Lazrus Golf Irons Review: What Do The Experts Think?

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 


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Lazrus Golf Irons Review

Are you new to golf or looking for an inexpensive set of clubs for someone in your life? If you are, then you have probably come across Lazrus Premium Golf Irons in your searches. We did too, and the first thing we did was head over to Amazon and buy a set so that we could provide you with an in-depth review of the Lazrus golf irons.

Here is what we found.

Our experts will walk you through the design and features of the offerings from this American based brand, offer some advice on who can benefit from using these clubs, and answer some pressing questions you may have.

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Why Listen To Us?

John, John, and Michael with the NCAA National Championship Trophy

Here at Golf Gear Advisor, the one thing we truly understand is the game of golf. My brother John and I are both professional golfers with a history of success in competitive settings. We have gone about earning our success in different ways, but have each won an NCAA Division 2 Individual National Championship, and both have won tournaments since turning pro.

We learned everything that makes up the foundation of our game from our dad. He is the mastermind behind Golf Gear Advisor and the man who still teaches us things every day. 

Between the three of us, we have over 70 years of experience playing golf, immersing ourselves in the world of equipment and golf course design, and sharing our love of the game with the people around us. We don’t ask others to trust us just because we play golf. Rather, we hope to provide you with the best information from our years of experience so that you can fall more in love with the game too!

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Lazrus Golf Irons Features

Lazrus Premium Golf Iron Set

As you might imagine, a set of irons that cost less than most putters can’t have a ton of innovative features. While that is true to a degree, Lazrus achieves their ultra low prices by cutting out unnecessary steps in the production and marketing process. 

Rather than making an attempt to maximize profit and become one of the largest brands in golf clubs, Lazrus follows a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates the need for major marketing and shelving up-charges. With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the features that Lazrus golf irons offer.

Innovative Design

Face Of Lazrus Premium Golf Iron

The innovation in Lazrus golf clubs is in the marketing and delivery method. By only selling their clubs online and owning their process, Lazrus is able to bring customers a high quality club at the price that is typically considered budget.

While the clubs themselves don’t have a ton of features and technology that could be considered innovative, they are some of the highest quality game improvement clubs you can find, especially at the price at which they are offered. Lazrus golf irons also take longer then some other options to wear out, meaning you won't have to worry about spending more money on a new set for a while!

Premium Cast Feel

As is the case with most cavity back irons, these irons are cast. This means that molten metal is poured into a mold and left to set. The great thing about cast irons is they are incredibly consistent off the production line, as the mold does not change from set to set. Cast golf irons also don't tend to rust as easily as forged irons. This is a great feature for those who's clubs sit in the garage for longer periods of time.

The down side of casting irons is that you can occasionally end up with an iron that has a “hot spot”. This is simply an iron with a less or more dense spot of metal in the club head that causes the ball to jump off at an unusually high speed. While we all want to hit the ball farther, we want to do it under control, not getting random fliers from the middle of the fairway!

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Player Performance Characteristics

Back Of The Lazrus Premium Golf Iron

Lazrus golf irons are designed to be a game improvement iron with simplicity and performance in mind.

A prominent cavity back moves the majority of the head weight to the perimeter of the club, providing an astonishingly high moment of inertia for more forgiveness.

These irons are equipped with deep milled square grooves that add another level of forgiveness and playability. Unfortunately, these types of grooves are illegal for use in competition governed by play under USGA/R&A rules. You can only use these irons for recreational and some league level play. 

This amounts to what can only be described as an iron that will perform well on solidly struck shots, while providing lots of assistance to minimize your misses when you don’t hit it well. 

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Head Shape

Lazrus Premium Golf Iron Top Line

Lazrus golf irons are surprisingly slim for such a comprehensive cavity back. They are a true iron, so there is no aesthetic that you have to adjust to, and the top line is similar to that of a Titleist T300 or even AP2.

The offset on the irons is also relatively standard. They are not a super minimal offset like the Titleist CBs, but they are also not designed to be a slice correcting iron. 

Complete Set Makeup And Specs

Lazrus golf irons are available in a number or different set makeups. The most popular and the one we recommend for most people is the 4 iron through pitching wedge set. This set provides all of the irons that the vast majority of golfers need while still leaving options for hybrids, woods, and wedges - all of which Lazrus offers.

Here are the specs for all of the irons that Lazrus offers:



LOFT (degrees)























As with most game improvement irons, Lazrus golf irons are not the most workable clubs in the world. This is due to the design that ramps up forgiveness. The increased MOI and the tendency for the club head to correct misses also makes it so the club tries to minimize side spin. 

This should not be viewed as a bad thing, though, as most people who would benefit from Lazrus golf irons are not putting a heavy emphasis on shot shapes.

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Lazrus Premium Golf Iron Offset View

When it comes to forgiveness, Lazrus golf clubs are one of the most underrated irons. As we discussed above, the cavity back design that pushed the vast majority of the weight and density to the perimeter of the irons makes it so that a mishit and a perfect strike fly almost identically. 

Lazrus irons’ forgiveness is on a similar level to that of the Taylormade M4, making it a highly versatile club for beginners!

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Handicap Range

While there is no hard and fast rule for what handicap matches well with which irons, we can make general recommendations based on the performance characteristics. 

Lazrus golf irons are a highly forgiving game improvement iron with lower levels of workability and fine distance control. This makes them perfect for beginners or higher handicap golfer. 

Our handicap range recommendation for Lazrus golf clubs is 12-30. Anyone with a lower handicap should begin to consider an iron with players’ characteristics while anyone with a higher handicap should looking into super game improvement and hybrid sets.

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Our Experience Using The Lazrus Golf Irons

Testing Lazrus Golf Irons

One of the principals of our golf club reviews is that we never do one without first taking the club for a test drive. We took the Lazrus golf irons out to test and we were pleasantly surprised. 

As a group of guys who have been playing Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade irons, we didn’t have high expectations for an iron that we were able to get online for less than $60 per club. 

First off, let me say that these irons have a solid feel. I didn't expect that from golf clubs at this price point.

The first thing to note is that Lazrus irons are only available in regular flex shaft, so we definitely noticed a difference between them and our irons with stiff and extra stiff shafts. That said, we each took the irons for a spin both on the range and the golf course. The first thing we noticed was that our distance dispersion was slightly larger than with our normal irons. This is to be expected with a game improvement iron that is more geared towards forgiveness than precision. 

On the course, the most notable thing we discovered was the amount of spin we were able to produce. This can be attributed to the shape and depth of the grooves on these irons. As we discussed in the characteristics of the Lazrus golf clubs, these clubs have deep grooves the grab the cover of the ball with incredible efficiency and amp up the overall spin rate, resulting in more spin. That is a good thing for most golfers.

Overall, we enjoyed our testing of the Lazrus golf irons. While none of us fall in the handicap range where these irons fit best, we were still able to hit a number of high quality golf shots. After our testing was over, it was unanimous that higher handicap golfers and beginners would get immense benefit from them. 

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Pros and Cons of the Lazrus Irons

What We Like

  • Lazrus Irons are made with high quality metals and crafting techniques
  • By far the best price for a well built iron
  • American based company with a history of putting the customer first
  • Extremely forgiving and great for golfers at many different skill levels
  • All Lazrus Golf Clubs come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Cast irons don't offer the same feel as forged irons
  • Only one shaft option. Regular flex, steel, no graphite shafts

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lazrus Premium Golf Irons legal for competition?

No, Lazrus Premium Golf Irons are not legal for competition. This is because of the deep milled square grooves that have been deemed by the USGA and R&A to be an unfair advantage over players using other clubs. 

Having said that, square grooves make it much easier for the recreational golfer to spin the ball. Make sure to keep your clubs clean in order to benefit from this feature!

Are Lazrus Golf Irons good for beginners?

Yes, Lazrus golf irons are a great set of clubs for beginners. Between the forgiveness characteristics and affordability of the clubs, golfers from all over can use these are their first set and build their game on the performance. 

Keep in mind that these irons are only available with a regular shaft, which is not a problem for most beginners and high handicappers.

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What pros use Lazrus Premium Golf Irons?

As of now, no pros are known to use Lazrus premium golf irons. 

Final Thoughts: Lazrus Irons Review

Lazrus golf irons are a far cry from the cheap Amazon deal that people seem to think they are. While not a must have for high level golfers, these irons hold a lot of merit for beginners and high handicappers, especially if they are bargain hunters.

It is important to remember if you choose Lazrus golf clubs, they are manufactured with deep, square grooves that are illegal for use in competition. Lazrus designed these with the intent to help people have more fun during recreational play. 

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It is not often that a golf club brand prioritizes the customer’s wallet over their own. This is another reason to like Lazrus golf clubs. The American company based in Iowa cares more about helping people enjoy golf and less about making excessive profits. To us, that wins them points.

Lazrus almost makes a nice putter that we have reviewed in our Best Putters For High Handicappers Article.

To wrap it up, Lazrus golf irons are a great option that recreational golfers everywhere can enjoy. If you are in the market for new set of clubs that won't break the bank, Check out the irons from Lazrus Golf clubs.

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