Evnroll vs Scotty Cameron Putters: Head To Head Comparison

Written by Michael VanDerLaan 


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Scotty Cameron and their crown-adorned flat sticks have championed the high-end putter market for the better part of this generation. But the truth is there’s a vast selection at the top, and there are more “niche” putter companies that can genuinely compete with the household names than any other club. The latest debate compares Evnroll putters with Scotty Cameron putters.

EVNRoll vs Scotty Cameron Putters

Evnroll is a quirky, yet oddly familiar name in the golf world. There are scant few references to them on major professional tours, yet it stands to compete with the Odysseys, Bettinardis, and even the Scotty Camerons of the golfing world.

Let’s take a look at how Evnroll compares directly to the “top dog” in Scotty Cameron and find out what the two companies do similarly, and what Evnroll does to differentiate itself from the competition!

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Brief History Of Evnroll Putters

Evnroll Putters is a golf club brand started by Guerin Rife. Like many of the other top putter companies, Evnroll is the birth child of an entrepreneur who saw that there was a low barrier to entry and a huge potential for profit when it came to crafting innovative “designer” putters and marketing them to average golfers and tour pros alike.

Rife made headway early on the PGA Champions TOUR but sold his company, named after himself, during the aftermath of the 2008 economic downturn. He had established a name for himself by doing two things: putting a cavity-back in a mallet, and putting grooves on the face of his putter. Not to be dissuaded, Rife came up with a unique improvement specifically to the design of the grooves and Evnroll putters were born in 2016.

Evnroll also designed and manufacture a heavy, counterbalanced grip called the Gravity Grip. Many players fine they have much more control when using the Gravity Grip. 

Brief History Of Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron, for sure the most famous and most successful garage-to-greatness putter designer of the 1990s, has a similar story of entrepreneurial spirit. The Californian first started taking his CNC milled putters out for TOUR pros to try in the early 1990s, and by the end of the decade had cemented himself as having a nearly permanent spot in Tiger Woods bag as well as in the minds of every golfer shopping for a new implement of destruction on the greens.

Cameron distinguished himself over the years by offering customizations and high-end, collectable stylizations on top of an incredibly well-balanced, well-engineered, and well-made line of products. The putters have emphasized, over the years, 100% CNC milled designs, CNC face milling, and have been at the forefront of adding adjustable/removable weights to their putters. 

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Evnroll Putters Overview

Evnroll ER2 putter

Evnroll Putters present an “alternative” high-end option for the golf consumer. The company makes some of the most well-built products on the market, and they intend squarely on competing with the other top-notch, “designer” putter brands that are headed by an individual designer - such as Bettinardi or Scotty Cameron.

The signature feature of the Evnroll putter is the groove technology. What you are getting with an Evnroll putter is a putter that has not only grooves on the face, but those grooves are “tapered” in a parabolic fashion to provide a softer hit in the middle of the face (with wider grooves) and a hotter hit on the heel and toe (with denser grooves). The net effect of this, when dialed in to taper proportionally, is that you have a putter with a “sweet face” instead of a “sweet spot.” This Sweet Face Technology results in a more solid roll regardless of putting stroke.

Scotty Cameron Putters Overview

Scotty Cameron Putters

Scotty Cameron putters are basically the “Cadillac” of the golfing/putting world. They are the luxury brand against which all other entries are measured. Scotty uses top-end materials and emphasize style as much as playability, and are coveted equally for both.

With a Cameron putter you are going to see an emphasis on 100% CNC milling except on more elaborate designs that use multiple materials. This is the technology that broke Scotty into the industry and allowed him to make his mark on TOUR. Meanwhile, several other high-dollar putter companies have created 100% CNC-milled german steel putters, but they don’t quite have the cachet of the Scotty Cameron brand.

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What Are The Differences Between Evnroll Putters And Scotty Cameron Putters

Every putter brand touts different strengths that make them stand out from their competitors in one way or another. Even these two Goliaths of putting each have different characteristics. Let's look at some of the more significant things that differentiate the Scotty vs Evnroll. 


Both Scotty Cameron and Evnroll putters feature 100% milled putter heads for most of their designs. This is a common distinction amongst the highest quality putters of this era, and a sign of durability, craftsmanship, and overall build quality. Both companies build a wide variety of putters from mallets to blades and many models in between.

The biggest difference you will see in functionally between the two putters is Evnroll using their tapered groove technology, known as Sweet Face Technology - which has wider grooves near the sweet spot and more condensed grooves towards the heel and toe.

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Look And Feel

John VanDerLaan Putting With A Scotty Cameron Putter

Look and feel is by far the area where you can see the most differences between Scotty Cameron and Evnroll.

First, in the looks department, Scotty Cameron is in a league of their own. Granted, aesthetics are subjective, but it’s become a part of the overall golf culture that Scotty Cameron is synonymous with “cool.” All things considered, the designs are extremely similar, especially in body aesthetics. If anything the logos and lettering tend to make the Evnroll look a little more clinical, and each Scotty release will tend to throw in something a little more creative or artistic.

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When it comes to feel, however, the two make a stark departure. Scotty Camerons are renowned for how they feel - which refers both to the balance of the club as well as the sensations and feedback given when impacting the ball.

It is almost universal that players say that Evnroll putters feel more “dead” off the face, and accordingly on center-struck putts the ball comes off “softer” and players can need to adjust their speed on lag putts compared to what they’ve been doing with their old putter.

This is actually by design, and makes sense. The Evnroll groove technology achieves its balanced speed off of the face by making center putts come off less hot, and heel/toe putts come off more hot, balancing the performance across the entire face.

Some golfers appreciate the performance advantage, while others (like TOUR pros) who train to hit the sweet spot so often that this technology is less important to them than the feel they are used to and that they associate with a well-struck putt.


Sound is very associated with feel, and once again we will see one of the biggest differences in sound when we compare these two putters. Sound is EXTREMELY subjective but many golfers find the sound of an Evnroll putter specifically “odd.” Some may describe it as tinny. The putter is 100% CNC milled steel, and overall has what is associated with a “high-end” and “solid” feel and sound, but the face may be a little bit thinner than some competitors. Combine this with the grooves and it’s just different enough for some people to be thrown off by it.

Performance and Forgiveness

John VanDerLaan Using A Scotty Cameron Putter On The PGA Tour

It’s fairly well established that the Evnroll groove technology pretty much does what it purports to do. Off-center hits roll closer to the same distance as sweet spot hits, all else being equal. We are talking many putters will roll 5% less on an off-center hit and can roll roughly 5% off-line (very very roughly speaking). This is about 6 inches short and/or wide on a 10 foot putt. Which is way more than enough to cause a complete miss, but it’s not going to do much about leaving your 30 footer 10 feet short.

However the counter-point would be that Scotty Camerons perform and feel better than any putter when they are hit where they are supposed to - on the sweet spot (and also have every performance characteristic that we currently know of, except for the variable grooves used on the Evnroll).

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Evnroll putters are noted to have slightly heavier heads and slightly heavier overall than many of the other top-end putter companies. This is again by design, as a lot of thought has been put into the weight, balance, and performance characteristics of the club. Many Evnroll putters come stock or encourage the use of a very slight counter-balancing grip, called the Gravity Grip, and are designed for this. This is another factor in why many people feel they leave everything slightly short the first time they pick up an Evnroll, before adjusting their speed.

One other thing that sets Evnroll apart is that they mill their putter heads to different weights, and when a customer orders a 33, 34, or 35 inch putter they automatically change the head weight and grip weight to keep the swing weight what they consider to be ideal. For most other manufacturers this is left up to the user or club fitter to try to use different grips, grip weights, lead tape, or removable head weights to try to dial-in the combination they want.

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When Rife first started building putters, he noticed that taking a large cavity out of the back caused the ball to launch higher. To counteract this, he came up with grooves on the face and also started a trend of building putters that had less loft as their stock setup.

Putter manufacturers can tweak lofts from year-to-year or model-to-model so always check, but the latest version of the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 features 3.5 degrees of face loft while Evnroll’s ER2 comes standard at 2 degrees. This is a significant difference and it’s little things like these that might explain why golfers often have the story of picking up a given putter and immediately seeing a better or worse result, or swearing that a certain manufacturer just “works better for them.”

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Evnroll ER2 vs Scotty Cameron Squareback

Evnroll ER2 putter
Scotty Cameron Squareback putter

One popular putter head style is the squareback. It also happens to be one of the specialties of both Scotty Cameron and Evnroll putters. Let's take a look at these two putters, examine their differences, as well as their similarities.

Evnroll ER2 Overview

The ER2 is Evnroll’s version of the “wide blade” putter. A wide blade putter is essentially exactly what it sounds like - a blade putter who's characteristics have been stretched wider. They are a middle ground putter between a true blade and a mallet style. This provides more weight in the putter head, more stability, and more support while staying in a blade head shape.

Scotty Cameron Squareback Overview

Scotty Cameron Squareback Putter topview

Scotty Cameron’s Squareback is their extension of the Newport design. This means that it is very similar to their classic blade designs, but the back flange is extended a little bit - giving it a “square back” head shape.

While the head obviously isn’t truly a square - that would make it an egregiously large mallet - the putter represents the subtlest entry possible into the “mid mallet” category - while still masquerading as a blade.

Who Should Use An Evnroll ER2 Putter

The short answer is anyone who wants to putt better.

Both of these putters have a fair amount of toe hang, so they would work best for a golfer with an arc putting stroke.

The main advantage of an ER2 over a squareback is you’re going to get Evnroll’s face groove technology. This makes it a great choice for the player who wants to emphasize distance control on off-center hits or speed control overall, or for the player who wants to not worry about off-center hits robbing them of makes.

Overall, the ER2 is going to be a very, very similar putter to the squareback, as they are modeled to be nearly identical. However, other than the face grooves, many other small differences can be noted - including the exact grip and head weight balance as well as the loft of the putter face - that might cause an otherwise very similar putter to perform differently.

Who Should Use A Scotty Cameron Squareback Putter

The squareback from is a great putter for a golfer who is accustomed to the look and feel of a blade putter, but wants to add a little bit more weight and stability without changing brands or going to a completely different design in a mallet.

This is what mid-mallets were invented for, and Scotty has put his stamp on the highest-quality version possible. This putter doesn’t have the Evnroll face groove technology, but golfers worldwide can attest that nothing feels as good as a Scotty Cameron when hit center-face.

Evnroll ER7 vs Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5

Another great style of putter is the pronged mallet design. When debating Evnroll vs Scotty, this style is another commonality between the popular brands that gives a clear picture into each one's strengths and weaknesses.

Evnroll ER7 Overview

Evnroll ER7 putter

The ER7 is a good example of one of Evnroll’s full mallet offerings. Like most companies, they have a few slight variations in this category, but the ER7 is a representative middle-ground for the brand. It is a 100% milled 303 stainless steel premium-quality putter. The double-flanged full-mallet design connects with an arch in the back to create a huge MOI and maximum face stability.

Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5 Overview

The Futura 5.5 from is one of their more traditional-looking full mallet designs. The architecture is toned down slightly from the Taylormade Spider or their own “X” (Futura X, Phantom X) branded models.

This putter throws a huge parallel-lines alignment aid on top of a full cavity, full-mallet back-end that spreads the weight around the perimeter of the club as much as possible. This once again achieves a huge MOI that creates stability on the stroke as well as resistance to deflection on off-center hits.

I absolutely love the alignment aids on this putter. I find it very easy to start putts on my target line.

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Who Should Use An Evnroll ER7 Putter

The Evnroll ER7 putter is perfect for the golfer who wants maximum forgiveness and game improvement out of their equipment on the greens. This is one of the highest-end, highest-quality game improvement putters on the market, not skimping on build quality or materials at all in the design. You not only get the MOI advantages of any mallet, but the Evnroll face technology rolls the golf ball beautifully and consistently, which helps with distance control..

Who Should Use A Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5 Putter

The Futura 5.5 is a very reliable mallet build. Overall slight changes in the weights and measures and dimensions have occurred but mostly there has been a lot of effort in making the technology offered in a mallet head more palatable to the eye.

I am a big fan of this putter and have found it very easy to hit my target line, which translates to making more putts.

Combine that with a durability and collectability that is unmatched and the Futura is a great option for anybody who wants to invest in a mallet putter that will hold value and perform for many years to come.

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Final Thoughts

The fact is, these are both good putters and it reall comes down to personal preference.

Evnroll makes one of the best putters available on the market today. While they aren’t seen on TV being used by pros very often, that is mostly a marketing decision rather than a reflection on quality.

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The other thing that limits Evnroll is that the thing that separates them from the other high-performance brands is that their flagship technology caters towards game improvement. The facetious professional might say “if I hit the center of the face every single time, why do I care what it does on off-center hits?” Whether or not that pro could benefit still is debatable, but the target market isn’t exactly guys walking around with a pea-sized wear pattern on their putter face.

So what Evnroll has come up with is a recipe that says - we are going to give you premium EVERYTHING - just like the scratch-built designs used on TOUR - but we’re going to also give you every advantage we possibly can when it comes to performance, including the Evnroll groove technology.

The only downside to this is that the technology, while increasing performance, changes the feel and the hotness with which the ball comes off of the face of the putter. For many this is a deal-breaker, and golfers have proven that while they will always favor results over style, it often takes decades for innovations to be adopted, if ever.

All this said, Evnroll demands that premium price point for very, very good reasons. They make putters basically as well as anyone on the planet. However for a golfer, if they are going to spend that kind of coin and make that kind of a commitment to a club they are going to spend significant time with over the years, it’s not unreasonable to ask for it to also sound good, look good, feel good, inspire confidence and be fun to hit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any tour pros use Evnroll?

Evnroll does not have a huge presence on the major tours. It is notable however that champions such as Lexi Thompson, Ian Poulter, and Lucas Glover have used Evnroll putters in competition. Evnroll is not as active in seeking out full-time TOUR sponsorships as their competitors, but they do reportedly pay a bonus for players who win with their club in the bag.

What is the number one putter on tour?

The number one most used putter brand on TOUR is Odyssey, by sheer count of players who use it. However Scotty Cameron is not far behind and could make the argument that they have more elite players in their stable.

What do the dots mean on Evnroll putters?

Placing two small parallel dots near the sight line on Evnroll putters serves two purposes. First of all the parallel dots help provide another visual reference for squaring the club at address, one that some peoples’ brains pick up on better than a single dot, line, dash, or set of dashes.

They also advertise that for side-hill putts, you can use the dots to line up a right-to-left putt a tiny bit toe-side and vice versa for left-to-right putts and the heel side. This helps to slightly counteract some of the effects of hitting a side-hill putt and battling a pull or push.

Are Evnroll Putters Worth It?

Evnroll putters are some of the most expensive on the market, rivaling brands such as Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi. This makes the question of whether or not they are worth it very fair, especially since you don’t see their products in the hands of professionals as often as some of their competitors.

Evnroll does everything to stay in lock-step with the other high-end products on the market. They use the same materials, the same manufacturing techniques, and assemble their products in Carlsbad, CA, USA. The products stack up completely against the other $400+ putters on the market and are ostensibly just as good in every way, except without the TOUR sponsorships.

It’s a great buy and definitely worth it for anyone who wants to invest in a top-of-the-line putter, especially if performance on off-center hits is something they struggle with from other manufacturers..

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