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While there is no “magic” slice curing driver, there absolutely are setups and designs that can help take the edge off of your worst shots or reduce the severity and make your natural shot shape more reliable, and maybe even travel a little further as well. But is there one best driver for a slice?

While the best players on the planet often opt for a “power fade” too many weekenders learn to live with something more akin to the “banana” when it comes to their shot shape. Ultimately there are lots of ways to attack a wild slice but looking at your equipment, if your slicing is consistent, is one of the easiest ways to make an adjustment.

best overall

Performance Golf SF1 Driver

performance golf sf1 driver

Best looking

Callaway Paradym X Driver

callaway paradym x driver

best for women

Cobra Aerojet Max Driver For Women

cobra aerojet max driver

What Features In A Golf Driver Will Help With A Slice?

When it comes to drivers that advertise themselves as slice-fixers or “draw bias drivers” there are really two technical elements that club makers play with: offset and the distribution of adjustable weights.

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Offset (Draw Bias Drivers)

A draw biased driver with offset

Offset refers to how far the face is set “back” from the shaft, creating a look from the playing position where the face line is “offset” from the shaft line. An example of a club with a lot of offset that may be familiar to many golfers is the Ping Eye 2. Also many putters are made with an offset. In fact, almost all clubs have some offset but it might be a millimeter or two and barely noticeable.

Anti slice drivers built with significant offset are known as draw bias drivers because they help the golfer close the face through impact, by essentially “giving the club more time” to close down before the strike because it arrives a split-second later than the shaft.

Adjustable Weights

Example of adjustable back weight in a driver

The other factor that manufacturers play with are setting moveable or fixed weights, usually on the bottom of the driver, that can change the setup from a balanced to a biased arrangement.

If the weight is heavier on the heel side or moved closer to the heel side than the toe, the club will have a tendency to have the heel move slower than the toe, hence creating the same effect of shutting down the club face more easily through impact. The opposite - with more weight on the toe - would help a golfer leave the face more open through impact - which is exactly what a slicer DOESN’T want.

Best Drivers For A Slice At A Glance

Performance Golf SF1 Driver

When we were testing drivers to see which ones would help a golfer with a slice the most, none performed better than the SF1 driver from Performance Golf.

This is the first driver available that combines every slice fixing feature into one incredible driver.

Here are the slice fixing features of this draw driver.

  • The AeroSquare Crown - Designed to increase toe speed during the downswing to help you square the face automatically.
  • The Anti-Slice Face Curvature - Produces a guaranteed draw-spin — even when you miss the center of the face.
  • The Visual Feedback Takeaway Tracks - Designed to insure that you get the club started STRAIGHT BACK… and put you on the perfect path from the START.
  • The Fixed Counter-Slice Weights - Placed PRECISELY to dynamically square your face, without affecting the sweet spot.
  • The Draw-Calibrated Face Angle - Provides the squaring effect of an offset design, FORCING you to stripe higher, longer, straighter drives.
  • The Counterbalanced SF1 Shaft -Gives your clubhead more lag, more speed and the ultimate control needed to square the face to your path at impact.
  • What We Like

    • We love the technology
    • The face is guaranteed to produce draw spin
    • The counter-slice weights automatically square the face
    • The draw driver face angle also squares the club
    • The visual takeaway tracks helps to start your takeaway on the proper swing path
    • We love the 365 day money back guarantee

    What We Don't Like

    • While this club will help most golfers fix their slice, it may not work for everyone

    When we test drivers for certain criteria, like best for a slice, most of those drivers are somewhat comparable, but not this time.

    The Performance Golf SF1 performed head and shoulders above the rest of the anti slice drivers we tested.

    If you are serious about fixing your slice with a driver, you need to try the SF1.

    Click here for our in-depth Performance Golf SF1 Driver Review.

    Taylormade Stealth 2 HD Driver

    The TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD stands for “High Draw” and like most manufacturers, it represents a variation on their top-line product that is specifically designed with the slicer in mind. It’s going to come with all of the bells and whistles of the Stealth 2 family including carbon fiber materials and a carbon Twist Face. 

    The difference between the “HD” and the rest of the Taylormade drivers is that this club is set up with heel weighting to make it a draw biased driver. This is built-in to the club’s setup and is not adjustable through moveable weights. This makes it a great club if you are committed to your swing the way it is, and just want a club that works in your favor instead of against it.

    What We Like

    • Twist Face Technology will help you straighten out those off center strikes
    • Carbon fiber construction means redistributed weight for increased MOI (more forgiveness!)
    • 460cc head maximizes the size of the sweet spot and the forgiveness of the club

    What We Don't Like

    • With no adjustable weight track, the HD is permanently draw biased
    • High launch designs are not made for players with faster swing speeds

    TaylorMade always caters to the average consumer as well as they do the TOUR pro, and this driver is designed to really perform well out of the box for your weekend golfer who wants more distance and less slice.

    The high launch design is going to get the most out of a moderate or slow swing speed, and the built-in head weighting is going to reduce the amount of curve due to the face being open at impact, resulting in a straighter ball flight and longer tee shots. 

    Click here for our in-depth Taylormade Stealth Driver Review.

    Staff Favorite: Taylormade Sim 2 Max D

    Taylormade SIM 2 Max D Driver

    The SIM 2 Max D is the prior-generation offering from TaylorMade, being released in 2021 before they started to introduce Stealth drivers. The “D” variety of this driver is basically the same as the SIM 2 Max version, in that it has the same aerodynamic design and Twist Face as all the other SIM 2 Max drivers.

    The difference with the “D” model is that it is specifically made as a draw-biased club. TaylorMade does this with their “inertia generator” technology which is a fancy way of saying they have moved weight around on the club. In the case of the SIM 2 Max Draw model, the weight has been moved closer to the heel, to keep the forgiveness of the club unchanged while promoting a shot shape that starts more left and curves less right.

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    What We Like

    • Being a couple of models older, this is a more affordable option than Stealth models
    • The draw biased inertia generator is a great piece of technology to reduce a slice
    • Twist Face Technology helps mishits go farther and straighter

    What We Don't Like

    • Without adjustable weights, this driver has a permanent draw bias
    • The high launch design of the club is not good for faster swing speeds

    When we tested this driver on a launch monitor, it worked well for a large portion of golfers.

    For the vast majority of slicers, this club fits the profile perfectly, and is a great option for anyone who hits it under 300 yards and wants to take some of the right-miss out of their game without making any other changes.

    Best Driver For Beginners With A Slice: Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

    Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

    While the terms “beginner” and “slicer” often go hand-in-hand in golf, not all clubs are made to cover both categories. The Callaway Big Bertha B21 is a slightly more exaggerated version, comparable to their Maverick MAX line, but providing a little bit more speed, a little bit more draw correction, and a little bit lighter setup and higher launch than their Maverick line. All of these are done to appeal to the golfer who wants the absolute most help they can get off of the tee, especially while learning the game.

    Callaway tricks this driver out beyond the Maverick MAX by setting it up with internal weighting that makes the club as draw biased as they can possibly make it. It also comes stock with a 55 gram shaft which is definitely on the lightweight end of the spectrum and moves the Center Of Gravity of the driver head as low and as forward as they can to provide the highest launch, least spin, and highest ball speeds that they can!

    What We Like

    • Maximum draw bias driver is great for controlling a slice
    • A lightweight setup makes it easy to create ball speed and hit the ball a long way
    • The combination of high launch and low spin will help you maximize distance

    What We Don't Like

    • Unless you hit a particularly bad slice, you may experience an overcorrection with this driver
    • The design of this driver is not suitable for players with higher swing speeds
    • Internal draw bias weighting cannot be adjusted

    This driver is about as “game improvement” as it can get, pulling out all the stops to deliver a high, straight ball as easily as possible for somebody who fights a weak, sliced tee shot.

    They make all the tweaks and use all the tricks they can in order to bias the head weight for a draw, but this club also combines that with a shaft weight that helps slower players swing it faster and a high-MOI low-COG club head that provides the highest launch, best ball speed and most forgiveness possible, helping the beginner as well as the slicer.

    Best Looking Driver For A Slice: Callaway Paradym X

    Callaway Paradym X Driver

    The Paradym “X” model is Callaway's draw bias offering. It is similar to the variety offered by other clubmakers in that it achieves this bias through permanently shifting the interior weighting of the clubhead. The difference between this Paradym X and some other models is that they are providing a much more slight correction to the ball flight. This is going to suit the golfer who just doesn’t want their ball to over-fade more than the golfer who battles a big slice that goes off the map or causes them to aim everything way left of their target.

    What We Like

    • We love the aesthetic of this driver. It looks amazing
    • High launch build is great for those who struggle to get the ball off the ground
    • Moderate draw bias makes this club effective even for those who don't hit a huge slice

    What We Don't Like

    • Not enough draw bias to fix a bigger slice
    • There is no way to adjust the weights and neutralize the draw bias. Permanently offset

    The Paradym X caters more to a player who wants to look the part as well as just make a slight correction to their tendencies, rather than fix a totally errant shot. This is kind of a “players” draw bias club rather than a slice fixer. It provides a max-sized head but still provides a little bit of spin, again allowing for a little bit of control to balance distance and forgiveness, rather than going all-out for distance like some of the other high launch/low spin models on the market. 

    Click here for our full Callaway Paradym Driver Review.

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    Best Budget Driver For A Slice: Orlimar Slice Killer Golf Driver

    Orlimar Slice Killer Golf Driver

    When it comes to the best anti slice drivers available today, the Slice Killer driver from Orlimar makes no apologies about who it is for or what it does for your game. Unlike some of the more discreet marketing from bigger-name companies in the golf industry, Orlimar fully embraces the anti slice drivers niche and actually makes a few adjustments that we don’t see in some other drivers in order to fully send that slice to its grave.

    The big difference with this Orlimar Slice Killer compared to the other drivers reviewed so far, besides the unique head shape is that they are adjusting the offset a lot more, in addition to the common theme we’ve seen with adding weight to the heel side of the club. This combination allows them to advertise up to 29.7 yards of left-bias to the club! 

    When it come to draw biased drivers, this one has more offset than other that we have seen.

    This results in a straighter ball flight with more carry distance.

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    What We Like

    • The price point on this club is fantastic. It justifies trying something different
    • One of the most draw biased drivers on the market. Great for a bigger slice
    • The combination of offset and weighting is amazing for straightening out a slice

    What We Don't Like

    • Only available in regular and senior flex shafts
    • Limited loft options make it harder to match the club to your needs
    • The amount of offset on the club can be a difficult adjustment

    This anti slice driver pulls out all the stops, and because of that it might be a bit TOO much for some slicers, but perfect for somebody who wants all the help they can get. 

    Functionally, however, it goes a long way towards getting a ball to start left and stay left without changing a golf swing too much, and that is exactly who this club is made for.

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    Best Ping Driver For A Slice: Ping G430 SFT

    Ping G430 SFT Driver

    The PING G430 SFT is one of the best anti slice drivers on the market. It combines all of PING’s best features with a slight tweak to the setup to favor the golfer who moves it a little bit too much left-to-right. This driver is very similar to the PING G430 MAX but instead features a different pre-set weight, and the ability to adjust it even further!

    The unique thing about the PING G430 SFT is that while many clubs allow a moveable weight to switch between neutral, draw, and fade - this club comes set up with a draw bias, and allows the user to switch the club into an even more dramatic draw bias by completely maxing out the location of the head weight to the heel-side. This allows them to compete with the most biased clubs on the market, advertising that with the weight in the “draw +” setting can shift the ball flight up to 30 yards left of what you’re used to.

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    What We Like

    • We love that this draw biased driver is adjustable for different levels of help with a slice
    • Ping craftsmanship and forgiveness are about as reliable as any driver
    • You can get this setup with Ping's HL version to accommodate for slower swing speeds

    What We Don't Like

    • Top tier driver with a top tier price tag
    • There is no ability to set the club to neutral if you start hitting it left

    The PING G430 SFT is one of the best options for a golfer who is able to swing hard, but still battles a slice. This is because some other top manufacturers tend to package their draw-biased clubs also with very high launching clubs, but PING has set their line up to make this more similar to the clubs used on TOUR, except with built-in draw bias, and then give users the option of getting a SFT HL if they also want a high launch club for their slower swing speed. This makes the PING G430 SFT the perfect option for a more athletic player who still battles a slice off the tee.

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    Best Driver For Women With A Slice: Cobra Aerojet Max

    Cobra Aerojet Max Driver For Women

    The Cobra Aerojet Max is a fully modern club that markets itself to female players who want to avoid that right-miss as much as possible. This club once again puts an emphasis on sleekness and stealthiness in hiding their game-improvement designs in a killer aesthetic.

    The club features just a hint of light blue designating it as their ladies design inside the otherwise space-age AeroJet design. This includes a face engineered to take mis-hits across the entire surface as well as two moveable weights to fine-tune the draw bias of the club. It comes pre-set with a heel weight, but that can be adjusted into an even more extreme position, giving users the option between draw-biased and extra-draw-biased settings, very similar to the PING G430 SFT.

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    What We Like

    • Subtle and appeal aesthetics. A refreshing twist for a ladies driver
    • You are able to adjust the amount of draw bias on this driver
    • It contains all the features of the best drivers on the market

    What We Don't Like

    • Only available in ladies flex, so it is not suitable for anyone with higher swing speed
    • Highly limited loft options might not be suitable for all players

    A lot of what makes a ladies club a ladies club is adjusting a few specs - shorter, lighter, and softer in the shaft. The club heads don’t really see gender, except many take to elaborate paint schemes to designate “female use only.”

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    Cobra Air X Offset Driver

    This club makes waves because it also features a significant offset to go along with its draw bias. However, unlike our previous feature on the Orlimar Slice Killer, we get this “alternative” build and design from a “big 5” manufacturer in Cobra.

    Ultimately, the golf ball doesn’t know what brand hit it, but there are generally a few “niceties” that come with going with one of the top brands. This includes manufacturing quality as well as just the aesthetics of having name-brand clubs in your bag, if you prefer that.

    What We Like

    • The offset face helps a slice and looks good
    • The Cobra brand gives this driver a quality feel
    • It is a forgiving, lightweight, draw biased driver with a high launch face that helps you hit the ball high and straight

    What We Don't Like

    • It could be too much of a correction for a less severe slice
    • High speed players will find this driver too light and high launching, sacrificing both distance and control

    This is about as game-improvement as you can get for anti slice driver. It is going to give you even the look at address that the right side of the course doesn’t exist. It might take some getting used to but functionally, this club is going to do everything possible to keep you down the left.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is there a driver that fixes a slice?

    There is no driver that fixes a slice, however there are several options that can help reduce a slice. We recommend the Performance Golf SF1 Driver for players with a slice.

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    How do you weight a driver to reduce slice?

    In order to reduce a slice, more weight needs to be added to the heel side than the toe side, causing an imbalance or “bias” in the way the face closes.

    This will allow the toe to travel faster than the heel and make it easier for a golfer to square or shut the face through impact and get their ball going more left overall.

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    Can a bad grip cause a slice?

    Yes a bad grip can cause a slice. This is one of the first things that should be checked. Weak grips promote open faces, strong grips promise closed faces, and almost all slicers struggle with an open face. 

    It is important to make sure you are incorporating all of the elements of a proper golf grip.

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    Other possible causes of a slice are standing too close to the golf ball and casting the club from the top of the backswing. 

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    Final Thoughts

    The slicer is as old as the game itself, and drivers that try to correct a slice are an industry unto themselves in the golf world. For the right-handed player, that high, weak, left-to-right flight has forever haunted and will continue to haunt weekend golfers everywhere. This shot makes it almost impossible to break 90, and is no fun to play. 

    One of the ways you can attack this problem is through your equipment. While lessons and practice might make the biggest changes to ball flight in the shortest amount of time, if you have a very consistent problem that isn’t too dramatic, an equipment tweak might be the least harmful way to go about gaining yards and tightening dispersion.

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    The options manufacturers have available are basically changing the offset of the club to get the ball starting more on-line or down the left, and shifting the weighting of the club head to the heel-side so that the face dynamics through impact produce a closed-face or draw-biased swing. And fear not, these draw biased drivers all have left handed options that are just as effective at mitigating your slice!

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    In many instances this won’t turn a slice into a draw, but will turn a slice into a more manageable fade on our better swings. In any case, having confidence that your good shots will travel further and stay more on-line is nearly priceless. It’s also good to know that a true miracle cure doesn’t exist. Equipment can only help to mitigate tendencies, for the most part.

    All that said, there’s a huge segment of the industry devoted to helping the player that misses high, weak, and right. So if that’s your tendency and you haven’t explored some of the technology out there designed to help, don’t delay and go check some draw biased drivers today!

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