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Written by Michael VanDerLaan 

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Putting can be frustrating. It is the shortest stroke and the smallest shot in golf, and yet it seems to be the bane of many golfers’ games. There are many training aids that can help you improve your putting. We have taken an in-depth look at the Eyeline Putting Mirror and after using it for more than a year, we have released our Eyeline Putting Mirror review.

Keep reading to find out what it all about.

What Is The Eyeline Putting Mirror?

Eyeline Putting Mirror with Sleeve

The Eyeline Putting Mirror is a very simple design - a flat piece of mirror with guidelines painted on to give users a consistent feedback system for their practice. It has been used religiously by players like Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and 2023 Open Champion Brian Harman

When you purchase your’s, you will also receive a convenient sleeve to carry your mirror and protect it when it is not in use. The entire thing is easy to transport, has different size options that add or take away different functions, and is well worth both the time and money.

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How Does The Eyeline Putting Mirror Work?

Using an Eyeline Putting Mirror

The author using the Eyeline Putting Mirror on his Perfect Practice Putting Mat

There have been many putting experts that hammer on the idea of getting your eyes directly over the golf ball in your setup. The idea behind this is to help your eyes see the line of the putt more accurately and not change the way your brain perceives what you are seeing. 

With the Eyeline Putting Mirror, you will have the black middle line that shows you when your eyes are directly over the ball, as well as a red line indicating an acceptable range for your setup position to still be effective. Your goal is to alway set up so that your eyes are between the black line and the inside red line. You never want your eyes to be outside of the black line. This would indicate that you are standing too close to the golf ball. Once you have found your own personal sweet spot - AKA where your setup falls that produces the most consistent putts - you can then hit putts from any distance trying to start from that position. 

High level players also love to use the mirror as a warm up tool to calibrate their setup position before a round of golf to ensure that they are giving themselves the best chance to put a good roll on the ball. 

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Setting Up Your Eyeline Putting Mirror

Eyeline Putting Mirror Set Up for Use

Getting the Eyeline Putting Mirror set up is really simple. It is designed to lay flush to the ground, so go ahead and put it on the green, putting mat, or other surface with the mirror side facing up. Do your best to read the putt and align the mirror with your start line. You are going to want to make small adjustments to the alignment of the mirror until you hit a few putts in a row that go in the middle of the hole. If you are putting on a real grass green, push tees through the putter gate holes to anchor the mirror in place.

Your putting mirror is now set up and ready for you to start dialing in your putting setup!

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Who Should Use The Eyeline Putting Mirror?

Using an Eyeline Putting Mirror

The short answer is that everyone should use the Eyeline Putting Mirror. While the argument can be made that no two putting strokes or setups are the same and there have been a whole lot of incredibly successful players, there still needs to be an emphasis on consistency

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It doesn't matter what putting grip style you use, whether you're putting stroke is arcing or down the line, or what kind of putter you have in the bag - using a putting mirror is going to help you dial in. 

The Eyeline Putting Mirror offers you a way to monitor your setup during practice to ensure that you are staying consistent day to day. It may take a little bit of time to find the setup conditions that work best for you, but once you do we recommend you take some notes and go back to them every time you practice. 

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Our Experience With The Eyeline Putting Mirror

Eyeline Putting Mirror

Our player experts were introduced to the Eyeline Putting Mirror when they were in high school. By that time, both had outwardly stated aspirations to play professional golf and make careers out of their passion. 

It is no secret that a player has to be a great putter to compete at the highest level. With that in mind, their instructor showed them the Eyeline Putting Mirror. He gave them the same instructions that we have given you about how to use it. Simply get set up in a comfortable position that puts your eyes somewhere between the inside red line and the middle black line and start hitting putts.

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At first, they both used the mirror every day to begin their putting practice. Over time, they became so consistent that the mirror transitioned into a tool used as a checkpoint when things started going sideways. 

Throughout college, they used the Eyeline Putting Mirror in conjunction with the Pelz Putting Tutor to work on both mechanics as well as start line training. The end result? The two of them now boast a combined 4 NCAA National Championship rings and are currently both playing professionals!

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Eyeline Putting Mirror Pros And Cons

What We Like

  • We love how easy it is to transport and use the Eyeline. It fits into your golf bag and can be set up anywhere
  • Putting mirrors don't force you to use a certain stroke, so anyone can use this training aid
  • Setting up your mirror will also help you work on your greens reading

What We Don't Like

  • If you leave the mirror in the heat, the glue holding the two layers of the training aid together softens and the layers can slide out of alignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do putting mirrors work?

Yes, putting mirrors work and they are one of the best training aids a golf can use.

Putting mirrors are so effective because they are adaptable to individual players with different mechanics and feels, rather than forcing every playing into the same patterns. Using a putting mirror is one of the best ways to get better at golf without taking lessons.

Do pros use putting mats?

Yes, many pros use putting mats as a way to practice when they are not able to go to the golf course. From mini tour pros to superstars like Dustin Johnson, putting mats are a common training aid that you will find in most pros houses and travel bags.

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Final Thoughts

Are you looking for ways to become a better putter? If you want to make more putts and you’re tired of testing out all kinds of putting drills, the Eyeline Putting Mirror is the training aid that you want. 

We love that it is a compact tool that you can bring with you everywhere you go, and it can be used as a practice or warm up tool on both short putts and long ones. 

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The Eyeline Putting Mirror is a training aid that does not force you into a certain position or type of stroke, and it allows you to set you’re own benchmarks within a wider set of parameters. With this training aid, we feel confident that you will start making more putts, shooting lower scores, and winning those matches against your friends, so grab yours and get to work!

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