Performance Golf SF1 Driver Review

Performance Golf SF1 Driver Review

Wondering if the Performance Golf SF1 Driver is the upgrade your golf game needs? I was too, so I picked one up to see if the slice fixing technology lives up to the hype. I have been using it for almost a month now, and I have introduced a number of golfers that battle a slice off the tee, to see if this driver could help them.

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Driver Ball Speed To Distance – How To Hit Longer Drives

Driver Ball Speed To Distance

The driver ball speed is now broadcast on almost every single tee shot that we see on television. Everyone is talking about it, from PGA Tour professionals to world long drive competitors to weekend warriors. Who’s breaking 200 in practice? Who hit 190 in competition? What is my ball speed? Is it good enough? What’s a good ball speed, and is it possible to have too much?
Let’s take a look at these questions, and more, as we break down everything you need to know about driver ball speeds and how to give the numbers some meaning as far as they relate to professional and weekend golfers alike… Read more

Correct Tee Height For Driver: Distance and Accuracy

Correct Tee Height For Driver

Tee it high and let it fly! Right? But how high? What is the correct tee height for your driver? And how come when we watch TV we see so many professional players that don’t seem to tee it very high at all, and still hit it super high and super far? Our resident expert digs into this topic and drills down to find the answers… Read more

Best Mini Drivers And Small Head Drivers

Best Small Head Drivers

Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood … the list goes on of names who have tried bag setups including a new club – the mini driver – in the past couple of years. What is this club? Is it a two wood? Is it the same thing as a 1990s driver? Can you hit it off the deck? Why are TOUR players doing this? And maybe most importantly – what are the best small head drivers on the market?
Let’s take a look together and end the guesswork by answering all the above questions, and more, in our definitive guide to the “mini driver” and other smaller headed drivers…. Read more

Best Driver For A Slice In 2024 – With Expert Reviews

Best Driver For A Slice

While there is no “magic” slice curing driver, there absolutely are setups and designs that can help take the edge off of your worst shots or reduce the severity and make your natural shot shape more reliable, and maybe even travel a little further as well. We tested all of the drivers to see which is best for a golfer with a slice.
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Best Left Handed Drivers In 2024 With Reviews

Best Left Handed Driver

To all my left handed friends, I know golf manufacturers often overlook you and only produce clubs for your needs as an afterthought. That’s why I wanted to review the best left handed driver, and give you a list of great options to choose from. Here is what I found… Read more

Best Driver For Seniors In 2024 (Distance-Forgiveness)

Best Driver For Seniors

Different golfers have different equipment needs. From the conversation of men’s vs women’s golf clubs, to juniors vs adults, there are lots of subcategories of golfers. Seniors are one of those. In this article, I discuss a number of possible candidates as the best driver for seniors. Here is what we found… Read more

Cobra Aerojet Driver Review

Cobra Aerojet Driver Review

If you take a stroll through the last 30 or so years of history as it pertains to drivers, Cobra has lived on the fringes. Sometimes there was a driver in their arsenal that wowed, other times they fell flat. Our Cobra Aerojet Driver review has been compiled to tell you all the good, the bad, and the ugly of the club manufacturer’s newest rendition. Take a look at what we discovered… Read more