Callaway Paradym Driver Review

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 

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Callaway Paradym Driver Review

Going back to the Great Big Bertha, Callaway Golf has been known for their cutting edge drivers. Unfortunately, the last 10 years or so have seen a lot of hit and miss attempts at the net big driver by this heavyweight of golf brands. In our Callaway Paradym driver review, the guys at Golf Gear Advisor are going to take a deep dive into everything we found when we tested this newest addition to the Callaway arsenal.

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Callaway Paradym Features

The Callaway Paradym takes a leap into the frontier of composite technology. The goal is to minimize weight, maximize forgiveness, and flat out hit it farther. Let's talk about how they achieve that. 

Innovative Design

Crown of the Callaway Paradym Driver

There are a few features in the Paradym design that really lend the driver a great feel and solid forgiveness:

  • 360 degree carbon chassis redistributes weight for maximum distance while being 44% lighter than a titanium chassis. Lighter = faster
  • A.I. enhanced jailbreak technology streamlines force distribution to capitalize on Moment of Inertia and create more forgiveness
  • Speed enhancing face cup on titanium club face is designed for both speed and durability

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Premium Composite Feel

Composite drivers are new and a bit unproven, but they really do feel good. We could feel the difference in the weight of the club head as it was easier to swing than an all titanium driver. 

The only downside of a lighter club head is that it can be less stable and harder to control. We feel that Callaway did a good job of stabilizing the club head through weight redistribution to combat this with the Paradym.

Player Performance Characteristics

At the end of the day, all of the technology and innovation is secondary to the way the driver performs. We have covered the increased speed and optimized forgiveness through A.I. enhancement and composite construction. So the other important aspects of performance are visual - you have to like how it looks - and adjustability. 

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Visual Characteristics

Face of the Callaway Paradym Driver

One thing we really appreciate about the Paradym is the way that Callaway tried to make a driver that looks unique and forward thinking without making it "in your face" bright and angular. 

To pile onto that, the Paradym maintains a high level of adjustability that is consistent with the best drivers on the market.


Some drivers are flat out ugly. Not the Paradym. With a well rounded chassis, symmetrical top view, and understated lines, the driver looks phenomenal.

In the past, Callaway has tried to play with shape for both the awe factor and various performance changes. With the Paradym, they have come back to what works and done it well. 

Color and Design

It's hard these days to find a driver than fits into the middle ground of not too bright but not too traditional. We feel that the Paradym fits into this niche. Featuring deep blue camo with gold accents, there is some color to the driver without standing out too much in the crowd. 

As far as design goes, the only surface feature that is different than a tradition driver is the sliding weight on the back of the driver that adds a little thickness to the trail side of the club. While this is a different feature that changes the appearance of the driver, it was incorporated well so that the visual difference is subtle and pleasing. 

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Sole of the Callaway Paradym Driver

Speaking of that sliding weight, that is just one of the adjustability features of the Paradym. By allowing you to move the weight back and forth from toe to heel, the Paradym allows you to customize your ball flight a bit.

More weight in the toe for more fade. More weight in the heel for more draw. 

To pair with this, all Callaway drivers are equipped with an adjustable hosel that allows you to make changes to three different characteristics. The way it's designed can be a little confusing as to the way it impacts the performance of your driver, so make sure to do some research or consult an expert before making those adjustments. 

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The Callaway Paradym sits at a competitive-to-market price of $600 for an "off the rack" option. This is the same as drivers like the Titleist TSR and Taylormade Stealth 2 HD models, so your choice is more a matter of personal preference and which one performs the best than it is a matter of budget. 

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What We Like

  • The Callaway Paradym has a new and appealing look without being too bright and outrageous
  • We love the light feel of the club head during the swing. We could easily feel the club moving faster when we hit it
  • It has a great sound that combines the more established titanium reverberation with a more muted echo from the carbon chassis
  • We found it easier to shape shots with this driver than some of its competitors
  • The Paradym is available in both right and left handed drivers

What We Don't Like

  • The Paradym is less forgiving on the mishits than other competitors. We saw more dramatic changes in ball flight and distance on off-center strikes
  • The lightness of the club head makes it more difficult to control in the downswing. This created an adjustment period to hit it consistently solid and square for us

Wrapping Up The Callaway Paradym Driver Review

To sum up our experience with the and put a cap on our Callaway Paradym driver review, there are 3 things to say.

First, this driver looks phenomenal. It's not as monotone as the Titleist TSR or Ping G425, but also not outrageous and bright like the Taylormade Stealth. Callaway did a stunning job on the aesthetics.

Second, the carbon chassis of the club head is like a double edged sword. It provides the benefit of added club head speed - and therefore added distance - but also makes it more difficult to fully feel and control the face and head. The end result for us was a mix of incredible result when we hit it solid, but less solid strikes than other drivers.

And third, it is very customizable. Between the sliding back weight and highly adjustable hosel, there is a setting for just about any type of swing, making it a top choice for golfers with a slice

The only real downside is the lack of guidance about how each adjustment setting affects the dynamic of the club. 

All in all, the Callaway Paradym is a very good driver. It can be highly competitive with other top brands of clubs on the market, and is certainly one of the best drivers for high handicap golfers.


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