Who Makes Lazrus Golf Clubs: Are They Any Good?

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Lazrus Wedges with torched finish

You may have seen a set of very inexpensive clubs on Amazon recently that has left you wondering; who makes Lazrus golf clubs?

Outside of golf’s “Big Five” equipment companies, there is an entire world of “misfit toys” that the ever-wandering eye of the golfer can pursue. Some are companies from bygone eras, some are knockoffs of a brand name, and some might be very good clubs from companies who essentially spend nothing on TV/print advertising or sponsorships.

There is an entire category of manufacturer that are termed in the industry as “direct to consumer” brands that all take a similar approach. You may have heard or seen some of the names: Bombtech. Sub70. Robin Golf. Haywood. Takomo. Stix. Just to name a few.

You may have heard about some of these brands, but generally they all live behind low prices, and a certain uncertainty about the quality or reputation of their products. Amongst them all, Lazrus Golf, might make some of the “best clubs you’ve never heard of” so let’s take a closer look at who they are and what they have to offer!

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Overview Of Lazrus Golf Clubs

Lazrus Golf offers a full line of clubs: putters, wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and as of 2022 for the first time - a driver! You can even add matching head covers and a Lazrus Golf bag. Basically all of the major essentials for beginners!

Like all DTC club companies their heads are produced by chinese foundries that also produce clubs for the hottest brands in golf. They cut out the middle man, and put their own branding, shafts, and grips to the test for prices that are in a completely different stratosphere than the TaylorMades and Titleists of the world

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Lazrus Hybrid Golf Clubs

Lazrus Golf Hybrid club

Lazrus hybrids are definitely one of their more interesting options. They compete here by offering hybrid clubs in anything from a 1-iron replacement to a pitching wedge, which is hard to find from many manufacturers.

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The Lazrus hybrid heads are most notable in that you can order them in extremely high lofts - all the way up to a pitching wedge hybrid!

This might seem ridiculous for some, but for sure there are golfers who can benefit from hitting some hybrids as mid-iron replacements, and some play fully hybrid sets when they can find them, and Lazrus is one of the few who can fulfill that option in today’s marketplace.

The Lazrus hybrid heads are VERY reminiscent - if you take away the color schemes and logos - of the design for Callaway Rogue hybrids. 


Lazrus equips all of their hybrids with self-branded graphite shafts. They also offer regular, stiff, and senior flex shaft options.

While not much is known about the Lazrus graphite shafts, they are not going to be the same quality as clubs that cost 3x as much, or more. However, at moderate swing speeds the demands on the materials are far less, so foregoing x-stiff options lets them be very competitive for their target market in the three flexes offered.


Lazrus hybrids come with their stock Lazrus grip. One disadvantage is that they do not give any grip sizing options - your clubs will be shipped with a “standard” size grip.

Note: the size of a golf grip often has an impact on grip pressure, which can change the way you swing the club.

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Lazrus Irons

Lazrus Premium Golf Iron Set

Lazrus only makes one line of irons, and they attempt to cover all of their bases in one swoop with these. The clubs blend game improvement and better-player features to create a wide appeal and one-size-fits-all offering.

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The Lazrus iron heads are cavity back heads, but they aren’t into the “super game improvement” realm. They are of a shape that could be gamed by beginners or serious players alike.

Understandably, Lazrus uses a casting process to produce these clubs, which is common in cavity back iron sets, but many manufacturers distinguish their “players” lines by featuring forged club heads or at least forged faces in some newer models. Lazrus foregoes these options, but gives the consumer a very playable, modern design that errs for sure on the side of forgiveness, but also blends that with lofts (31 degree 7 iron) that are more true to traditional lofts than some of the competitors.

The shape of the heads are very reminiscent of Callaway Mavrik irons as well as some TaylorMade Rocketbladez sets, amongst others.


Companies like Lazrus cut the fat off of their product offerings, and pass the savings along to you. With this comes some quirks. One of those quirks is that, presumably in order to streamline their overhead, Lazrus irons and iron sets only come in one flex: regular.

Other than that, the shafts are stepped steel shafts very comparable to any other basic shafts on the market today.


To go along with your regular-flex shafts, each Lazrus iron comes factory standard with a Lazrus golf grip. The grip is a “Tour Velvet” style grip that is very serviceable if the size matches what you need.

Lazrus Wedges

Lazrus Golf wedges are high quality clubs

Lazrus wedges might be what the company gets mentioned most often for. The wedges really are in a class of their own, as the clubheads are fully forged, making them competitive with a lot of top brands.


Lazrus wedge heads come in 52, 56, and 60 degrees either as a set or individually. In addition, they also offer 64 degree and even a 72 degree (!) loft version. The 64 is a fun club and a rare find, but the 72 is absolutely a monster and might be tempting just for a golf nut to have some fun with. There aren’t many places in the world you can get your hands on a 72 degree wedge, even in 2023!

The thing that really sets these clubs apart is that they are forged heads. That is basically unheard of for a company trying to compete on price as much as quality. You can get a three-wedge set from Lazrus for significantly less than a single brand-new Vokey wedge. And Titleist’s Vokey wedges aren’t even forged! Whether that makes them better or worse is a conversation for another time, but it is definitely remarkable to offer a forged club with a milled face at this price point.


All of the Lazrus wedges come in a stock steel shaft, regular flex. This is less of an issue as it is for their iron sets as the flex of a shorter wedge shaft is a lot less noticeable than it is on longer clubs.

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Lazrus wedges come with a Lazrus brand grip. The grip is a Golf Pride style that should provide good durability and all-conditions performance.

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Who Is The Manufacturer Of Lazrus Golf Clubs?

Lazrus clubs are made by Lazrus Golf, a family-owned business operating out of Idaho, USA. The company was started in 2017 specifically to fill the direct-to-consumer niche and offer cost-savings to customers by streamlining product lines and avoiding costly R&D, marketing, and sponsorship expenses.

Where Are Lazrus Golf Clubs Made?

Golf Club Manufacturing

Lazrus does not publicize their manufacturing origins, but as of 2023 the standard for both big and small golf equipment brands is to use foundries in China for raw production and then finish, assemble, warehouse, and ship from the USA.

Like many other DTC companies, it is presumed that Lazrus works with the same Chinese foundries that also get business from the top brands in the game.

Are Lazrus Golf Clubs Good?

Lazrus golf clubs are flat-out solid, and a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade from a “beginner” or hand-me-down set but also doesn’t want or need to invest in the same clubs the professionals use.

They are limited in selection, but the quality of the hard goods is very well done and they offer very well thought-out equipment options that should perform well for the vast vast majority of golfers.

Is Lazrus A Reputable Brand?

Lazrus golf clubs are some of the best on the market for the price

Operating since 2017, Lazrus is one of the most reputable DTC brands in golf. The business is run by a family of golfers, and has a strong commitment to quality despite its mission to compete on price. They do this by working with factories in China that have a lot of expertise in producing clubs for other major manufacturers as well as offering a money-back guarantee on all of their products.

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What Is The Warranty On Lazrus Golf Clubs?

Lazrus Golf offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Exchanges or returns should be in their original packaging and should not be damaged on a non-playing surface (sole or crown).

Lazrus golf does not explicitly state a long-term warranty for their products but encourages users to reach out to the family-run business to resolve any issues with a product.

Are Lazrus Golf Clubs Beginner Friendly?

All of the Lazrus Golf offerings are definitely beginner friendly. While there are a few areas where they haven’t completely maxed out some game improvement features that a set that costs 3x this set might have, they check all the boxes to get any golfer - beginner or intermediate - out on the course with very appropriate and useful modern equipment.

The only thing to look out for as a beginner is that many game improvement sets de-loft their clubs a lot more than Lazrus does, so don’t worry about comparing “how far you hit your 7 iron” to another 7-iron. The lofts could be a full club or more different depending on the set. 

What Is A Beginner Golf Club?

A beginner golf club is going to give a golf newbie the best fighting chance to make contact and get through a round of golf without worrying too much about mechanics or precision. 

Generally features you will see in golf clubs recommended for beginners are: oversized heads, cavity backs, strong lofts, and hosel offset. All of these features help to increase sweet spot, ball speed, distance, forgiveness, and start lines, but at the end of the day the golfer still needs to figure out how to make ball-first contact with the face aimed reasonably where they want it, the clubs just might help smooth out some of the inevitable bumps in the ride.

How Do I Choose A Golf Club Set?

Choosing Golf Irons can be a tricky process

How to pick out a set of golf clubs is a huge topic, with an entire industry/profession dedicated to “club fitting.” There are many different variables to a golf club, and the fitting process is basically determining one-by-one the right size or style of each component, and then ensuring that they work together properly for a desired ball flight or swing tendency.

In a pinch, the most important thing to get “right” when picking out golf clubs is making sure the head type is right for your game, with newer golfers virtually always benefitting from having cavity back iron heads. After this, make sure the length and flex of the shafts are appropriate for your body type and athletic ability, and you will be well on your way to fine-tuning the rest of the components as your journey through the game progresses.

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Final Thoughts

The golf industry is always focused on the “next big release” of equipment. With these production and marketing schedules, a huge amount of R&D has been put into driving the cutting edge against the competitors, to try to eek out the next fraction of a percent of ball speed or dispersion tightening technology.

What gets less fanfare, however, is how the bottom-end gap in manufacturing has been dramatically closing in recent years through the progress of DTC or direct-to-consumer golf equipment companies. The globalization of supply lines means that mom-and-pop companies can get access to the same materials and overseas production facilities as the titans of the industry.

The results are golf clubs that cost about 1/3rd the price, at least in the case of Lazrus Golf. When these companies start tossing around fully forged wedges with milled club faces, as well as full bag sets that come in way under $1,000 (bag included), then it becomes harder and harder to dismiss these companies as second-rate brands.

There are areas where the “new age” technology and performance is harder to compete with - such as hybrids and woods - but for the basics, and for the classic designs that most golfers need to have a good time, Lazrus Golf is making a solid name for itself, so don’t be afraid to add them to the list of clubs to consider for your next purchase.

They may not be the best golf clubs, but they are an unbeatable value for the weekend warriors out there that want to enjoy the game without breaking the bank.

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