Eyeline Putting Mirror Review – Start Seeing More Putts Drop

Eyeline Putting Mirror Review

Putting can be frustrating. It is the shortest stroke and the smallest shot in golf, and yet it seems to be the bane of many golfers’ games. There are many training aids that can help you improve your putting. We have taken an in-depth look at the Eyeline Putting Mirror and after using it for more than a year, we have released our Eyeline Putting Mirror review.

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Golf Forever Review – Is It Just Another Swing Trainer?

Golf Forever Review

I’ve had the opportunity over the last couple of months to experiment with the GolfForever training system. This is the new golf workout craze that is figure-headed by Scottie Scheffler and quickly becoming popular among both high level players and amateurs. I wanted to bring you a Golf Forever review to detail everything I like and talk about some of the things I feel could be better with the system.
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Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

Perfect Practice Putting Mat review

I have been using the Perfect Practice Putting Mat for over a year now. I have used it to practice putting on a daily basis. I have found that it has plusses and minuses when compared to other putting mats and I wanted to share my experience with you. Here is what I found… Read more

Impact Ball Training Aid Review

Impact Ball Training Aid Review

What would you say if I told you that there is a training aid that requires no assembly, no set up or break down, is affordable, and is guaranteed to help you to become a better ball striker? In this Impact Ball Training Aid review, I am going to tell you about one of the most underrated training aids in the game… Read more

Lag Shot vs Orange Whip Swing Trainer: Which Is Better?

Orange Whip vs Lag Shot

The Lag Shot and the Orange Whip are two golf swing trainers that have become increasingly popular lately. They are similar training aids with the same general concept – create a smooth, rhythmic swing with lots of lag. So that begs the question: in the matchup of Lag Shot vs Orange Whip, who wins out? Here’s what we found… Read more

Lag Shot Review: Best Golf Swing Trainer In 2024?

Lag Shot Review

We heard all the buzz about this new super flexible training aid that you could also hit balls with. We got our hands on the Lag Shot clubs so that we could test it for ourselves. After 30 days of practicing with it, we found some pretty cool insights that you are going to want to know. Here is what we found… Read more

Straight Stick Review – The Best New Golf Training Aid?

Straight Stick Review

If you watch golf on TV, you’ve probably seen Rocco Mediate endorsing the newest craze in golf swing training aids – The Straight Stick from Performance Golf. So we picked one up to see if it is all hype or if it is worth your time and money. Here is what we found… Read more

Pelz Putting Tutor Review From The Experts At Golf Gear Advisor

Dave Pelz Putting Tutor Review

Everyone who plays golf, whether competitively or casually, wants to be a better putter. Hitting your start line consistently with the proper speed is the way to making more putts and 3 putting less. But how can you work on that? Our Pelz Putting Tutor review explains why this is the training aid you want to be using to make it happen…. Read more

Orange Whip Review: Does It Work Or Are There Better Golf Training Aids?

Orange Whip Review

Do you want to hit the golf ball farther? Maybe you’re looking for a way to get more flexible, or learn how to lag the golf club and shallow into that slot position that instructors talk about. Or do you just want a swing trainer to help you warm up before a round of golf? I used the Orange Whip for a year. Here is what I found… Read more