Evnroll vs Scotty Cameron Putters: Head To Head Comparison

EVNRoll vs Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron and their crown-adorned flat sticks have championed the high-end putter market for the better part of this generation. But the truth is there’s a vast selection at the top, and there are more “niche” putter companies that can genuinely compete with the household names than any other club. The latest debate has been … Read more

Kirkland Putter vs Scotty Cameron: Which Is Better For You?

Kirkland Putter vs Scotty Cameron

It may seem strange that there is even a debate of a Kirkland Putter vs Scotty Cameron. Oddly enough, one of the biggest disruptors in the golf equipment world in the past few years has been … Costco!Their “Kirkland” brand of “generic” products have an extremely passionate following, and they have started forays into golf … Read more

Do Golf Balls Make A Difference? Does It Matter For Your Game?

Do Golf Balls Make A Difference

The golf ball is one of the most talked-about pieces of equipment in golf. In a sport where literally everything possible seemingly changes from one shot to the next, the golf ball is the one constant. It is also the place where perhaps the most has evolved and the most advances have been made from … Read more

Best Small Head Drivers And Mini Drivers

Best Small Head Drivers

Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Tommy Fleetwood … the list goes on of names who have tried bag setups including a new club – the mini driver – in the past couple of years. What is this club? Is it a two wood? Is it the same thing as a 1990s driver? Can you hit it … Read more

Impact Ball Training Aid Review

Impact Ball Training Aid Review

What would you say if I told you that there is a training aid that requires no assembly, no set up or break down, is affordable, and is guaranteed to help you to become a better ball striker? In this Impact Ball Training Aid review, I am going to tell you about one of the … Read more

Best Driver For High Handicappers And Beginners

Best Driver For High Handicapper and Beginners

The vast majority of golfers are high-handicap golfers (75% of players are unable to break 90 regularly) and therefore the lion’s share of the golf equipment marketplace actually caters to the high handicap golfer. And, other than the putter there’s no club in the bag more important, or used more often than the driver! So … Read more

How To Spot Counterfeit Golf Clubs

How To Spot Counterfeit Golf Clubs

If you’re like us, learning how to spot counterfeit golf clubs is something that sounds crazy to the people in your life, but it’s a curiosity you just have to fulfill.There’s a lot of debate as to exactly how widespread the counterfeit golf club problem is. In the mid-2000s some reports said as many as … Read more

Lag Shot vs Orange Whip Swing Trainer: Which Is Better?

Orange Whip vs Lag Shot

The Lag Shot and the Orange Whip are two golf swing trainers that have become increasingly popular lately. They are similar training aids with the same general concept – create a smooth, rhythmic swing with lots of lag. So that begs the question: in the matchup of Lag Shot vs Orange Whip, who wins out?The … Read more

Lag Shot Golf Review: Best Swing Trainer In 2023?

Lag Shot Review

Do you struggle with casting, coming over the top, or just swinging out of rhythm? These are all common problems for the average amateur golfer. In this Lag Shot review, our experts will go over what the Lag Shot is, why it works, and who can benefit from its use. We got our hands on the … Read more

Straight Stick Review – The Best New Golf Training Aid?

Straight Stick Review

If you watch golf on TV, you’ve probably seen Rocco Mediate endorsing the newest craze in golf swing training aids – The Straight Stick. In our Straight Stick review, the experts at Golf Gear Advisor have tested the product to find out whether it is worth your time and money.We will discuss some of our … Read more