Performance Golf One Wedge Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Written by John VanDerLaan 

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Wondering if the Performance Golf One Wedge is worth the hype? So was I, so I headed over to Performance Golf and picked one up.

I couldn't wait to get this wedge and try it out! 

I didn't have to wait long. Delivery was quick and I was able to take it to the course the day it arrived.

I have been using it for a little over a month now and have used it for just about every short game shot you can imagine from bunkers to the rough, tight lies, chipping, pitching and full shots from 100 yards and in.

Here is what I found:

Performance Golf One Wedge Review Summary

  • The Performance Golf One Wedge is designed for amateur golfers, promising consistency and simplicity with its ‘one swing’ approach and Pitch Control technology.
  • The wedge offers solid performance across various lies—from rough to fairway to bunker—it faces challenges in distance control and may limit shot-shaping versatility.
  • With a robust design and unique groove pattern for enhanced spin, the One Wedge comes with a very fair price tag and includes a 365-day money-back guarantee, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

Who Is Performance Golf?

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Performance Golf is a company made up of Golf Professionals that develop training aids, training systems and golf products designed to help the average player improve their game and lower their scores.

They have developed some awesome training aids like the Straight Stick from Rocco Mediate and the StraightAway from David Leadbetter.

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They also have training and online lessons from famous golf instructors and players like major champion Nick Faldo. Sir Nick also is a spokesman for SQAIRZ Golf Shoes.

Also part of the Performance Golf team are top online golf instructors like Hank Haney, Eric Cogorno, Brian Mogg, Erica Larkin, Brixton Albert, Nick Bradley, and even Martin Chuck, who designed the One Wedge.

The reason that these guys are so successful is because they work together to provide training aids, golf products and online lessons that truly help the amateur golfer to play better and enjoy the game more.

What Is The Performance Golf One Wedge

Martin Chuck One Wedge Tutorial

Imagine a wedge that you can confidently use from anywhere, yes, anywhere. The One Wedge uses Pitch Control Technology and a large flange on the bottom that allows the club to glide effortlessly through sand, rough, tight lies, cart paths, even when your ball is in a divot!

It is available in 50, 56 and 60 degree models. I Bought the 56 degree model. After using this wedge for several round and practice sessions, I can see how the 56 degree model could relace your lob wedge and sand wedge, while making those shots much easier to play.

Here are some of the features of the Performance Golf One Wedge:

  • Pitch Control Technology - Reacts perfectly from any lie. Fairway, rough, sand, hardpan, divots, even off the cart path!
  • 4-Way Auto React Sole - Responds to every shot and any lie you face. The variable sole gives you the right bounce angle to catch the ball cleanly regardless of the shot or lie that you are facing.
  • Point And Shoot Leading Edge - The straight leading edge helps you get the face and ball aligned correctly every time.
  • Spin Control Grooves - Provide full face friction for tons of spin on every shot.
  • Pitch Control Weighting - Creates unparalleled forgiveness across the entire face.
  • Verta Feel Insert - Gives solid feel even when hit high on the face.
  • Roll-Soft Loft - For controlled trajectory, carry, landing, and roll.
  • Lethal Lie Angle - Sits perfectly for every type of shot.
  • One Tempo Shaft - Shaft is designed for the average player and puts more feel and control in your hands

But can it truly deliver a one-size-fits-all solution to the often complex terrain of a golf course? It’s a bold statement that that I have put to the test over the last month.

Keep reading to find out.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Performance Golf One Wedge And Box

I was excited to receive the One Wedge, and when it arrived at my office, I opened it right away.

I found it to be packed with plenty of padding and wrapped in bubble wrap.

After removing the bubble wrap, the wedge head itself was wrapped in plastic for more protection.

Included in the box is a brochure that contains a QR code and prompts you to download the an App where you can access One Wedge training, get your swing reviewed and enjoy the whole Performance Golf platform.

At first glance, the wedge exudes a sense of quality construction. However, it’s hard not to notice the departure from conventional wedge designs—it’s chunkier and bolder than the player's wedges that I am used to.

The grip is similar to a Golf Pride Grip, but is a branded Performance Golf Grip.

It has a steel shaft, which is described as a One Tempo Shaft. I found it to be similar to a wedge flex shaft, which is suitable to a large portion of the golfing public.

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The question now is, will this larger-than-life design translate to a larger-than-life performance? Let’s press on and find out.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

Unique Grooves On the One Wedge From Performance Golf

With the wedge in hand, it’s time to admire the craftsmanship. The One Wedge sports a unique groove pattern, engineered to maximize spin around the greens, giving the average player that drop and stop accuracy that you are used to seeing on tour. 

You will also notice that the One Wedge is larger than most conventional wedges, which translates to a bigger sweet spot and inspires confidence when setting up over a shot.

But it’s not just another pretty face; the wedge boasts:

  • a hefty cavity back
  • a generous sole that glides effortlessly through the turf
  • a Crescent Cut sole that adds a layer of versatility, adapting to a multitude of lies
  • crafted from stainless steel with a chrome finish, it’s sturdy and sleek

It is a good looking club that should help the average player be more confident over chip shots, pitch shots, flop shots  and wedge shots around the green and from different lies.

Let's take it to the course and see what it can do.

User Experience and Ease of Use

Using The One Wedge Out Of The Bunker

I took the wedge to my local golf course that has a quality short game area, including tight fairway lies, rough, a bunker and some funky bermuda grass lies where you can hit wedge shots into the grain, which really grabs a normal wedge and makes the shot very difficult. 

I found the One Wedge to be extremely easy to use, almost too easy, The Pitch Control Technology on the sole of the club makes it almost impossible to fat shots. even if you hit slightly behind the ball, the wedge glides along the ground and under the ball.

The same technology made bunker shots easy. No more laying the sand wedge wide open and struggling to slide it under the ball.

You hit bunker shots with the wedge square to your target and it  comes out perfectly every time. It makes it very easy to control distance. Just swing harder or softer to control the distance.

The biggest surprise for me was how this golf club handled the super grainy bermuda grass when hitting directly into the grain.

With my Vokey wedge, in these circumstances, I always had to play the shot with the toe down and the heel up, with the shaft vertical. Otherwise the grain grabs the sole of the club and just stops it, resulting in a chunked or fat shot that goes nowhere.

But the One Wedge just glides effortlessly through the grain and under the ball.

I was very impressed with my first experience using the One Wedge. Next, it was time to take it to the course.

On-Course Performance

The true test of any club is its performance on the course. Performance Golf claims this wedge will enable golfers to maintain one consistent swing for every conceivable shot, which should, in theory, simplify the game and sharpen up those scores. Whether you’re in the thick rough, on the fairway, or stuck in a sand trap, this wedge is supposed to be your steadfast ally.

But do these claims hold up when the rubber meets the road—or, in this case, when the club meets the course?

Here is my experience using the One Wedge on the course.

Fairway and Tight Lies

The fairway is where this wedge flexes its muscles, demonstrating a consistent trajectory that makes clean contact look effortless. The dreaded fat or bladed shots seem to be a thing of the past, as the wedge glides through the turf with a surgical precision. The promise of one swing for all shots feels real here, as the club does the heavy lifting, ensuring your ball reaches the green without drama.

I was very impressed with the club-turf interaction. It was very easy to make solid contact , even if the wedge hit the ground first. It just glides on top until it slides under the ball. At which time, the grooves grab the ball and impart a great deal of spin.

Shots from the Rough

Here in South Florida, I play on Bermuda grass, which can be notoriously difficult to play out of the rough. The shot usually comes out like a knuckleball with very little, if any spin, but that wasn't the case with this club.

The One Wedge seems to glide through the thick rough, almost like the sole is parting the grass. The shot flies out of the rough high and soft. The spin on these shots is nothing short of impressive, making the ball effortlessly dance on the green with a control that belies the tough starting conditions.

Even when using range balls, which are notoriously less responsive, the wedge delivers a performance that might make you do a double-take. Getting airborne from a gnarly lie feels almost too easy, and the distance control it offers could very well be your saving grace when the rough gets tough.

Bunker Play

This is where I was most impressed by the One Wedge. It just takes a very simple, normal swing, with a square club face and the Pitch Control sole slides effortlessly under the sand and lofts the ball onto the green.

I can see this revolutionizing the bunker game for the average player.

Time after time I see mid to high handicap players get stuck in bunkers. They just don't have the skill to play a bunker shot correctly with a conventional wedge.

The One Wedge solves that. I have let mid handicap friends that I play with try this golf club in a bunker and EVERY single one of them can now get out of the bunker on the first try.

Even Off The Cart Path!

This is really just for show, because you do not have to play off the cart path, you get relief, but what about hard pan, or the hard, coquina waste areas that we have here in the south?

It is truly incredible what this club can do.

Getting Started With The One Wedge

One of the things that sets Performance golf apart is that they supply training on how to use all, of the products that they sell, and it is really good training from top instructors.

In the case of the One Wedge, the training is provided by Martin Chuck. Martin is a PGA Master Professional and has been named a Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor. You may have seen him on the Golf Channel Academy and other media outlets.

One Wedge Video Training

The training consist of a total of 12 videos plus 25 bonus videos.

Here is what they cover.

  • Introduction
  • Setup & Alignment
  • Body Motion
  • Tempo & Rhythm
  • Swing Arc
  • Faults & Fixes
  • The SPIN Masterclass (MUST SEE)
  • Tight Lies Practice Drill
  • Swing Clock System Drill
  • Power Pitch Drill
  • High Shot Practice
  • Bunker Drill

The bonus videos consist of an Up And Down Masterclass and a Precision Putting Program.

Frankly, in my opinion, these training videos are worth more than the price of the wedge.

Challenges and Limitations

Every rose has its thorn, and the One Wedge is no exception. Mastering distance control seems to be the club’s Achilles’ heel, with the consistent swing often propelling the ball further than intended. Adapting to the ‘one swing’ philosophy can be a double-edged sword; for some, it simplifies the game, while for others, it could stifle the finesse and touch they’ve cultivated over years on the links.

The quest for a uniform trajectory may leave those who relish in shot-shaping feeling a tad restricted, especially when it comes to executing full shots. With most shots requiring a unique approach, it’s worth pondering whether this uniform trajectory serves as a temporary crutch or a true path to improvement.

Who Should Buy The One Wedge

Golfer Using The One Wedge

I'll admit it, I was very sceptical that this wedge could do everything that they claimed, but after putting it through rigorous testing over the last month, I am very impressed by what this club can do for the average golfer.

Any golfer that struggles around the green while trying to use a player's wedge, like a vokey, will experience an improved short game, which will lead to more confidence and even lower scores.

That has always been golf's catch 22. You need to play well to be confident and you have to be confident to play well.

The One Wedge can solve that for mid and high handicappers, I even know some single digit handicappers that have added this golf club to their bag at my club.

What Is The Difference Between The One Wedge And Conventional Wedges

Comparing The One Wedge To A Vokey Wedge

The big difference between the One Wedge and conventional wedges like the Titleist Vokey wedges or the Cleveland wedges that are so popular with golf professionals is its ease of use. 

Titleist Vokeys and Cleveland wedges are meant for professionals and low handicappers that practice everyday and develop a solid wedge game.

This golf club is meant for mid to high handicappers and amateurs that don't have the time to practice every day.

Thanks to the Pitch Control Technology, you can pick up the club for the first time and hit a shot from just about any lie with ease.

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Overall Assessment and Value for Money

When it comes to golf equipment, performance and price are often locked in a delicate dance. The Performance Golf One Wedge steps confidently onto this dance floor. It delivers on its promise of precise distances and accuracy, which might just justify the investment for those looking to streamline their game. And let’s not forget the comforting safety net of a 365-day money-back guarantee—a testament to the manufacturers’ confidence in their product.

Add in the extensive digital training and to me, it is quite the bargain. Performance Golf provides tremendous value for the amount charged and that is why they are doing so well.


  • The Performance Golf One Wedge is designed for amateur golfers, promising consistency and simplicity with its ‘one swing’ approach and Pitch Control technology.
  • The wedge offers solid performance across various lies—from rough to fairway to bunker—it faces challenges in distance control and may limit shot-shaping versatility.
  • With a robust design and unique groove pattern for enhanced spin, the golf club comes with a very fair price tag and includes a 365-day money-back guarantee, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

After a full month and multiple rounds with the Performance Golf One Wedge in hand, it’s clear that this club offers a unique proposition. Its design and technology aim to simplify the short game for amateur golfers, and, it delivers on this promise.  

Ultimately, this golf club embodies a blend of innovation and simplicity that could very well find a permanent home in the bags of those seeking consistency without complication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Performance Golf One Wedge replace all other wedges in my bag?

While the One Wedge is versatile, it may not completely replace all other wedges in your bag due to personal playing style and preferences. It's designed for various shots, but some golfers may still prefer specialized wedges for different situations.

Is the One Wedge suitable for golfers of all skill levels?

Yes, the One Wedge is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, particularly for those looking to simplify their short game and improve their approach, regardless of handicap or experience level.

Is the One Wedge legal to use in tournaments and club play?

Yes, the One Wedge is legal to use in tournaments and play at your local club.

How does the One Wedge handle wet conditions?

The One Wedge handles wet conditions well due to its milled face and full-face grooves, which maintain spin and control for consistent performance.

Will I need to change my swing to use the One Wedge effectively?

No, you do not need to adapt your current swing to effectively use the One Wedge. Fortunately, the digital training course included will help answer this question and more.

Is the 365-day money-back guarantee standard with the purchase of the One Wedge?

Yes, Performance Golf offers a 365-day money-back guarantee so you can try the wedge and see if it's the right fit for your game.

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