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There is something therapeutic about hitting putts during a long day of work. Whether you’re interested in a 5 minute putting break in the office, or adding a putting station to the golf room at home (if you have one of those, we’re jealous), our review details why this is the one you want. 

There are other less expensive options out there, but none that offer the combination of production quality and superior aesthetic that the Perfect Practice Putting Mat brings to the table. Keep reading to learn more about it, we promise you won’t regret it!

What Is The Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Worms Eye View

The Perfect Practice is a newer, better version of the long and narrow putting mats that have been all over the golf market for years. It’s a common design - anywhere from 8 to 12 feet long with a slope before the hole and a ball return track to feed the golf ball back to you. They are a simple but effective tool for anyone looking to give themselves the ability to practice their putting when they can’t make it to the golf course. 

Add in the fact that it is endorsed by PGA Tour pros like Dustin Johnson, Vijay Singh, Jimmy Walker, Mark Leishman, even Nelly Korda!

What Makes This Putting Mat Different?

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat has 2 holes to dial in your practice

We’ve heard this question a lot in conversations about the Perfect Practice Mat. There are a few things Perfect Practice has done to make their product stand out in the crowd. 

  • It looks better - Perfect Practice used real wood accents with a visually appealing stain to create a higher quality look that trumps the cheap plastic construction of other putting mats. Combine that with the ample track lines that serve the dual purpose of helping your with alignment and hitting more putts on line, and the Perfect Practice looks better on your floor and your scorecard.
  • There are two holes - While most putting mats have one standard sized hole, the Perfect Practice adds a small hole to refine your skills. If you are confident about your ability to make putts on the big hole, move over on the mat and start hitting to the small one. Any amount of push or pull, or even a little too much speed will cause you to miss. It’s the perfect setup for taking your putting to the next level.
  • Higher quality surface - to go along with the looks, they actually use a more durable, realistic putting surface. It is a soft fabric that features skid and skip resistant technology for a more consistent roll. The underside of the mat is lined with a slip free grip to ensure your mat stays in place and isn’t moved unless it’s intentional.

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Setting Up Your Perfect Practice Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat can be used anywhere, anytime

Before you even unbox your Perfect Practice Putting Mat, make sure you have a clothes iron on hand. If that means you need to borrow a friend’s, go ahead and give them a call. 

Once you have that, follow the directions in the box to unroll your mat and use the iron the same way you would on your clothes. This takes out all of the bumps and creases that from during its time in the box. 

Once you’ve done that, place the ball return tracks and the backstop and you’re good to go! You’re ready to start hitting putts with your new Perfect Practice Putting Mat.

Who Is This Putting Mat For?

We know that the product looks like a fancy option designed for tour pros. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Perfect Practice is a great addition to any golfer’s home or office. 

Putting is a huge part of the game. Anyone that wants to improve their scores could benefit from using this mat. It is perfect for working on your game indoors, whether you live in a cold climate, or just want to putt at night. You can work on perfecting your putting stroke indoors.

It is the perfect golf gift for things like Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to pick one up for yourself! You will be the envy of all your friends the next time you play and you don’t miss a putt inside 10 feet.  

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Our Experience Using The Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Gate Drill on a Perfect Practice Putting Mat

We’re golf addicts. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be doing things like writing a Perfect Practice Putting Mat review. That addiction has led us to look for ways we can participate in the game we love; rain, shine, hurricane, or snowstorm.

We have used other putting mats over the years. They were always functional, but kind of lackluster. The plastic never fit together quite right and bumps formed too easily. 

When we took the Perfect Practice out of the box, it was clear right away that it was different. Once you iron out the creases, the mat is perfectly smooth. We mean Augusta National quality roll. 

We immediately loved the graphics on the mat. From the track lines to the distance markers, there is the right amount of visual engagement without being overwhelming. It makes it very easy to work on your start line. Hitting your lines is half the battle when putting. On top of that, the additional of a smaller hole makes it a perfect mat for having contests or working on your must-makes.

Our playing professionals, John and Michael will often have contests on the Perfect Practice when they are both home from traveling. They will start at 2 feet on the big hole, and go putt for putt working from 2 to 8 feet, and then back to 2 again. Whoever makes more putts win, and if they tie they do the same thing on the little hole. Legend has it, one time they both made every putt, and had to play sudden death from 8 feet on the little hole. It still took a few more putts to declare a winner!

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A practice session on a Perfect Practice Putting Mat

When they're not both around, Michael likes to set up his Pelz Putting Tutor for a little preparation before their next match.

What we are really trying to say is that we love this thing. It is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to set up. It fits anywhere in the house, and is never really in the way - unless your significant other asks you to put it away!

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Pros And Cons

What We Like

  • I love that it allows you to practice your putting anywhere, anytime
  • We love the ample alignment lines that help teach both setup and stroke
  • Easy setup allows you to start hitting putts in just minutes
  • High friction underside makes the mat stay in one place, prevents it from sliding
  • I love that you can use other putting aids, like the Eyeline Putting Mirror with the mat.

What We Don't Like

  • You will need a clothes iron to properly set up your mat
  • Can't really work on speed control

Wrapping Up The Review 

Putting is far and away the most important part of the game of golf. That’s why it’s called “the great equalizer.” Being the player that makes everything they look at is a great way to demoralize your opponents and win more matches. 

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The Perfect Practice Mat is a key component to help you do just that. It is a great way to try different putting styles to see what works best for your stroke.  Being able to work on your 2-8 footers whenever you want, regardless of daylight, weather, or other obstacles, creates an environment for you to build a confident stroke and become a better putter.

We firmly believe that every golfer should have a Putting Mat, so get yours today and start your journey towards rolling the rock like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to flatten Perfect Practice Putting Mat?

Flattening the mat is pretty easy, it just takes a little bit of time to make it perfect. You will receive instructions in the box with your mat which will tell you that you need a clothes iron for best results. 

Since the mat is rolled up in the box, there are a few soft creases that make it bumpy when you first unroll it. The combination of steam and direct heat from the iron takes those creases right out so that the mat lays flat and ensures a perfectly smooth roll every time!

Are there Perfect Practice drills to become a better putter?

There are putting drills that you can do to become a better putter! Obviously, you can’t stick tees in the ground when you are using a putting mat on a hard surface, so you’ll have to get just a little creative. One of the easiest ways to adapt putting drills to an indoor environment is to simply flip the tees upside down and use the top end as a base. This way, you don’t have to worry about having all kinds of extra equipment to practice your putting on your mat!

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Is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat worth the money?

Yes, the Perfect Practice is definitely worth the money. Not only does it add a pleasing aesthetic to your golf space, it also allows you to roll some putts any time you want. 

Thunderstorms outside? You can still putt. Middle of winter in the north when there are feet of snow on the ground? That won’t stop you from practicing. Can’t sleep and need something to occupy you for a bit? Work on your 5 footers. You can even sneak in a few reps if your stuck in the office!

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