Titleist TSR Driver Review

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 

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Titleist TSR Driver Review

Golf Gear Advisor's player-experts love testing clubs to find which ones feel, look, and perform the best. We compiled our Titleist TSR Driver Review as a way of telling you all about the newest models of driver from one of the most well known brands in golf.

Titleist has built a reputation on feel. That is, golf balls, wedges, and putters. Between Pro V's, Vokey wedges, and Scotty Cameron putters, the manufacturing Goliath has a stronghold on finesse and feel. In the past, their fairway woods and drivers have lived in the shadows of competitors like Taylormade and Callaway. 

With the TSR series, that trend has been broken. We have lots to talk about, so let's get started.

Why Trust Us?

John, John, and Michael with the NCAA National Championship Trophy

At Golf Gear Advisor, we're not just guys who like to watch golf on TV and do a little bit of research. 

Player-expert John has BEEN one of the guys playing on TV, has made over 50 cuts on the most well known tours in the world, and is familiar with what it takes to win. 

Michael, our other player expert, has won on every level on the way to turning pro himself. He has a passion for helping people improve and have fun in the game of golf and commands a deep understanding of equipment, club and ball dynamics, and swing mechanics.

John, their father and the founder of Golf Gear Advisor, provided the foundation for everything they have become in golf and life. He has spent countless hours deep diving into different aspects of golf - from equipment to strategy to fitness and beyond - and has a unique and effective way of passing along his understanding. 

When the three of us put their ideas together, what comes out is a complete and comprehensive picture of how different components of golf fit together. Through that, we are able to bring the most accurate review of a piece of equipment like the Titleist TSR. 

Titleist TSR Driver Features

Face of the Titleist TSR Driver

Titleist TSR drivers encompass multiple different models that each have slightly different characteristics. 

  • The TSR1 is ultra-lightweight and designed for distance. It is designed to appeal to players with low or moderate swing speeds who want to maximize distance.
  • The TSR2 is the forgiveness-focused driver that is designed to maximize mishits. It is a good fit for someone who has a hard time finding the center of the face, and wants to hit more fairways without spending countless hours on the driving range practicing. 
  • The TSR3 is a sort of opposite to the 2. It is focused on maximizing performance on center strikes. In simple terms, a perfect strike with the TSR3 is desired, but you would prefer the performance of the TSR2 if you hit it off the heel or the toe. 
  • And then there's the TSR4. This is a more compact head designed to reduce backspin and optimize flight characteristics. This is often referred to as a "tour model" because it is more difficult to hit. The smaller head means a smaller sweet spot. Even more, reducing backspin increases the effect of side spin on the golf ball, meaning the ball will curve more. 

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We have hit all 4 of these heads, and we feel that both the TSR2 and 3 are great options. While we know that some people need help bringing down side spin and would benefit from using the TSR4, we weren't huge fans.

The TSR1 fell somewhere in between all the others. We noticed how light it was and how fast it felt, but that speed also decreased our feel for where the club face was.

The bottom line is, TSR driver models each have a unique design that is made to help with different needs. We'll discuss each one. 

Innovative Design

Crown of the Titleist TSR Driver

We told you each driver has unique characteristics, but what are they? Well, we'll tell you.


  • Ultra-Lightweight (More speed = More distance)
  • Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design for better forgiveness
  • Improved Aerodynamics
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • SureFit Adjustability

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  • High Launch & Low Spin
  • Optimized Speed through improved aerodynamics
  • Increased Stability Across Face for better forgiveness
  • Player-Preferred Shaping
  • SureFit Adjustability

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  • Speed Ring Variable Face Thickness Technology for precise distance and speed
  • Performance-Tuned Adjustability gives you SureFit Adjustability with additional options in the weights
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • Player-Preferred Shaping for the best overall appearance


  • Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design creating a Dual CG Design
  • Adjustable Spin Control with adjustable weights
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • Compact Head Size and Shape

As you can see, the heads do share some characteristics. This is expected as they all come from the same designers and manufacturer! However, the differences in the heads are what make each option a good choice for different kinds of players. 

Now that we have discussed the variables in each head, we are going to take a deep dive into why Titleist TSR drivers are some of the most sought-after clubs currently on the market.

Premium Titanium Feel

Titanium is sturdy, fast, and flexible, making it an ideal material for maximum speed and control. 

Titleist TSR drivers use aerospace grade titanium that achieves the highest quality standards and allows for the absolute most consistency of production. Titleist prides themselves on quality and performance, and their choice of material is evidence of that.

One of our personal favorite parts about titanium drivers is the sound they make. We think everyone should know that you are hitting is long and straight without having to watch!

Player Performance Characteristics

Sole of the Titleist TSR Driver

When it comes to the TSR line of drivers, each one contains slightly different performance characteristics. Click here to jump back to the top of the page and refresh your mind on what each one brings to the table. 

All 4 head designs contain some of the same characteristics, which we will focus on for the remainder of our review. 

Visual Characteristics

A driver has to look good when you are standing over it. We feel that this is an underrated aspect of any golf club, but especially one that is big and bold. 


Titleist drivers have always had good looking contours. They are well proportioned and visually pleasing. Each of the models looks slightly different, but all of them carry the same basic shape. 

We like that Titleist didn't try to do anything special to make the shape stand out. While there is nothing "traditional" about the modern 460CC head, this is about as traditional looking as you will find.

Color and Design

The TSR line are designed with a black base color and minimal accents. This makes for a very under toned and basic look that appeals to golfers looking for something less flashy. 

As far as design, there are no ridges, knobs, or other surface features that make the claim of "improved aerodynamics". Instead, there is little to no variation in the surface texture, which reduces drag and helps the club move better through the air. 

All in all, it's a well designed driver that appeals to those who want less flash. If you are a golfer who wants something big and bright - something that says "look at me" - this might not be the one for you.


Titleist Adjustment Chart

All Titleist drivers are adjustable in the hosel. This is known by Titleist as SureFit Adjustability. There are 16 different setting, and the each club is packaged with a wrench and adjustment chart so that you don't have to guess at what you are doing. 

Each head has some different weight options that you can play with to change the spin characteristics of your shot. For example, the TSR3 has a sliding weight on the trailing end of the club head that allows you to change the way the ball curves without adjusting your swing. 

Compared to other drivers, the TSR line is both one of the most adjustable, and the easiest adjustment process to understand. This makes up for some of the things that are sacrificed by choosing a TSR driver over it's competitors.

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The starting price of Titleist TSR drivers is $600. That's very comparable to other top choices on the market. While this may seem like a hefty price tag, think about how much you can save on not paying out your friends at your usual match because you hit the ball so much further and straighter!

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Pros and Cons of the Titleist TSR Drivers

What We Like

  • High grade titanium construction makes the Titleist TSR line feel and sound incredible
  • The most adjustable driver on the market. Play around with the settings on the TSR to get your driver to work optimally for your swing
  • 4 different head options with different characteristics to meet the needs of any golfer

What We Don't Like

  • Less forgiving in terms of ball speed on off-center strikes than some other drivers on the market

If you are unsure what you are looking for in a driver, take a look at our golf driver buying guide to help narrow in your search.

Wrapping Up The Titleist TSR Driver Review

In our opinion, Titleist has been one of the most consistent manufacturers of golf clubs and one of the best brands in golf over the years. Their early focus on precision performance and scoring opportunity meant that they fell behind the distance race for a long time. 

With the TSR family of drivers, we feel that Titleist took a step closer to the likes of Taylormade and Callaway. 

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Here's the thing about TSR drivers; they're not the most forgiving, or the longest. They won't wow you with looks and a big sound. They are among the most well balanced drivers on the market, and when you combine that with a high level of adjustability, TSR is a good choice of driver. 

There's no hiding that TSR is one of the most popular drivers on tour. We tend to trust the best players in the world to be good judges of quality. Try the TSR for yourself to find out if this is for you.

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