Best Cavity Back Irons In 2024 – The Complete List For All Golfers

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Cavity back irons are one of the more underrated developments in golf technology. They are often considered to be some of the best irons for high handicap golfers, and can help a large number of players have more fun and shoot lower scores. The Golf Gear Advisor experts have compiled a list of the top cavity back irons that we believe combine looks, feel, and performance for the most satisfaction. 

Best overall

Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Irons

Mizuno JPX 923 Hot metal irons

Best for beginners

Taylormade M4 Iron Set

taylormade m4 irons

Best for seniors

Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons

callaway rogue st max irons

Irons are one of the undisputed essentials for playing golf. Cavity back irons are widely considered to be a game improvement iron, and there are tons of benefits to choosing them over a players’ iron. Cavity back irons provide a significant level of forgiveness without sacrificing all of the feel and appearance of a muscle back or blade iron. 

We made our selections based on a combination of appearance, feel, and performance, as well as our own experiences in testing each iron.

List Of The Best Cavity Back Irons

Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Irons

Mizuno's newest innovation in iron technology comes from their Hot Metal material. The nickel chromoly compound allows for a thinner face that transfers significantly more energy to the golf ball - meaning more speed. 

We have always thought of Mizuno as the top tier iron manufacturer on the open market, and these cavity backs certainly support that reputation. They feel good, they're forgiving, and most importantly, they perform!

The specs below give you a peak behind the curtain at what can only be described as the best cavity back irons in golf currently:

Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Specs

Photo provided by Mizuno Golf

What We Like

  • Mizuno irons are some of the most well made year after year. They are high quality and high performance
  • More ball speed means you are able to hit shorter irons into greens - meaning more makable birdie putts!
  • These irons look and feel incredible. You will love the entire experience of using them from day 1

What We Don't Like

  • Hot metal irons can produce the occasional flier-like flight that goes significantly further than expected
  • Larger gaps in loft leads to larger gaps in yardages, making it harder to control your distances

When it comes to irons of any kind, the number one mainstream option is Mizuno. The JPX 923 Hot Metal irons come in as the best cavity back irons on the market for their combination of forgiveness, distance, workability, and overall appearance. 

If you want the most well-balanced, effective option on the market and money isn't a factor, this is the iron set for you!

Best Forged Cavity Back Irons: Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Irons

Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Irons

Some people prefer the feel and workability of a forged iron. Even though the Mizuno JPX 923 Forged do not provide as much ball speed as the Hot Metal version, these irons are another fantastic installment in the series that has captured the golf world.

As with all other Mizuno irons, the JPX 923 Forged look and feel amazing. They are well made using Mizuno's classic head shape and minimal offset for a streamlined appearance. You will know when you hit the center of the face with these irons, as the ball will come off high, soft, and fast and you will hardly even feel it.

Check out the specs for these irons that fall as the best cavity back irons for fans of forged options: 

Mizuno JPX 923 Forged Iron specs

Photo provided by Mizuno Golf

What We Like

  • We love the forged feel with the benefits of a true cavity back iron - truly the best of both worlds
  • As with all Mizuno irons, these feel and perform outstanding compared to the competition
  • Closer to traditional lofts means uniform gaps and a smaller adjustment window

What We Don't Like

  • Bigger price tag

It can be hard to find a forged cavity back iron that performs and looks good. Most manufacturers struggle with the techniques it takes to forge the metal into a true cavity back. 

Mizuno has long been an industry leader in the iron game and, based on these amazing irons, they are not going anywhere. These golf irons are ideal for low to mid handicaps. Try them out for yourself and see if they are the cavity back irons for you!

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Best Players Cavity Back Irons: Titleist 620 CB Irons

Titleist CB 620 Irons

Titleist, like Mizuno, is one of the stalwarts of golf iron manufacturing. That said, the CB 620 irons from Titleist differ from most other cavity backs in that they are less of a game improvement iron and more of a players iron.

The CB's are a forged, one piece cavity back iron that is made with players of higher skill levels in mind. While they have some of the design concepts of the more forgiving cavity backs - think perimeter weighting, low center of gravity - they are built to look as much like a blade as possible.

Here at Golf Gear Advisor, we love Titleist irons. The CB's specifically are a staple in the bags of both of our professionals. I have personally tested them against Mizuno, Taylormade, Callaway, and many other brands, and I have found that nothing compares when it comes to my personal preference!

Here's a peak behind the curtain at the specs of a cavity back that bridges the gap between forgiveness and blades:

Titleist CB 620 Iron Specs

Photo provided by Titleist

What We Like

  • We love the way these irons look when set up to the ball
  • Offers some of the characteristics of a true blade while still providing some of the forgiveness of a game improvement iron
  • One of the most highly trusted irons among professional golfers

What We Don't Like

  • Not as forgiving as other cavity back irons
  • High price tag

Notice on the specs chart that the CB 620 irons aren't as low lofted as many of the other irons considered to be the best cavity back irons in golf. This is because the CB's are an iron intended for golfers who already hit an iron plenty far, and their priority is control.

If your goal is to find an iron that will elevate your game to the sub-zero handicap level, the Titleist CB 620's might be the set for you!

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Best For Mid Handicappers: TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Iron Set

TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Irons

Mid handicappers often need just a little more forgiveness than golfers in the single digits. This is where the SIM 2 Max irons from Taylormade are the perfect fit. 

Taylormade has intelligently designed their sweet spot on this game improvement iron to span the most common impact points around the center of the face. That, combined with the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket intended to transfer more energy to the golf ball provides higher, longer iron shots that you can rely on.

Below are the specs on the SIM 2 Max irons for easy reference:

Taylormade SIM 2 Max Iron specs

Photo provided by Taylormade Golf

What We Like

  • These irons have the look and feel of a futuristic club with all the latest technology
  • We can feel the forgiveness every time we mishit a shot
  • Backed by years of Taylormade's stellar reputation in the golf industry

What We Don't Like

  • High price tag
  • Lower ability to control distance within 3 or 4 yards of target

There is no doubt that Taylormade's SIM 2 Max irons are ideal irons for the golfer who needs a little help with the mishits.

These irons provide a great forged feel in a cast game improvement package, and will have you hitting more greens and shooting lower scores in no time!

Best For High Handicappers: Taylormade Stealth HD Irons

Taylormade Stealth HD Irons

For those of us with a higher handicap, Taylormade has another great option with their Stealth HD irons. In the same fashion as their Stealth 2 HD driver, Taylormade has specifically designed these irons with the goal of helping you eliminate your slice!

You will enjoy the ultimate forgiveness of this super game improvement iron that ensures even your more significant misses still end up ok. 

It's hard to argue the quality of an iron when a world number 1 golfer uses it. That's the kind of quality you get with the same iron that Scottie Scheffler trusts for the longest iron in his bag!

If these irons sound like a winner for you but you're not sold, here is a look at the specs to help you decide:

Taylormade Stealth HD iron specs

Photo provided by Taylormade Golf

What We Like

  • Less premium on solid contact because they are so forgiving
  • Ultra low center of gravity for higher launch angles and longer shots
  • The most compact super game improvement iron on the market

What We Don't Like

  • Increased forgiveness takes away from fine distance control
  • High price tag

While they are not the most streamlined, sleek looking golf clubs, the technology and design specifications of the Stealth HD irons earns them a spot as an ideal golf iron for slower swing speeds

We firmly believe that if it's good enough for the guys on tour, it's good enough for the rest of us. Try them out today to discover what all the excitement is about!

Best For Low Handicappers: Srixon ZX7 Mk II Irons

Srixon ZX7 MkII Irons

Over the last few years, Srixon has become one of the most reliable manufacturers in the iron market. While they are still underrated, the ZX7 is a perfect set for a low handicap golfer looking for new gamers. 

Similar to the Titleist CB 620's, the ZX7's are a single piece forged construction that provides an incredibly thin top line and blade-like feel while engaging design concepts that increase forgiveness.

Our favorite feature of the ZX7 irons is the progressive grove design that actually presents slightly different shapes of the groves on different clubs, optimizing the spin for different types of shots!

These irons feature the specs of a true players iron:

Srixon ZX7 MkII Iron specs

Photo provided by Dunlop Sports

What We Like

  • Single piece forging creates a super stable, amazing looking iron
  • We love how soft the club face feels when the ball is struck well
  • These irons offer design features that enhance forgiveness beyond ball/club interaction

What We Don't Like

  • Srixon is a relatively new company in the top tier of the irons market, making it harder to trust them
  • Not as forgiving as some other cavity back irons

Between the sleek design and thoughtful features that allow for more forgiveness, optimal ball flight conditions, and enhanced turf interaction, there is not a lot to nitpick about the Srixon ZX7 MkII irons. Your only regret will be that you didn't try them sooner!

Best Cavity Back Game Improvement Irons: Titleist T300 Irons

Titleist T300 Irons

When it comes to game improvement irons, the market is fairly saturated with amazing options. It can be hard to filter through them all and find the "best". 

In our opinion, the Titleist T300 tops them all. You can read our full review of the T300, but the short version is that Titleist used new materials and redesigned the club face to provide maximum forgiveness and speed without sacrificing feel.

Using a denser type of tungsten and variable thickness in the design of the club face, Titleist was able to redistribute weight, lower the center of gravity, and increase the moment of inertia of their game improvement irons to create the most comprehensive and enjoyable experience you can find in a full cavity back.  

Titleist T300 Iron Specs

Photo provided by Titleist

What We Like

  • We love that these irons are highly forgiving without giving up too much distance control
  • They look great, which is not common for a full cavity back game improvement iron
  • Stronger lofts and a low center of gravity mean you will hit each iron farther without bringing your launch angle and apex height down

What We Don't Like

  • High price tag
  • Don't provide as much workability as some other cavity back irons

There is no doubt that different golfers have different preferences for look, feel, and sound among other things. If you are looking for the most well-rounded iron experience in a game improvement package, look no further than the Titleist T300.

While you may not get some of the flashy talking points of the Taylormade Sim2 Max or the low cost of the Lazrus Premium irons, the T300 will fly far and straight regardless of contact, and you will find them reliable for a long time to come!

Best Budget Cavity Back Irons: Lazarus Premium Golf Irons

Lazrus Premium Golf Iron Set

Lazrus is a company that many people likely have not heard of. They are a U.S based company that owns their entire process, and passes the savings on to their customers!

We have gone into more detail about Lazrus clubs, but the short story on them is that they are worth a try. While these irons certainly are not of the same quality as the top brands in golf, they perform well and are the perfect set of clubs for anyone trying to save some money.

We highly recommend these clubs for anyone searching for their first new set of irons, as they are perfect for learning the game and transitioning into a more mainstream set further down the road!

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Lazrus Golf Iron Set Specs

Photo provided by Lazrus Golf

What We Like

  • THE most affordable irons on the market 
  • Lazrus is based and produced entirely in the United States
  • Extremely high quality for the price

What We Don't Like

  • No options for customization
  • More experienced players will notice a difference between these and irons from more well-known manufacturers

Don't let the price tag fool you, Lazrus clubs are solid. They save money by owning their process, cutting out a lot of the middle men, and trimming down on the custom options. 

These are not the kind of clubs that you want to buy if you are an experienced player with fine-tuned preferences. That said, if your goal is to pad your finances, look no further!

Click here for our full Lazrus Golf Irons Review.

Best For Beginners: Taylormade M4 Irons

Taylormade M4 Iron Set

There is no competitor for the Taylormade M4 irons when it comes to finding a set for a brand new golfer. Taylormade was ahead of their time when they made these irons, meaning they have the most advanced technology at the price point to help any golfer hit more good shots. 

You are still going to pay a premium for the Taylormade name, but these irons are a few models old at this point and the price keeps coming down!

The specs are more geared towards game improvement, as shown below:

Taylormade M4 Iron Specs

Photo provided by Taylormade Golf

What We Like

  • The M4's are incredibly forgiving without looking too bulky
  • A great price point for an extremely high quality iron
  • Taylormade is one of the most reputable brands in golf

What We Don't Like

  • Not equipped with the latest breakthroughs in iron technology

We are so excited that the game we love is continually growing in popularity. The Taylormade M4 irons have had a positive impact on the experience of beginning golfers in our lives, and we feel that they would be a good fit for just about anyone that is serious about taking up the game!

Taylormade Kalea Premium Irons

At Golf Gear Advisor, we want to make sure that everyone feels like they can take good information away from our contributions. That's why we included the Taylormade Kalea Premium iron set in this list.

While most women can reap incredible benefits from irons like the SIM 2 Max or the Mizuno JPX, sometimes there is a need for slightly different design to help you hit your best shots. 

As you can see from the specs below, the Kalea irons are specifically designed to help players with lower club head speeds to hit the ball higher in the air. This leads to more carry distance - and more playability!

Taylormade Kalea Premium Iron Specs

Photo provided by Taylormade Golf

What We Like

  • Kalea irons are designed with all the same technology at Stealth irons
  • Specific adjustments are made to help women with lower club head speeds hit the ball higher and farther
  • These irons look phenomenal - nothing like old school game improvement irons
  • The design does not include bright colors. A nod to idea that women's golf equipment should be treated with the same respect as men's

What We Don't Like

  • High price point for the makeup of the set
  • Only available up to a 7 iron. The rest of the set has to be filled with hybrids or other irons

Kalea irons are only made up to a 7 iron because they are specifically designed for players with low club head speeds. These players benefit greatly from playing a combo set that includes hybrids with a lower and further back center of gravity to help get the longer shots up in the air.

Check out the Kalea Premium set if you're looking for the ultimate iron for the average female golfer!

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Best For Seniors: Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons

Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons

Typically, as we get older, we don't move as well - or as fast - and we need a little bit more help generating ball speed and spin. Enter the Callaway Rogue ST Max Irons.

Callaway employed artificial intelligence to design their Flash Face Cup, which works with precision designed tungsten perimeter weighting to create more ball speed across the entire club face. 

These irons are specifically designed to transfer as much energy as possible from the club to the ball, and the specs below give you a glimpse into how your gapping will work:

Callaway Rogue ST Max Iron Specs

Photo provided by Callaway Golf

What We Like

  • Lots of perimeter weighting ensures a high level of forgiveness across the face
  • Urethane microspheres enhance feel, sound, and ball speed on shots struck high on the face
  • Lower price tag than other premium iron sets

What We Don't Like

  • Bulky top line appearance gives the feel of a high handicap iron
  • Lower level of workability than some other cavity back irons

We see all the time players who have been using the same irons for 10, 20, sometimes even 30 years! While we understand the desire to trust your clubs, there is a point when trying out new technology can only make your game more fun, and bring your scores down. 

Our senior golfers are sure to enjoy the distance boost they get from the Callaway Rogue ST Max irons, and you'll enjoy seeing your handicap come down even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What handicap should use cavity back irons?

Any player from scratch, low to mid handicaps, and higher handicap golfers can use cavity back irons. There are different styles and designs of cavity backs that are built with players of different skill levels in mind.

For example, a professional golfer is very likely to use Titleist CB 620 irons or other similar cavity backs, while a pure beginner can benefit from a bigger cavity like Taylormade’s Stealth or M4 irons.

A great benefit of cavity back irons is that they tend to wear down more slowly than blades due to the nature of the metal. Some of the cast options are also much less prone to rust then forged irons!

Do any PGA pros use cavity backs?

Most PGA pros use cavity back irons! While there are certainly a number of professionals that use a full set of blade irons - chief among them Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler - the vast majority prefer to have a little bit of forgiveness in their irons. 

Players you will know who hit cavity back irons include 2023 Ryder Cup Captain Zach Johnson, Jordan Spieth, and Major Championship stalwart Brooks Koepka.

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Are blades more accurate than cavity back irons?

If you hit both clubs perfectly, blade irons are slightly more accurate than cavity backs. With that said, a blade style iron offers almost no forgiveness on off center hits, so a cavity back is more accurate when you factor in both the well struck shots and the misses!

Regardless of what style of iron you choose, make sure to keep them clean to prolong their life and ensure they perform consistently round to round.

Does Tiger Woods use blades or cavity back irons?

Tiger Woods uses, and has always used blades. It should be noted that he is among the most prolific ball strikers of all time, and his consistency with an iron in his hand minimized his need for forgiveness. There is a reason that almost 70% of all Tour players use cavity backs in some capacity. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a pure beginner or a seasoned player, chances are cavity back irons are a great option for you. The best cavity back irons offer a great mix of aesthetics, feel, and forgiveness. There are cavity back irons designed for high handicappers and low handicappers alike. 

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We here at Golf Gear Advisor believe that every golfer should use clubs that increase their chances of hitting a good shot, regardless of whether it is perfectly struck. Using a cavity back iron is the best way to do that!

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Our hope is that you can choose a set of irons that help you to have more fun and shoot lower scores, so that you can continue to enjoy the game that we love. So grab a set of cavity back irons for your game, hit more greens, and most importantly, have fun!

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