I played 18 holes without slipping even one time, you know the traction is top notch, thanks to the innovative spike pattern.

Add in the fact that these shoes can increase swing speed, resulting in hitting the ball farther, and you definitely have one in the plus column.


None of these other features mean anything if the shoe isn’t going to stand up to time and heavy use. The two year waterproof guarantee is a great indicator of confidence in their product.

I have worn these shoes for a few months now, and I can tell you that they feel like they are made to last. The design and construction inspire confidence for everyone from the dew sweeper to the range rat to the weekend warrior.

My Experience With SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

Squairz Golf Shoes

Most of my life as a golfer - and my whole professional career, both playing golf and working in the golf industry - I have worn FootJoy golf shoes. The thought of trying a different shoe was foreign to me, but I am really glad I tested SQAIRZ speed shoes. The really took my golf shoe game to a different level.

I was skeptical at the weight and appearance of the shoes when I took them out of the box, but after putting them on my feet I can confidently say that they are my new shoe of choice. 

I have worn these shoes for practice, recreational rounds, and a couple of tournament rounds since I began testing them, and my feet have never felt better. The wider toe box gives my foot the feeling of freedom rather than being crammed up into the shoe, and there is ample padding to leave me feeling refreshed and ready to keep going. 

The weight of the shoe is still a little bit of an issue, but it is important to note that the weight is well distributed and isn't nearly as noticeable when the shoe is on your foot. 

Check out the quick hits on our likes and dislikes of SQAIRZ speed shoes:

What We Like

  • The wide, square toe box makes SQAIRZ a great shoe for being on the golf course all day
  • Lots of padding in the right places helps keep your feet fresh and ready to go, even after a long day
  • Two year waterproof guarantee and durable feel inspire confidence that they will stand the test of time
  • Extremely good traction ensures stability and consistency on all types of surfaces

What We Don't Like

  • They look different and can take a little bit of time to adjust
  • They are heavier than most other shoes I've worn
  • These shoes are on the more expensive side

Final Thoughts

Alongside hats and the rest of your outfit, the golf shoes you choose can set the tone for your entire day. Any time a product strays from the standard, it can be met with a lot of skepticism. I certainly fell victim to this when I saw these shoes for the first time. Their new age construction and square toed golf shoe design are simply different and a bit odd-looking. 

Having said that, I encourage you to give them a chance. Once I was able to get past my reservations and actually put my feet into these shoes, I was equal parts shocked and impressed. SQAIRZ are the most spacious, comfortable shoes I have ever worn on the golf course, and I saw a noticeable uptick in my ball striking from the very first shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any PGA golfers wear SQAIRZ shoes?

There are some PGA Tour players wearing SQAIRZ golf shoes. Most notably, Sepp Straka won the 2022 Honda Classic while sporting the golf footwear phenom.

Where are SQAIRZ shoes made?

Just like all the other athletic shoes of the highest quality, SQAIRZ shoes are manufactured in Asia. This is a common practice for companies producing the highest quality shoes at an affordable price point.

What golf shoe does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods currently wears FootJoy golf shoes, although he wore Nike shoes with his own brand for the majority of his professional career. 

Do golf shoes actually make a difference?

Golf shoes absolutely do make a difference. A good golf shoe is designed for more support, stability, and traction to endure the forces of the golf swing. 

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