Lag Shot Review: Best Golf Swing Trainer In 2024?

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 

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Lag Shot Review

Do you struggle with casting, coming over the top, or just swinging out of rhythm? These are all common problems for the average amateur golfer. In this Lag Shot review, our experts will go over what this swing trainer is, why it works, and who can benefit from its use. 

We got our hands on the Lag Shot clubs so that we could test it for ourselves. After 30 days of practicing with it, we found some pretty cool insights that you are going to want to know. Let’s get to it!

Lag Shot 7 Iron Review

The Lag Shot golf swing trainer

One of our favorite things about this swing trainer is that there are both a 7 iron and a driver option. Unlike most training aids, this variety is a refreshing perspective on how to practice. A 7 iron swing and a driver swing are two different animals, so being able to use the same concept to work on both is wonderful. We’re going to talk about the 7 iron first.

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First Impressions Of The Lag Shot 7 Iron

Balanced follow through

The first time we picked up the 7 iron, there were two things that stood out. It feels heavy, and the shaft is like a wet noodle. It has a very flexible shaft. It’s reminiscent of the Orange Whip, but with a club head on the end. The club head is a black finish in a game improvement style, so it tends to show wear marks pretty quickly when you hit balls. That said, the black finish is a sleek look and stands out from the rest of your irons

Swinging the Lag Shot is a little odd at first. If you are not in a good rhythm, it will feel like the club is flopping all over the place. After a few practice swings, however, we were able to get a sense for the tempo of the swing and started to swing the club with stability.

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What Is The Lag Shot 7 Iron Supposed To Help With?

Pre-Impact position

The Lag Shot 7 iron is intended to help golfers of all skill levels learn more consistent tempo and sequence in the golf swing. We can confidently say that the vast majority of golfers have swing flaws that are rooted in swinging too quickly, or being out of sequence and trying to hit the ball from the top of their backswing.

More specifically, the Lag Shot 7 iron is going to teach you tempo starting from the takeaway. You cannot initiate your backswing with a jerky motion with this swing trainer, or you will lose control immediately. Then, in the transition to the downswing, the weight and flexibility of the club will force you to lag it rather than casting with your hands and wrists, resulting in a better downswing that will be solid and repeatable. 

A bonus that we found with this swing training aid is that it teaches the proper release pattern. You cannot hit a solid golf shot if you try to swing the training aid with a chicken wing, flip your hands, or have any other common problem with your release. 

Their claim is that, in just 12 swings, you can learn to more effectively sequence your swing, improve your tempo, and become a better ball striker. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Our testing revealed this to be pretty spot on, and we will talk more about the 12 swing claim later on. 

How Do You Use The Lag Shot 7 Iron?

Hitting balls with the Lag Shot makes it a superior training aid

Using the 7 iron is really simple. We recommend that you start with a few smaller swings and start to feel the way the club moves. Your goal is to feel as though the club and your body are always moving in the same direction. 

As you get a good feel for this, you can begin to make full swings. It should feel like the club head is whipping through and passing your hands right at the point of impact. 

Your final step is to graduate to hitting the ball with the swing training aid. Continuing to make fluid golf swings and feeling the club work with your body, the flight of the golf ball will be the feedback you need to make adjustments. If the ball flies to the right of your target with a slice, or you hit it off the toe, chances are you were too fast in transition and the club didn’t have a chance to properly lag down. If you hit a hook (which is really hard to do) then you might have gone a little too slowly in transition. 

You will know you’re swinging well when the ball is coming off solid and straight towards your target and you are taking a small divot. Like we said, simple!

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How To Get The Most Out Of The Lag Shot Golf 7 Iron

 releasing the club through impact

Training aids get their label for a reason. They are an aid, not the whole training regimen. You should hit somewhere between 15-20 balls with the Lag Shot, working on the feeling of a smooth takeaway and lag in transition. 

Once you have done this, use the rest of your practice session to transfer that feel to your normal golf clubs. It’s that easy! In no time, you will start feeling the change to your swing on the golf course, and you will hit more solid shots. 

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Lag Shot Driver Review

The Lag Shot driver

This is the separator that makes the Lag Shot the best swing training aid in the golf world. While most swing trainers operate under the assumption that the golf swing doesn’t change with different clubs, the creators of this swing training aid understand that different clubs require different nuances. For these variations in the feel, they bring us the Lag Shot driver. 

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First Impressions Of The Lag Shot Driver

We tried the 7 iron before the driver, so we knew a little bit of what to expect when we first picked this one up. The driver is pretty much just a bigger version of the 7 iron. It is a touch heavier and just as flexible, and requires even more patience and focus to hit the ball solidly. 

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What Is The Lag Shot Driver Supposed To Help With?

The author using the Lag Shot driver

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As with the 7 iron, the Lag Shot driver is intended to help you learn the proper rhythm and sequence of the golf swing. The driver is the longest club in most people’s golf bags, and it is typically the hardest to control. That means it requires the most precise sequence and the smoothest tempo to hit consistently well. 

With the Lag Shot driver, you can absolutely hit solid golf shots if you are able to achieve the proper tempo. 

It starts with the takeaway. The Lag Shot forces you to take the club away slow, smooth, and in one piece. Then from the top of the swing, you will feel the weight and flex of the club force you to lag it down in order to maintain control. After that, the rest of the swing will flow!

Trust us when we say you will know if you make the proper swing with the Lag Shot driver. The ball is either going to fly high and straight, or it will go sideways. There really is no in between. We promise that you will know when you have achieved the proper sequence and tempo. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!

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How Do You Use The Lag Shot Driver?

Releasing the club with the Lag Shot driver

Using the Lag Shot driver is so easy, players of all skill levels can do it with very little learning curve!

As we discussed with the 7 iron, you are going to want to start out by making little swings. Hip high in both the backswing and downswing should be plenty. As you swing the club back and forth, feel the way the shaft loads and releases. You should be able to feel the way that it whips and match your tempo up to it. 

Continue by making larger and larger swings until you are making full driver swings. At this point, work on the feeling of the club head releasing through impact right at the bottom of the swing. 

After a few of these full swings, start hitting balls! Try to replicate the feeling of the club releasing at the bottom, and use the golf ball as your feedback. Experiment with your tempo and feels until you are able to achieve a straight, solid golf shot. This should take about 12 swings if you trust the makers of the Lag Shot!

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How To Get The Most Out Of The Lag Shot Driver

Following through with the Lag Shot driver

In order to get the most out of the Lag Shot driver, it is important to remember that overtraining is a very real thing. You want to use the training aid simply to supplement your practice. 

Our recommendation is for you to do all of your practice with wedges and irons, including both the Lag Shot and your own clubs, and then come to the driver. Hit 2 or 3 balls with the Lag Shot driver, then 2 or 3 with your driver, take a break for some water, and repeat. This process will start to incorporate the habits formed by the Lag Shot while keeping you accustomed to your own driver, making it much easier to translate to the golf course. 

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My Results After Using The Lag Shot Golf Training Aid For 30 Days

Lag Shot driver with the head cover on

My boys both have their own process for practicing their golf swings, and while they tested it to find out if it works, I committed to a 30 day regimen of training with the Lag Shot. I used both the 7 iron and the driver, mixing them in with my normal practice. Here are a couple of things that I have noticed:

  1. My tempo and rhythm went from inconsistent to reliable and flat out incredible. Before using the Lag Shot, I would feel myself sort of jump at the ball on certain shots. This would cause lots of thin shots, two way misses, and frustration. After 30 days with the Lag Shot, I am now able to feel like my swing settles at the top. Everything from my lower body to my hands and the club have a chance to transition, and they all work together to deliver the club back to the ball. The result - more consistent, higher quality strikes.
  2. I am hitting the ball significantly further. I mean, 20 yards with my driver and a full club with my irons further.
  3. Because I’m hitting the ball both farther and more consistently, I am able to give myself more birdie opportunities. I don’t mean to brag, but I broke 70 for the first time in my life recently!

Normally, I'm not one to get overly excited about a training aid. However, the Lag Shot really is on a different level. I think that the Lag Shot is the perfect swing trainer for golfers looking to learn to play better golf at any age.

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Is The 12 Swing Claim Legit?

Before we can answer this question, we have to discuss what the 12 swing claim is. In short, the claim is that you will begin hitting solid golf shots using the Lag Shot swing trainer in about 12 swings. 

We can tell you that the first 3 or 4 swings will make that feel impossible. But after testing it for ourselves, we hit our first REALLY good ones right around swing 12! It’s pretty crazy to think that so few reps can result in so much improvement, but that just goes to show how effective the Lag Shot is at training the proper habits. 

Lag Shot vs Golf Forever Swing Trainer

The Lag Shot and the Golf Forever Swing Trainer System are two very different training aids. The lag shot is strictly a swing trainer, while the Golf Forever Program is more of a fitness program and stretching program.

You can learn more about the Golf Forever Program by visiting our Golf Forever Review.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Lag Shot Golf Swing Trainer

What is a Lag Golf shot?

The Lag Shot is a new age swing trainer that is being touted by PGA professionals and players alike. 

It is a standard length, loft, and lie angle 7 iron with an very flexible shaft that practically forces you to build good habits in your swing. 

Lag Shot makes both a men's and women's model as well as a junior, so there is a swing trainer that is right for every golfer!

How do you swing a Lag Shot?

You swing the Lag Shot by focusing on maintaining a slow, smooth rhythm throughout the entirety of your swing. You will only have success hitting balls if you are able to take the club away smoothly, and then let the weight of the club control the transition.

Achieving these two things will lead to a more consistent, powerful swing when you are on the course. 

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Does the Lag Shot help casting?

Yes, the Lag Shot helps with casting. Similar to the Orange Whip, the weight and flexibility of the Lag Shot make it almost impossible to cast the club at all, and if you do you will not be able to make solid contact with the golf ball.

Being consistent in your training with the Lag Shot will reduce or eliminate casting in your swing. This will likely help you stop topping the golf ball if that is one of your common misses! 

Is Lag Shot Worth It?

The Lag Shot is worth every penny. We cannot stress this enough, for the average golfer, the Lag Shot is the absolute best training aid in the golf world. 

There are a number of swing flaws that amateur golfers struggle with, including casting, coming over the top, poor swing sequence, reverse pivot, and others that the Lag Shot will naturally cause you to correct. 

In a game that is impossible to perfect, and that players are constantly searching for the best way to become more consistent, the Lag Shot is the answer to many players’ search. 

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Does The Lag Shot Work? Final Verdict

In the process of testing the swing trainer for our Lag Shot review, we discovered what can only be described as the next generation of highly effective golf training aids. This swing trainer combines the benefits of an old favorite in the Orange Whip with the ability to hit golf balls. This creates a more efficient practice session and more immediate feedback. 

Whether you are a beginning golfer trying to gather the essentials or an experienced player searching for a way to elevate your game further without taking lessons, the Lag Shot is an incredible option.

In testing, even our player experts needed a few swings to figure out how to properly swing the club. After about 12 swings, they started hitting high, soft draws with incredible consistency, and when switched to their own clubs they were hitting perfect shots right at their target. 

In summary, not only does the Lag Shot work, it is the cream of the crop. If you want to hit better golf shots and you are trying to decide which training aid to trust, the answer is the Lag Shot!

Overall, we rate it a 9/10 and think every amateur golfer should use one if they want to play better golf. 

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